Michaela McAreavey: Orange hall song spurs police attention


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‘Sharing Responsibility’ and the future of Northern Ireland

By Tony Novosel – In the 1978 comedy Animal House, a group of students embark on a drunken road trip in a fellow student’s car. The result? A totalled car and a very distraught student. Seemingly to comfort him, one of the older students puts his arm around him and then calmly says, “C’mon Flounder. You can’t […]

‘Sharing Responsibility’ and the future of Northern Ireland

Teen under threat after getting better of UDA in fight

A schoolboy who got the better of a UDA during a fight has been threatened with a punishment beating

A schoolboy who got the better of a UDA man during a fight has been threatened with a punishment beating.

The 16-year-old from west Belfast said he was warned to leave an estate immediately after an altercation in Finaghy on Friday evening.

The PSNI called to the youth’s house in Twinbrook on Sunday to say he was under threat from loyalist paramilitaries.

The schoolboy was punched in the face during the incident on Benmore Drive, but he fought back and knocked his attacker to the ground.

“Straight away I started hitting him back,” he said.

“The man that hit me then fell to the floor, got up, stumbled out of the garden and got a cloth for his face. Then he said, ‘You better get out of this estate. You don’t know who you’re messing with’.”

During the police visit on Sunday the teenager was told that “paramilitaries want to carry out some form of punishment attack” following the altercation off Finaghy Road South.

In a further incident on the same street that police believe was connected to the fight, a woman was assaulted in her home by a gang claiming to be from the UDA.

The threat was delivered hours after that attack.

The youth said it all began when one of his friends picked up a scooter that was lying in the street and “started driving it”.

“They drove it about 10 yards down the street when this wee lad, who was about a first year, said, ‘That’s my scooter’, so we gave it him back and thought nothing of it,” he told the Andersonstown News.

“We got into my friend’s garden and this white Seat Leon pulled up. Two men jumped out and started shouting and screaming. They started threatening us, saying, ‘We’re going to break your legs’.

“I told him to f*** off and then he walked into the garden and hit me a dig. Straight away I started hitting him back.

“His friend tried to hit me when I had my back turned, but my friend restrained him.”

The teenagers were subjected to sectarian abuse during the incident. The second assailant also hit the youth in question.

A gang claiming to be from the UDA later visited the property where the fight took place and attacked the woman occupier after she refused to hand over the teenagers who had been attacked two days earlier.

A PSNI spokesman said inquiries were ongoing. “A 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and released, pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service,” they added.

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Armed UVF member


Follow this link to find out more: https://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sunday-life/news/uvf-plays-down-rift-over-terror-gang-exhibition-in-belfast-39397110.html?fbclid=IwAR3d3r6-QK715BGkAvtaXqjw9laUVk-pMfPxnovRfl3nMOBDnj9HphWHg-4

UUP’s Lord Empey: Cabinet must admit there will be an Irish Sea border due to Brexit | Belfast News Letter

Scotland, Wales and the North of Ireland have refused to give consent to Brexit – but Westminster isn’t listening!!!


Jamie Bryson denies ever being a member of the outlawed (Illegal) Ulster Volunteer Force – UVF

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In the featured image is Jamie Bryson left with his sidekick Dee McConnell (right) who was recently stood down as Second in Command of the UVF in East Belfast (TELL THE TRUTH) and shame the Devil

ConversationJamie Bryson


It is illuminating to sit back & observe when there is a co-ordinated bot attack, such as the laughable one launched against me today. There is a co-ordinated, relentless & persistent assault by a range of anonymous accounts all RT & amplifying eachother. Sad people.
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Twitter didnt do the writing on the wall.. People from your community did..
Never trust a loyalist!!! – Jamie Bryson – Anti-Catholic – Sectarian – Sectarianism


How come if Jamie Bryson and Dee McConnell were such very close comrades – how come he didn’t know that his friend Dee was a high ranking member of the outlawed UVF?
If Jamie Bryson was not a member of the UVF then why is he pictured here?
Óglach James Bryson, cousin of the UVF’s Jamie Brayson

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Ireland’s National Conflict Is About Imperialism as Well as Sectarianism


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Unionist leaders have difficulty with a shared society never mind entering into a debate about a United Ireland !!


Sinn Féin leader in the North of Ireland and leader of the DUP Arlene Foster

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