Oglach Micheal Kane Fuair se bas ar Son na Saoirse na hEireann – The First IRA man to be killed on Active Service R.I.P

Oglach Michael Kane – Fuair se bas at son Na Saoirse Na hEireann

The Irish Brigade

First IRA Man to be killed on active service

Full article By Paul Ainsworth

Andersonstown News 7 September 2010

IRA Volunteer Michael was killed in Newforge Lane in South Belfast, while his comrade Tony O’Kane was seriously injured, and was only discovered after the RUC followed a trail of his blood to a nearby house.

Following his untimely death, Michael’s funeral left the family home in Westrock, Ballymurphy, and he was buried in the Republican Plot in Milltown Cemetery.

However, the Remembering Our Volunteers Committee are hoping that, despite the passage of time, Michael has remained more than just a name on a roll of honour, or a statistic in Ireland’s bloody history, but rather remembered as a local man who cared deeply about his family and community.

A French polisher by trade, Michael ran a business in the Short Strand area of East Belfast, where he was thrust into one of the defining moments of the recent troubles.

As Remembering Our Volunteers Committee Member Marty O’Hara explained, Michael fought in the ‘Battle of St Matthews’ in the Short Strand just months before he lost his life.

“When the area came under attack from loyalists, Michael was ready to defend the residents. This reflects his own grandfather Jack Coogan’s role in defending areas during the pogroms of the 1920s,” he said.

With republicanism in his blood, Michael went on to play an active role in the transformation of the Provisional IRA’s campaign to offensive from defensive. However, behind his military role lay the quintessential “ordinary man” of Belfast, who enjoyed his family, friends, music, and having a bit of craic.

“He was a father of three sons and three daughters,” continued Marty.

“And although he loved socialising, he was a teetotaller. Meanwhile, he was a keen musician, playing the guitar, and enjoyed songs ranging from ‘Only Our Rivers Run Free’, to Tom Jones’ ‘The Green Green Grass of Home’.

Oglach Micheal Kane fuair se bas ar son na saoirse na hEireann

Repatriate Michael Campbell – Bring him home


Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Today Final Submissions will be heard in Lithuania‘s appeal court concluding this phase of Michael Campbell’s legal affairs.

The Judge is likely to deliberate for 2 weeks from today, after which time he will either decide to extend Michael’s sentence or leave it as it is 12 years.

Then Two things may occur;

1.) The appeal verdict will conclude all domestic legal affairs permitting clear Repatriation to an Irish Prison.

2.) The British / Lithuanian Prosecutor will appeal the Judges decision. This would mean another period of up to 2 years of legal wrangling; all of it for the sole purpose of preventing a Repatriation order.

With the work we have done we really see a positive outcome possible.

At this point we thank each and every person who brought us to this stage. All of us in the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign Group have been humbled by the support received thus far.

The petitions, writings, Council motions letters, pickets, protests, publications, rallies, boards, leaflets all of it has led to this day.

Now we wait and we pray that we have done enough to Bring Him Home.

I am only One. But still I am One. I can do something. Bring him Home. The Michael Campbell Petition. Please Please sign


By Damian Herron

Bring Him Home – The international petition in support of the repatriation of Michael Campbell to Ireland will be updated again on 2nd August 2013 after which it will be presented for a second time to the relevant authorities and embassies across the world.

Incarcerated at Pravieniskiu Prison in Lithuania and existing in the most horrendous conditions, Michael Campbell is subjected daily to serious violations of human rights.

Human Rights are not optional.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 1

‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights…’

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 5

‘No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’

Every name counts.

‘I am only one, but still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do’  H. Keller.

You will never truly understand something until it happens to you.

You can help. Show your support. Sign the petition.

Stand up against the abuse of Human Rights.

Give him hope.

In this note: Justice Campaign


BRING HIM HOME -Support the repatriation of Michael Campbell to Ireland



Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign


Kevin Kinsy Kinsella > Brendan Hughes

Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

**** JULY REVIEW ****

Over the past few weeks the selfless generosity displayed by all of you who support this campaign has been humbling but more importantly it has been effective.

The most constant feature of the campaign, a feature which travels back before this new and sustaining momentum gathered, is the On-Line Petition and as the number of signatures rise so do hopes that when this petition is presented to those in Authority they will be forced to listen and to act this is why it is VITAL for everyone to take the time to sign it. We need more signatures.

There have been successful functions held in Armagh and as far away as Philadelphia.

Newspapers and radio stations in Crossmaglen, Newry, Canada, New York and Philadelphia have carried stories and conducted interviews examining the human rights abuses foisted upon Michael Campbell. The hugely popular “Pensive Quill” has published several articles highlighting this emergency with written contributions forwarded by highly respected veteran activists.

There have been hugely successful Protests, Pickets and information Points in Dublin – Armagh – Monaghan and we are preparing to attend the Anti – Internment Rally in Belfast on the 9th of August. Thousands upon thousands of leaflets have been distributed and professionally crafted and painted “Bring Him Home Boards” are being erected through out Louth and Armagh and will be rolled out shortly to Belfast and Tyrone.

Yesterday the IRSP, in declaring their support for the Campaign announced there will be a protest held in Strabane on the 27th of August Highlighting Michael’s right to repatriation and the prolonged breaching of his Human rights. The experience of the IRSP in campaigning for Human rights, the rights of Prisoners and negotiating with those in positions of influence is unmatched and thus this massive boost to the campaign can not be underplayed.

Parliamentary Questions have been tabled in Leinster house with several senior political figures of the establishment pledging their support to having Michael Repatriated along with a Motions in support of his Repatriation passed by Newry and Mourne Council. This is the product of all your E-Mails, Letters and petitions, YOUR ground work that YOU have done has been invaluable to Michael.

There are many other positive things on going not mentioned here, like the imminent meeting with the Lithuanian Consulate in Ontario, or the constant contributors to this page and messages from campaigners informing and inspiring us on where to go next.

This is truly a peoples campaign for a Humanitarian Issue. Ordinary people have achieved through hard, laboursome thankless work the aforementioned huge results.

We cannot thank You enough for bringing this campaign to where it is today and now it is time to push and to really fight.

On August 30th we have the collective ability to take a huge decision out of bad peoples hands for a good cause and a decent man.

If we keep working the way we have been, and that means you who have written, signed the petition, commented with points on the page, attended a protest, handed out a leaflet, written a sample letter, provided information, written letters to legal representatives, everyone who has done anything, then we will have FORCED the 26 County Administration to Bring Michael Campbell home to serve the remainder of his sentence in Ireland.

We are contemplating the morning we view a picture of Michael being transported from Baldonnel Airport to Port Laoise Prison accompanying an article outlining the process of his Repatriation from Lithuania, That Newspaper article is imminent and will be your victory.

Get to work :: Bring Him Home!!

Helpful Addresses To Help Support The Repatriation Of Michael Campbell.


Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Helpful addresses to support Michael.

Department of the Taoiseach

Government Buildings

Upper Merrion Street

Dublin 2



Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

80 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2



Department of Justice and Equality

94 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2



The Irish Embassy in Lithunia:

Irish Embassy in Vilnius,


Gedimino pr. 1

01103 Vilnius


Telephone (+370) 5 2699460

Telefax (+370) 5 2699462

Lithuanian Embassy Dublin



47 Ailesbury Road,

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Tel. +353 1 2035757


Pravieniskiu Pataisos

Namai-Atuiroji Kolonlja

2-oji Valdyba

Pvavieniskiu # 1x





Gedgaudas Norkunas


Vilnius regional

prosecutor’s office

Rinktinés str. 5a

09233 Vilnius


Repatration Campaign welcomes Council move

Repatriate Michael Campbell - BRING HIM HOME

Kevin Kinsy Kinsella > Cumann na saoirse Alba

Repatriation campaign welcomes council move

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

COUNCIL support for the repatriation of Michael Campbell has been warmly welcomed by those behind the campaign.

Campbell is currently serving a 12-year sentence in Lithuania on a conviction of supporting a terrorist organisation. But the Faughart man is seeking leave to see out his sentence in Ireland.

Praising the “informative and coherent debate” surrounding the issue, a spokesman for campaign said its driving force “has always been the humanitarian aspect”.

“Thus all support for this campaign is a declaration of support for human rights,” he said.

“The Humanitarian aspect of the entire campaign is both the principle and the priority.”

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian Appeals Court has pledged to hear final submissions in the case on August 30, after which a judgement will be made.

“Should the Judgment of the appeals court be accepted by the Lithuanian Prosecutor then Michael can be repatriated forthwith,” the campaign spokesman said.

“If however the Lithuanian Prosecutor decides to appeal this judgment and bring it to a higher court then that decision would determine Michael remaining in Lithuanian custody for at least another two years.

“Principally however Michael Campbell is an Irish Citizen and, as an Irish Citizen held captive in another European Union state, it is within the remit of the Irish Government to have him repatriated at a time of their choosing. “Michael could be repatriated immediately as the Irish government would uphold and implement any sentence handed down by the Lithuanian courts.”




Mary Larkin K > Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Please help Repatriate Michael Campbell every signature helps to pave his way home to Ireland…………Please sign, post on your site, forward to others……. YOU do make a difference http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-him-home-support-the-repatriation-of-michael-campbell-to-ireland

Mary Larkin.

The conditions Michael is being held under is a complete breach of his human rights under international law !!!



Lithuanian Embassy Dublin



47 Ailesbury Road,


Dublin 4 IRELAND

Tel. +353 1 2035757

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing in support of Irish Citizen Michael Campbell who is currently in Lithuanian Custody and awaiting judgement from the Appeals court of Lithuania.

As an Irish Citizen, it is Michael’s right to be Repatriated to Ireland to complete the remainder of his sentence, however continued legal action against Michael directed by the Lithuanian Prosecutors office has prevented this right from being recognised.

Considering :

(i) The Report to the Lithuanian Government on the visit to Lithuania carried out by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)

(ii) Crucial judgement’s delivered preventing the extradition of Irish Citizens to Lithuania based on this report,


(iii) accepting the length of time Michael Campbell has already spent in Lithuanian custody,

it is a matter of some urgency that current proceedings against Michael Campbell are concluded speedily and fairly while all if any pending or proposed proceedings are promptly discarded.

We seek humanity.

Yours in appreciation.






Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

The Michael Campbell Campaign. Michael’s appeal began today (15th May)

This campaign needs to escalate. Cohesion exists.

Internationally a lot of work is being done. A lot of lobbying of government agencies has been done over the past year, hundreds of letters, thousands it is not enough our international comrades are doing the bulk of the work.

At home the Newry/South Armagh Prisoners group are leading the way, at Easter a hugely successful function was held. Last week a full page article in the Newry paper was published. Posters of the same were printed and are being distributed and boards highlighting the campaign are being erected.

These efforts haven’t come cheap so we are all going to come together now and help each other out.

CSME would be particularly interested in our Comrades in Glasgow and Dublin getting in touch to hand out leaflets and posters in a central location. Materials provided.

We have provided Crafts made by Republican Prisoners for people wishing to pursue independent causes; we are prepared to do the same for anyone who would like, or thinks they would like to run a raffle or organise something for Michael.

Michael has a strong and supportive family that are assured nothing will be done without their approval.

We ask people now to really get this show on the road.

Contact ourselves here;

The Newry/Armagh Prisoners support group;

or write to

Sarah Murphy

Secretary Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

3 Carnagat Park

Hospital Road


Co Down


It is vital now to get this moving. The case has been made. Lets Go!!

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