Take a look at this post… ‘DUP gets DUPed once again over the NI Protocol – Where do they go from here? ‘.


Don’t get DUPed like the DUP vótáil Sinn Féin and show the #dinosaurs the #Protocol is going nowhere

Northern Ireland election 2022: How Sinn Fein could become NI’s biggest party and what it means for the future


Sinn Féin First Minister Michelle O’Neill

Vote for Sectarianism, Vote for Hate, Vote to reverse the Good Friday Agreement, Vote for ‘NO’ Sinn Féin First Minister, Vote for No Change, Vote to have no Catholics about the place, Vote to return to the way it was, A Vote for the TUV only shows you never want to move forward! #DontVoteForSectarianism #LetsAllMoveOn

Don’t Vote TUV

‘Historical shift for Northern Ireland’: what a Sinn Féin win would mean | Northern Ireland | The Guardian


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