Armed British Incursions

North Louth Csm

Derry Sceal

North Louth 32csm would like to bring to the attention the most recent British Crown force armed incursion into Omeath, Co. Louth, today, Friday 30th August.

The occupation forces which included both RUC/PSNI and British Customs/ Immigration were met at the border and escorted to Omeath by Armed Gardai to take part in an raid on a local restaurant.

This obviously took place with the blessing of the Croppy government headed up by Enda Kenny ,ever eager to curry favour with David Cameronand has been the second raid on these premises in a matter of weeks by British forces.

As they carried out their raid, armed Gardaí stood outside the premises, shadowing and protecting their British counterparts.

The North Louth 32csm call on all right minded people to condemn the actions of the Gardai and the Free state government, who enable and encourage a historically brutal, invasive and murderous force and grant them free reign to once again torture the citizens of the Free State as they do their Countrymen and women in the occupied 6 counties. —

32csm condemn British crown forces Incursions into Co.Louth · Friday at 23:20 ·



SHAME FEIN leader Gerry Adams has revealed he was in North Louth when farmer Tom Oliver was abducted and murdered by the Provisional IRA. However, Mr Adams rejected as a “reprehensible accusation” a claim that he had been the sole member of the ‘Court of Appeal’ that decided Mr Oliver’s fate.

The 37-year-old victim, from Riverstown on the Cooley Peninsula, was found shot dead in Belleeks, Co Armagh, in July 1991. Before his murder, the father-of-seven had been tortured by the IRA who wrongly claimed he was a Garda informer. At one time, a relative of Mr Oliver told reporters it appeared that the killers had “thumped him senceless til he’d no idea where he was or what he was saying”. Speaking to RTE‘s Prime Time, Mr Adams admitted that he had been “In the Cooleys” when the farmer was taken and killed. He said he had been on holidays with his family and had had no involvment in the events that led to Mr Oliver’s death. Mr Adams said the killing was “to be condemned” but he criticised presenter Mariam O’Callaghan for suggesting he had played any role. The Louth TD also rejected claims by former Provisional IRA members Dolours Price and Brendan Hughes that he had a role in the 1972 murder of mother-of-10 Jean McConville. Mr Adams said his accusers, both now dead, were “telling lies” because they “thought I had sold out. They thought I was a traitor”.

With many thanks to : Valerie Robinson (Southern Correspondent), Irish News.

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