Will the real British Prime Minister Liz Truss please stand up?

UVF warns of ‘winter of discontent’ if Uk PM Liz Truss fails to supply UVF underneath NI offer

Paramilitary group adopts wait-and-see method as Trus can take business office at No. 10 Terrorist leaders have manufactured it very clear that tearing down the disputed Irish Sea border is a minimal necessity – if not fulfilled, they will acquire to the streets. The paramilitary has adopted a wait around-and-see tactic as Truss normally takes […]

UVF warns of ‘winter of discontent’ if Uk PM Liz Truss fails to supply UVF underneath NI offer

Chris Heaton-Harris and Steve Baker mean more instability for Northern Ireland | openDemocracy


Prospect of Sinn Féin leading government North and South now very real, says McDonald.


‘Cambridge academic says senior Tories are ‘woefully and willfully’ misunderstanding the protocol’s impact on the Good Friday Agreement’.


UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to say UK will ‘do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins war’ | Politics News | Sky News


‘DUP Lies Won’t let Protocol facts get in way of Brexit devotion ‘.


Never Trust The DUP – DUP Lies!

Irish Tea Sock

Taking the Devil’s name in vain: how the government may be deliberately misleading members of parliament about the legality of its Northern Irish Protocol proposals – a follow-on from yesterday’s post – The Law and Policy Blog


Boris on agreeing to the protocol to protect the Good Friday Agreement!


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