Plans by the British Government to rip up the NIProtocol Bill is ‘illegal and unrealistic’, EU envoy warns | Politics News | Sky News

Taking the Devil’s name in vain: how the government may be deliberately misleading members of parliament about the legality of its Northern Irish Protocol proposals – a follow-on from yesterday’s post – The Law and Policy Blog

Boris on agreeing to the protocol to protect the Good Friday Agreement!

Take a look at this post… ‘The British Government’s top law officer Attorney General Suella Braverman who advised Boris Johnson to rip up the NI Protocol’.

Take a look at this post… ‘UK must accept border on Irish Sea is inevitable, says ex-WTO chief.’.

Take a look at this post… ‘The NI Protocol is said to be a blight on our regional economy. That’s just simply untrue. ‘.

Most Favoured Nation: What Does the UK Want Changed? (What Johnson the Clown really wants over the Brexit Sea Border and the NI Protocol)

Take a look at this post… ‘When even the Attorney General flouts the law what hope does Britain have – Suella Braverman.’.

Take a look at this post… ‘Boris Johnson backs away from NI Protocol threats ahead of talks with NI parties ‘.

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