Murdered by the Loyalist UDA

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Murder is Murder is Murder not my words but Mrs Thatchers

Irish children murdered by British Crown Forces in the occupied six Counties of the North of Ireland

Latest news on suspicious death of Noah Donohoe

Noah and his mum Fiona
Belfast teenager Noah Donohoe died as a result of drowning, a post-mortem examination has found. Image copyrightFAMILY

The 14-year-old went missing on 21 June. His body was found in a storm drain in north Belfast six days later.

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He was travelling to Cave Hill country park to meet friends on the day of his disappearance, the Irish News has reported.

A spokesperson for his family said the “post-mortem raises more questions than answers”.

Andree Murphy, from Relatives for Justice, told BBC News NI that the family are asking for anyone with information, particularly CCTV footage that might track his movements, to come forward.

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A small, private funeral service was held for the 14-year-old at St Patrick’s Church on Donegall Street in Belfast on 1 July.

Mourners lined the streets to pay their respect to the popular St Malachy’s College pupil.

‘Meeting friends’

According to the Irish News, Noah was doing work towards his Duke of Edinburgh award on the day he went missing and it is believed he brought his laptop to gain extra credits during his time off school.

A number of items belonging to him – including his black Apollo mountain bike and some clothing – were found during search operations.

Noah’s phone and laptop were also recovered by police and the family are keen to have these returned to them, the Irish News said.

They have not yet been told if the PSNI have examined the phone’s GPS, the newspaper added.

The family believe the phone’s mapping system may have information on the final movements of the teenager. The disappearance of the grammar school pupil caused a widespread outpouring of grief and sympathy.

Supt Muir Clark said that police “continue to investigate the tragic death of Noah on behalf of the coroner.”

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He said police were finalising a leaflet appealing for information.

It will be distributed to households where the occupants were unavailable to speak to police during the initial stages when Noah disappeared.

“We are aware of media reports stating that the family had been told this proposed leaflet drop had already been undertaken. This is not the case. This may have arisen through a misunderstanding,” he said.

“While respecting that this is a very painful time, police are in contact with Noah’s mother to ensure that she is up to date on the investigation,” he added.

Noah playing the guitar on Mother’s Day
In his death notice, Noah’s family said his “beautiful, pure young soul fills the hearts of his mother Fiona, his aunts Niamh and Shona, their beautiful children and his uncle Gearoid”.

In a tribute to those who helped to search for the schoolboy, the message added: “Noah’s love was great enough to reach the selfless hearts of north Belfast and beyond as they showed overwhelming compassion and empathy in bringing Noah home. Love has no boundaries.”

The Donohoe family say a clip of Noah playing the guitar on Mother’s Day is how he should be remembered.

Ms Murphy has again appealed on behalf of the family for anyone with information to come forward.

“We would like to make another appeal to the public, on behalf of the family, please bring forward any information they may have, particularly any CCTV on the evening of Fathers Day,” Ms Murphy said.

With many thanks to: BBC NewsNI for the original story 

FAQ: Police Ombudsman’s Office NI; Urgent. RE: Police Investigation and handling of Noah Donohee’s Disappearance and Death

Compliant made to the Police Ombudsman of NI regarding the disappearance and suspected murder of Noah Donohoe by the illegal loyalist organisation of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)

Tragic teen Noah Donohoe
Flowers on the gate of Saint Malachy’s College as people pay tribute to Noah
To the Police Ombudsman NI, I am writing to you to file this complaint as a very concerned member of the public who would like to request a robust and thorough investigation of the PSNI handling of the above case given certain anomalies which I feel exist in what the Police have stated in public about this disappearance and death of a young Catholic teenager- which to many people in the population, whom the ‘public interest’ clause applies to, find most unusual and distressing. I particularly would like for your investigation to probe the Police regarding the following matters; 1. Did the police not approach or warrant any neighbouring or nearby businesses and homes with CCTV, aside from the limited footage provided freely by a member of the public residing in the area, regarding the tracing of Noah’s cycle route and in seeking to verify for sure if he really did fall off his bicycle as reported by an anonymous member of the public? If not, why? 2. Did the police make any enquiries as to whether some recent sectarian attacks and activities in that area against Nationalist/Catholic Youths were linked or relevant to the disappearance and death of Noah? 3. Did the police only come the following day after someone had reported finding his bicycle, and if so, why did they leave it when this was such a pressing matter and piece of evidence? Did the Police obtain a check for finger prints on the bicycle? 4. Did the police do any finger print checks on any other items of Noah’s that actually were recovered? I ask as well if finger print checks were conducted in and around the location of his remains? 5. What medical evidence, if any, was sought to rule out “foul play” when the young man was seen naked, apparently after falling off of his bicycle? Please confirm. 6. If a helmet was present, then how do the police rule out foul play on the basis that they suspect it was a head injury from falling off of his bicycle? And were any checks conducted on the person who claimed this is what had happened to Noah, including potential links to paramilitaries? 7. Have any police informants in the area been approached for information given the widespread disbelief by the public that this was not sectarian related? 8. Have the police looked into the fact that recent suicides have occurred of at least one, but potentially other, teenage children of known Loyalists (and suspected by the public, police informants/state agents from that area where Noah was found dead)? 9. Did the police consider any precedent cases of missing youngsters who were later found to have been murdered? If so, which? The Sonia Forsythe case from 1991 being just one that could have been flagged up. 10. Were the homes of any registered sex offenders even searched in the area? Or warrants obtained to do so? 11. Were any “special branch” police officers with a history of dealing with police informants/state agents involved in the case regarding Noah? 12. Were there any warrants issued to search properties in the vicinity and if so how many? If there were any at all issued, as that is how it seems? 13. Were there any former RUC Officers/personnel now working for the PSNI, who were involved in this investigation? 14. Was there any effort made to ensure that this was a religiously balanced and send notice police investigation by way of the demographic community membership/identity of the Officers involved? 15. Why did a Senior Officer state that no “foul play” was suspected prior to an autopsy even being performed? Surely this is prejudicial and a very grave assumption to make in advance of proper ‘due process’? 16. Were the family of Noah informed of their right to a private post mortem investigation on the cause of death? 17. Did any Police Informants supply information connected to Noah’s disappearance and death during or after the investigation? 18. Were any efforts made to obtain finger prints and maximum forensic evidence of the specific location in which his remains were discovered? 19. Were any known paramilitaries in that area or surrounding areas questioned in connection with Noah’s death and disappearance? 20. Can the PSNI rule out categorically to a probe by your office that no state agents or police informants (or associates thereof) were involved in Noah’s death and disappearance? 21. Is the PSNI investigation now closed given that the remains were returned to the family and a funeral has taken place? If so, why did this happen in advance of an autopsy or a wider public campaign for information into the potentiality of “foul play”? 22. Were specialist Officers from neighbouring UK jurisdictions consulted at all during this search and investigation? If so, what was the nature of their advice? And why were they not directly brought in to the vicinity to look into the case when the UK has more experienced police experts in this field? 23. Were there any items of clothing or belongings that could have identified the religious background of Noah to locals in that vicinity? 24. Have the PSNI investigated any social media activity that may have led Noah to that area? If not, why? 25. At what date and time were specialist sniffer dogs used in the investigation? 26. Did the PSNI at all consider the prospect of a racial crime having been committed in the disappearance and death of Noah? Like many concerned people across this city, I would like an impartial and objective investigation to be launched independently by your office and under your remit because few people have confidence in either the PSNI’s handling or conclusions regarding this case. I would ask that you seek to act as quickly as possible to obtain this information and collate it together into a report that will satisfy the public interest clause. I suspect that there has been a potential miscarriage of justice in all of this, however, if the PSNI have acted professionally and with rigour and impartiality then surely they will have every desire to cooperate fully with your probe. If the Police are to expect the full confidence of the entire population then they must subject themselves to the fullest standards of accountability possible therein to obtain it.

Naomi Long: After The Mask Slips… by Donal Lavery – Jude Collins

Alliance Party leader Naomi Long the Justice Minister who asked no questions of the so-called enforcers of Justice and law and order(PSNI/RUC) over the death (murder) of Noah Donohee

Naomi Long on the left who went on to take up the post of Justice Minister but has refused to answer questions over the suspected murder of Noah Donohee

Further information on the murder of Noah Donohee by the UVF

More truth and information not being released to the Family and the public around the death of Noah Donohee by the RUC/PSNI“>http://<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Second source confirms Willie Miller committed suicide after the UDA came around. So this Miller was related to UVF leader in Mt Vernon and told his uncle he was involved in Noah’s death before taking his own life. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Cmd. Eochaidh – (P-Anon) 🇮🇪 (@One_Shot_Paddy) <a href=”“>ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>June 28, 2020</a></blockquote>

Pro fide st patria


THE discovery of 14-year-old Noah Donohee’s body on Saturday, after a massive search operation in North Belfast over the last week, was a heart-breaking development, Noah, a student at St Malachy’s College who lived in the south of the city, had vanished in mysterious circumstances while cycling in the Shore Road district on the evening of Sunday June 21st. Hundreds of volunteers from across North Belfast and beyond came together to comb all the surrounding streets and parkland areas in carefully coordinated attempts to find any clues about the disappearance of the schoolboy. It was an outstanding response, involving all sections of society, and everyone who give up their time to support the emergency services deserves the highest praise. There were hopes that Noah might turn up safe and well but a specialist unit eventually located his body deep inside a 1km-long storm drain in the neighbourhood where he was last seen, with police saying ‘NO CRIME WAS SUSPECTED’.

The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) a Protestant/Loyalist illegal organisation, banned in the North of Ireland. Who have very close ties with the DUP

There will be enormous sympathy for his mother, Fiona, who previously sent out an emotional message of gratitude to all those who tried to find her only child, as well as his relatives and friends in the difficult days ahead. It is also essential that police disclose further details about what happened to Noah, as very little information about the case involving issues obviously in the public interest has so far been released. We do not know why a young boy, wearing a rucksack containing his laptop, travelled alone across the city on a Sunday evening, with detectives so far unable to establish if he was intending to meet anyone. It is also completely unclear how Noah apparently came to fall off his bike along North Queen Street, sustaining a head injury which may have caused a period of disorientation and resulted in him taking off his clothes. Police were correct to warn about the dangers of circulating rumours and speculation via social media while Noah was still missing, but, now that his body has been recovered, the basic facts of the tragedy require clarification. Noah was by all accounts a particularly gifted person in academic, musical and sporting terms, and the prayers of the entire community will with his his grieving family.

The Mount Vernon UVF were fully responsible for the murder  of Noah Donohee! I challenge the RUC/PSNI – Sinn Féin and also the DUP/UVF/UDA to challenge me. Trust me all the organisations named above will loose in their arguments with me I can guarantee that 110%. Or else you might find me dead. My life and my risk I won’t stand by and be brainwashed by the so-called rule of law. It’s a fucking joke!!!

With many thanks to: The Irish News for their personal opinion for the original story.

With many thanks to: Cms.Eochaidh – (P-Anon) (@One_Shot_Paddy) for the original posting on Twitter 

Persuading parties that Black Lives Matter


LISBURN town council has voted that it “stands with Black Lives Matter”, but only after a UUP (Ulster Unionist Party) amended removed mention of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Racism and Sectarianism one of the fundamental problems in the North of Ireland. Protestants/Unionists have always regarded the Catholic community as second class citizens

This is a triumph of the peace politics  – higher standards will require a fundamental rethink. Among DUP objections to the original motion, proposed by the Alliance Party, were that Black Lives Matter is “anti-family” and “far left”. Abortion was also mentioned. Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council had a debate along similar lines. A half-forgotten but suddenly pertinent detail of recent history is that ‘identity politics’, for want of a better term, was imported into the North of Ireland from the early 1980s by unionist thinkers, for want of a better term. Their intention was to modernise our politics along American lines, with themselves as the religious right, or at least the conservative right. The notion continues tripping unionists up to this day, including those barely aware they subscribe to it.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Newton Emerson for his opinion on ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the original posting.

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Family of man shot by British Army to take legal action against PPS

John Copeland was shot dead by the British army in October 1971
The widow of a north Belfast man shot dead by the British army almost 50 years ago is set to launch legal action over a decision by prosecutors not to order a new PSNI investigation into the killing. 
Isobel Copeland’s husband John died in October 1971. Mr Copeland (23) was shot close to his Ardoyne home by a member of the Green Howards regiment and died two days later. Just before he was killed another man, Michael McLarnon, was shot by troops in nearby Etna Drive and died a short time later. Mr Copeland’s widow is currently suing the Ministry of Defence for the alleged unlawful killing of her husband. In 2014 Attorney General John Larkin refused a request to order a fresh inquest into the case. However, after the release of a draft Historical Enquiries Team (HET) report by the RUC/PSNI, Mr Larkin was asked to revisit his original decision. In response he wrote to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) asking them to direct the RUC/PSNI to investigate the shooting.
The PPS has subsequently refused to make what is known as a section 35 (5) referral.
“We have been fighting this for 15 years and it’s [still] going around. Hopefully we will get some sort of closure” Eddie Copeland 
Mr Copeland’s son, prominent Belfast republican Eddie Copeland, said his family was disappointed by the latest decision. “Legacy cases are just dragging their heels and it’s really disappointing,” he said. “My mother is going into her seventies and we want some sort of closure for her before it’s too late.” Mr Copeland said he is mindful of other family’s who lost love and that his family is determined to continue their campaign despite the latest set back.
Sectarianism, Murder, Collusion, RUC, PSNI, MI5, Loyalists, UVF, Stormont, UDA,
“I was one and half when my father was killed and my sister two and a half,” he said. “Between us there will be someone there to fight. “We have been fighting this for 15 years and it’s [still] going around. “Hopefully we will get some sort of closure.” Solicitor Kevin Winters, of KRW Law, said as a result of the Attorney General’s intervention the Copeland family had “raised expectations that at last their case would be looked at”. “With decisions like this you cannot blame families if they become disillusioned,” he said. Mark Thompson from Relatives for Justice, who has helped the Family, said: “Rather than acting in the interest of justice it appears the PPS is content with this continuing situation. “This is unacceptable.” A spokesman for the PPS said: “While we understand why families may view a section 35(5) request as a vehicle by which their case can be expedited, the Director of Public Prosecutions considered such a request inappropriate in this case. “The reasons for this have previously been outlined in a letter to the legal representatives of the Copeland family.”
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“It’s very unnerving to know that, around the same time our loved ones were murdered they were letting loyalist gunmen go”

A BRITISH Army unit responsible for the murder of five unarmed Catholic civilians, including a 13-year-old schoolgirl, handed a loyalist gunman over to the UDA.

Children murdered by the British army and the RUC

Ministry of Defence (MoD) documents reveal how a day after the Springhill Massacre in 1972, British soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Kings Regiment arrested a 17-year-old found walking the streets of West Belfast with a pistol and 11 rounds of ammunition. But instead of criminally charging the young gunman, he was released into the hands of a loyalist terror boss who told soldiers the UDA “will sort him out”. The shocking revelation can be made after secret British military logs were unearthed by a Belfast-based legacy research group. Paper Trail called the incident an example of “casual collusion” between members of the British security forces and loyalist Paramilitaries during the Troubles.

Five people, including a 13-year-old schoolgirl and a Catholic priest, were murdered when soldiers opened fire on the Springhill estate on July 9th, 1972. Margaret Gargan (13), David McClafferty (15), John Dougal (16), Patrick Butler (39) and Catholic priest Father Noel Fitzpatrick (40) were all shot dead in a hail of gunfire that lasted 90 minutes. Eyewitness reports from the time say Patrick Butler and Fr Fitzpatrick had been attempting to reach Margaret, the Ballymurphy Massacre’s youngest victim, who was shot in the head as she chatted to friends. The killings took place 11 months after the Ballymurphy Massacre and just six months after Bloody Sunday. Copies of the military logs, seen by the Sunday World, showed that at 11.08pm on July 10th, 1972, just over 24 hours on from the Springhill murders, the Kings Regiment reported it had arrested a gunman in the Springmartin Road area. 

More children who were murdered by the so-called police keeping forces in the occupied six Counties of the North of Ireland


A follow-up note at 11.47pm stated that the youth, whose name was redacted in the publicly available documents, was carrying a 9mm pistol and 11 rounds of ammunition in a holster. “He does not have a fire arms certificate”, the log added. “Arrested by patrol and not RUC. “If detained by Security Forces, there will be a major incident”. The 17-year-old, described as “very frightened”, was photographed and “documented”. The logs stated he was due to be handed over to the RUC”. However, another log a few minutes later by the CO (Commanding Officer) stated the gunman “will now be released by British Military on advice of the RUC”

At 2.32am the 39 Brigade reported to British Army HQ: “Ref Protestant Gunman, 17 year old boy Stupid Boy – UDA Company Commander request (ed) to deal with it – Did not have a firearms certificate. Being released to the UDA to the UDA on the advice of the RUC”. British military intelligence documents from May 1972 record that the UDA ‘A’ Company Commander over Highfield/Springmartin as Andy Tyrie – who went on to become the Supreme Commander of the loyalist terror group. It is not known who the teenage gunman is and whether he went on to carry out violence or killings on behalf of the UDA.

Ciaran MacAirt, Project Manager with Paper Trail, who compiled the research, said: “These two incidents involved the same British Army regiment – just over 24 hours apart and just a couple of hundred yards away from each other, “In one incident, 1 Kings committed mass murder, killing unarmed teenagers, a family man and the local priest; in the other, 1 Kings colluded with the RUC and UDA and released a loyalist gunman it had caught in the act. “The difference, of course, was that Springhill was an Irish Catholic estate and Springmartin was a British Protestant estate.”


He added: “The Springhill and Westrock families have been fighting for truth and justice for their loved ones for over 47 years. “But what happened to the loyalist gunman who was released by the British Army and RUC? Was he involved in loyalist violence after his release? Did he hurt other people? And did the British Army and police call in a favour after that night and use him as an agent  – he certainly owed them?” Speaking to the Sunday World, Harry Gargan (60), whose 13-year-old sister was shot dead by the same British troops, said: “It’s very unnerving to know that, around the same time our loved ones were murdered they were letting loyalist gunmen go. In fact, it is horrific.” The grandfather from West Belfast, who was 12 when his sister was murdered in the street, said it was yet again more proof that a new inquest is needed into the atrocity. In 2014, Attorney General John Larkin directed that new inquests into the deaths should be opened. However, to date that has not happened. Harry said: “My family’s aim is to get this inquest and that was always our aim. Just what Ballymurphy got, just what Bloody Sunday got.


“You would think it wouldn’t be too much to ask. It’s always been fight, fight, fight. We’ve tried to get our campaign off the ground like Ballymurphy but we get so far and it falls away.” He added : “Margaret’s killing was cold-blooded. I don’t  believe it was an ordinary soldier that killed her. She was shot dead with one bullet wound to the temple from a distance  – it was a target kill. “The thing that my mother and father could not get over was, during the inquest at the time, someone from the MoD (Ministry of Defence) stood up and read out a statement saying a solider identified a 20-year-old gunman. They were trying to say they thought she was a 20-year-old gunman and it was a mistake. “But no one challenged them on this. They were allowed to stand up and say whatever they wanted and walked out. “My mother and father came back to our house that day destroyed.” 

Describing the impact of the loss of his older sister had on his family, Harry said: “I could never accept it for a long time. “I don’t  remember the funeral or anything. Sometimes you wonder how you’ve come through all of it – it’s hard. My mother didn’t exist for a long time after Margaret died. She couldn’t even get out of bed. “Myself and Bernadette, Margaret’s twin sister, would go to the shop for her. “When I was a bit older and out drinking, when I was coming home and saw the living room light on I wouldn’t go in to the house. “I would have went walking for two hours around the place because I couldn’t I couldn’t bear to see my mother sitting there crying. She just couldn’t get over it. She died at 57-years-old of a heart attack. “Eventually she came around a good bit, but she never got over it.” 

With many thanks to: The Sunday World and Patricia Devlin for the EXCLUSIVE original story 

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