OHANA – Preventing Suicide – Drop in Centre


Gary Mc Bride

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OHANA – Preventing Suicide, Drop In Centre

The Drop In plan:

1. A safe, secure location for people who are feeling down, depressed, melted or just generally not themselves.

2. Trained professionals for people to talk to, or just somewhere to chill but know that help is on hand.

3. We will b opened when everywhere else is not!! Planned opening times for now are –

Friday Midnight – Saturday 9am

Saturday 6pm – Sunday 9am

Sunday 6pm – Sunday Midnight

Cathal Brugha RIP, your sacrifice for Ireland will never be forgotten.


Óglaigh Na HÉireann

Cathal Brugha.

A simple stroke of pen and ink by simple men who failed to think

(or thinking failed to pay due heed to consequence and future need)

has left in wake of smile and speech a lesson for our sons to teach

of how a leader must not be: all money-mad and moral-free.

For future generations cringe when thinking back upon this binge

of glutton-driven money greed so blind to children’s children’s needs.

And every passing douring day, another dreamer fades away

as poisoned progress has its way and businessmen decide our fates.

Well mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye whose pens have brought this fire!

Mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye who’ve sold the heart of Eire!

Mór bhur nair ye ministers: who’ve trampled and dishonored her!

Mór bhur nair ye businessmen: who sold her soul for silver yen!

Mór bhur nair ye Síocháin Gaurds: who’ve left for dead your sacred charge!

Mór ár nair we sleeping bards: who’ve withheld aoirs and blunted barbs!

Now’s no time for seeing-short, nor money-hoarding last-resorts.

These issues of both time and space: of travelling and fair Tara’s face;

Have and can be swift resolved; this controversy can dissolve:

By listening to the people’s pleas for future generations’ needs.

Let conscience lead you, Leaders- Think! A simple stroke of pen and ink

Can open up the Iron Road to carry families safely home,

And save that now embattled place, preserving Tara’s sacred space.

To do what’s right is often hard, for moneyed men will scoff and barb,

But heroes never came to be by bowing down to money greed.

I beg you, take the rocky road: prove your souls are yet unsold.

Save your honor and your name; not for money, power or fame;

But simple love of doing right: to end a wasteful, foolish fight;

And be, in darkness, yet a Light.


‘It is a matter that the NI executive needs to address in terms of accountability – Kieran Bannon.


THREE hundred so-called gagging orders have been used to silence public-sector workers – the majority former police officers – since 2009. The orders can be used to prevent staff speaking publicly to the press about their former employer.

Also known as confidentiality clauses, they are usally agreed when an employee is made redundent or leaves an employer following a workplace issue or disagreement. More than 230 police officers and 50 staff members at the Stormont executive agreed to confidentiality clauses. The clauses can be used in settlement agreements to stop industrial tribunal cases being heard and can cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds. In March the British government banned gagging orders for NHS employees after it emerged that more than £18 million had been spent on silencing 600 staff. The issue has caused uproar at Westminster, with communities secretary Eric Pickles warning against using “under-the-counter pay-offs to silence departing staff”.

Civil service union Nipsa expressed concerns over public funds being used “simply to silence individuals”. Kieran Bannon, assistant general secretary of Nipsa, said that confidentiality clauses can “undermine the principles of accountability and propriety”. “It is a matter that the NI executive needs to address in terms of accountability, firstly in relation to the use of public funds but equally the accountability of public-sector employers for their actions,” he said. A total of 236 PSNI officers agreed to confidentiality clauses as part of employment tribunal settlements. Almost 200 of these were part of a class action settled earlier this year, according to a freedom of information request submitted by  The Irish NewsThe Department for Social Development (DSD) accounted for the vast majority of the confidentiality clauses used in the executive, with 39 imposed since 2009.

Five staff members in the Department of Agriclture and Rural Development agreed to confidentiality clauses as part of compromise agreements. The Department of Health also used confidentiality clauses in two out-of-court settlements relating to industrial tribunal cases. Other public bodies also revealed some employees agreed to gagging orders over the past four years. Eight assembly staff members agreed to confidentiality clauses. None of the cases prevented employees from whistleblowing. A total of 16 Western Health and Social Care Trust employees and one ambulance service staff member agreed to confidentiality clauses since 2009. One Belfast trust employee agreed to a confidentiality clause as part of the termination arrangement. The trust said the clause was mutually agreed and phrased to “protect both the employer and employee”, with no specific clauses in relation to the press. According to employment lewyers, most compromise agreements include confidentiality clauses. They can be used to bar employees from talking publicly or to the press about their former employer of the circumstances under which they left. Mr Bannon said confidentiality clauses usually form part of compromise agreements and are used in tribunal settlements to stop cases being heard. “Nipsa would have concern if public funds were used simply to silence individuals,” he said. “The use of confidentiality clauses means the general workforce and the public are not aware of the actions of the employer and in a case involving public-sector staff it is even more important that the employer is held to account for its actions given the potential impact on public funds.” No figures were available to determine how much was spent in the north’s staff settlements that used confidentiality clauses. A DSD spokesman said : “We are not in a position to make an informed comment how this department’s figures compare to others. DSD is, however, the largest of the Northern Ireland Civil Service departments.”

With many thanks to : Brendan HughesIrish News.


‘ It is the very first time that we have got firm independent information on on the contrinformationt the loyal orders and the bands make to society in the North of Ireland – Nelson McCausland.


SOCIAL development minister Nelson McCausland. aas defended a £40,000 report funded by his department into the economic benefits of loyal order and band parades. Compiled by accountants RSM McClure Waters, the report claimed that the loyal orders and bands generate almost £55 million in economic and social benefits for the North each year.

However, the ‘report on the Socio-econmic impact of the traditional Protestant parading sector in Northern Ireland‘, published yesterday, did not include the cost of policing these parades, which last year ran into millions of pounds. Speaking to The Irish NewsMr McCausland, a member of the Orange Order, defended the independence of the research. “The report was produced by an independent consultancy firm – a very well and highly regarded firm,” he said. “There was input from the Institute of Irish studies at Queen’s. niversity. “That shows the validity and the strength of the information. “This is solid, credible information and I sincerely hope that in the media it will receive the same levels of coverage that some newspapers might give to other events.” The £55m figure includes an estimated £39m contribution per annum through the provision of facilities – around 750 Orange Halls – the undertaking of community and volunteer work and fundraising.

English: Nelson McCausland (on right), Ministe...

Researchers claim parades boost the economy by another £15m a year through spending on goods and services, including regalia, uniforms, instruments and bus hire. The potential tourism revenue generated by those travelling to the North to watch or take part in the marching season, was not factored in the research. Mr McCausland described the research as “significant”. “It is the very first time that we have got firm independent information on the contribution that the loyal orders and the bands make to society in Northern Ireland,” he said. Drew Nelson, the grand secretary said : “The loyal orders and bands are an integral part of the fabric and make-up of the Protestant community and it is appropriate that their social and economic contribution to the wider society is now highlighted,” he said. SDLP assembly member Patsy McGlone said the economic benefits of parades should be balanced against the cost of policing them. He added there should be a report into the economic and social benefits of the GAA. While not equating the two I beleive a similar study into the economic and social impact of the GAA across the North must be commissioned by the DSD as well as the cultural benifits fully factored in through the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure.”

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.

6 week sewing and dressmaking course

Sewing tools

Six week sewing and dressmaking class starting from this week
Monday class: 10.30 am or 6.30pm
Wed class 6.30pm or 8pm
Sat class : 11am or 12.30pm

Also pattern drafting class Mondays @ 8pm only €25 drop in

When poppy met daisy
5/6 capel street, d1 Dublin, Ireland
View map · Get directions


Another original uniform, this time we can see the skirt.

Another original uniform, this time we can see the skirt.

Original uniform with some newspapers.

Original uniform with some newspapers.

An original uniform.

An original uniform

Rose McGuiness 1916

Rose McGuiness 1916

Rose McNamara a Cumann na mBan leader.

Rose McNamara a Cumann na mBan leader.

Cumman Na mBAN circa 1916.

Cumman Na mBAN circa 1916.

Also noted standing on a British flag.

A tribute.

A tribute



Cumman na mBann, at Brookfield, near Omagh, in Tyrone

Cumman na mBann, at Brookfield, near Omagh, in Tyrone

Countess Markievicz with a group of Cumman Na mBAN.

Countess Markievicz with a group of Cumman Na mBAN.

Memorial Plaque, 1916 (Easter Rising) - 1921, ...

Memorial Plaque, 1916 (Easter Rising) –

July 23, 1921

1921, (IRAEast Clare Brigade, and Cumann na mBan).


Plaque (Photo credit: Edwinek)

Please feel free to add any photo’s you please but only to do with

Cumman Na mBan yours respectfully: Seachranaidhe1.

Viva Palestina

Mujeres valientes, cual guerreras protejen sus tierras que con tanto amor cuidan, el arbol de olivo es un icono de su esfuerzo y de la perseverancia que ellas prodigan a su patria Palestina…
Te deseo una maravillosa semana!!

Brave women… warriors to protect their lands which they so lovingly care, the olive tree is an icon of her effort and perseverance that they lavished on their homeland Palestine
I wish you a wonderful week!!

Des femmes courageuses … guerriers pour protéger leurs terres dont ils avec tant d’amour les soins, l’olivier est un symbole de son effort et la persévérance qu’ils prodigués sur leur patrie la Palestine …
Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse semaine!

Guerreiras valentes mulheres para proteger a sua terra que tão amorosamente cuidados , oliveira é um ícone de seu esforço e perseverança que derramou sobre a sua pátria na Palestina …
Desejo a vocês uma semana maravilhosa

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Div. 87 Annual Beef n Beer

Sunday, 15 January 2012 · 15:00 – 19:00

Finnigan’s Wake 3rd and Spring Garden sts.


Created by:

For Port Richmond AOH 87

More info
Come join your Hibernian Brothers for the PORT RICHMOND AOH
Division 87
Annual Beef and Beer.Entertainment: Paul MooreBandCost: $30.00 per person

For tickets please contact Tug @ 215-570-7385.


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