Loyalism in meltdown over Brexit

Don’t Be Conned

Members of the public (Loyalists as the public were barred) arriving at the Con Club in East Belfast to attend one of a series of public meetings (so why bar the public then?) for the unionist community to discuss their fears around the Betrayal Act

With the recent Betrayal Act proposed by Boris and his cronies galvanising a renewed unity of unionists and loyalism in Northern Ireland and further afield the local gutter press has made it very clear that their agenda will be to attempt to drive division amongst the rank and file loyalists in Ulster.

The Sunday papers are alive with fanciful stories of Commanders stepping on each other’s toes, turf wars between the UDA and UVF and even plainly stating that, without justification or proof, that any congregation of like minded unionists, the likes of which was held in the Conn Club last week will most probably descend into wanton violence, the likes of which the country has never seen. Taking the biscuit however has got to be the ‘sensational exclusive’ of how one of the main reasons for a convicted drug smuggler’s descent into her personal hell (sic) in Peru stemmed from fleeing loyalists to that well known reclusive place of refuge and sanctuary, Ibiza.

One of the main proponents to peddle this poo is Richard Sullivan, ‘Journalist’ for the Sunday World and other works of fiction.
Richard has no fewer than five stories in this weeks rag, all of which are a testament to his amazing imagination and complete disassociation with reality.

Of course, no edition of the ‘Sunday Stickie’ would be complete without the bar stool ranting of the self appointed voice of the people himself, champagne socialist Jim Mcdowell whose email address featured under his column header is aptly titled mcdowellsworld@outlook.com. Jim must surely live in a different world if he believes the wide range of people who attended the unionist event in the Con club last Monday night (some from as far afield as County Fermanagh) from all walks of life including women, armed forces veterans, loyal orders and an array of political parties are “mafia”, and, the 1974 Ulster Workers Council strike was a “euphemism for a street campaign of balaclava-clad bullying and intimidation”. For someone who falls back on his working-class unionist background when the occasion suits, no-one does falsely stereotyping and caricaturing of that community better.

Do not be taken in by these fables which are only of worth and merit in the land of Hans Christian Anderson, as more of these desperate attempts to weaken the growing spirit of united unionist resolve will surely appear in the coming days and weeks.

Don’t be fooled by agenda media.
Don’t be Conned.

With many thanks to the: Unionist Truth Forum for the original posting 

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