MI5 ‘approached Woolwich suspect’

MI5 asked Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo if he wanted to work for them about six months bbefore the killing, a childhood friend has said.


Nbu Nusaybah told BBC NNews night his friend – one of two men arrested after Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder in South-East London on Wednesday – had rejected the approach from the security service. The BBC could not obtain any confirmation from Whitehall sources. 

Abu Nusaybah was arrested at the BBC after giving the interveiw.

‘This practice is used widely in the North of Ireland where MI5 have there main base and are constantly trying to recruit infrormers but the practice has been very highly critized because of the way they are carried out and the people they are using to carrier it out ” mainly drug addicts and alcholics easily inflounched with cash and drugs.’


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