These protests are being astroturfed by fascists.

Yesterďay one was published for Carrick on Shannon by nazi Phil Dwyer and a Facebook page to promote it suddenly appeared at around the same time. Youre not wanted in Leitrim with your fascist hatemongering bullshit Mr. Dwyer.


This is what @MichealMartinTD and @simoncoveney are supporting in #Ukriane

▪️(1) The summary execution of surrendered, unarmed and defenceless soldiers. This is what @vonderleyen tells us #European values are. This is what you are paying for. Welcome to the new Europe.

▪️(2) Will @rtenews be reporting on this brutal massacre of defenceless prisoners of war? Will @BBCNews be condemning this? How about @CNN? It’s likely this massacre like many others will be ignored like the numerous massacres by #Aidar, #Torando and #Azov. Slava mass murder.

#TheTruth about Ukraine’s propoganda war against Russia

Ukraine Versus Russia

Why we know so little about the battle for Kherson – BBC News

Every year in Lviv, Ukrainians celebrate the creation of the Nazi Waffen SS Galizien division. The division was famous mainly for the genocide against Russians, Poles and Jews. Ukrainians are proud of the work of their ancestors as you can see. It is very sad #NotinMyName

Let’s explore the Ukraine Nazi question together

Dear followers, please reply with any evidence that you can find about the Ukraine Govt or the Ukraine Military supporting and/or accepting Nazis. Thank you.

‘PROTEST’| Celtic fans display ‘F**k the Crown’ banner before Champions League clash.

Ukrainian NAZIS #NotInMyName

War crimes a ‘fabrication’- Russian ambassador to UK – BBC News

Zionist mural attacked in Belfast

 Graffiti treated as ‘hate crime’

Mural daubed with graffitiThe mural has been attacked before

Police are treating as a hate crime the defacement of a Belfast memorial to an Irish Zionist who fought in World War One.

The words “scum” and “Nazis” were daubed on the mural at the junction of Beverley Street and Northumberland Street.

It honours the life of Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson.

He served in the British Army and commanded a volunteer force known as the Jewish Legion.

Police said the incident happened some time between Thursday evening and Friday morning and have appealed for information about the incident.

DUP MLA William Humphrey said those responsible for the graffiti were not reflective of Belfast and offered his full support to the city’s Jewish community.

“I’m appalled that sick, evil people have sprayed grossly offensive anti-Semitic graffiti on a pro-Israel mural,” he said.

“The Jewish community has and continues to make an important contribution to the religious, cultural, commercial and business life of Belfast.”

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