**Lasair Dheag condemn the arrest of Irish republican activists Alan Lundy and Nuala Perry.**

Spokesperson Pádraic Mac Coitir said, “Alan and Nuala have been subjected to harassment and imprisonment over many years. It is clearly evident to see that the PSNI stop, search and raid the homes of activists on an almost daily basis, in a clear case of institutionalised political harassment. That force, confident that it can harass without fear of opposition from mainstream political parties, is again upping the ante.

“We understand that in Alan’s case, the crown has scraped together what can barely be called ‘evidence’, in an attempt to get another republican activist off the streets. Alan, being able to provide a full and clear alibi, was locked up anyway.

“There can be no doubt that the British legal system in Ireland, in cahoots with the PSNI and other legal ‘professionals’, are enacting a clear case of internment by way of remand.

“We regularly see the true face of the PSNI as they collude with unionist gangs and this policy is endorsed by some political parties and some politicians who were targeted by this very force when they were activists.

“We call on all right-thinking political groups and activists to voice their opposition to these heavy handed tactics and to demand these spurious charges be dropped.


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In the latest in a long line of State attacks on the Revolutionary Republican Party – Saoradh since our inception, National Executive member Alan Lundy was today remanded by a British Court in circumstances that legal professionals are describing as “unheralded”.

Alan was seized by Crown Forces late on Friday night who then subsequently invaded his children’s home and traumatised them. This has been a regular occurrence for a decade now.

The reason given for Alan’s arrest was that he was alleged to be involved in an incident at a drug house in the Ligoneil area earlier that evening. Alan denies this, as the already disclosed evidence proves.

In Court this morning Alan’s solicitor informed the magistrate, Fiona Bagnall, of the following:

– Alan has given an unequivocal alibi to his legal team, which has been provided to the court. This clearly accounts for his movements on the night in question.

– Just before the event, he is some 30 miles away at KFC at Castledawson roundabout. This is proven by the CCTV taken from KFC. Getting to Ligoneil would take at least 45 mins. It is a physical impossibility to get from there to the alleged incident at Ligoneil at the time it occurred.

– One of those in the Ligoneil drughouse describes the male wearing a beige bomber jacket, the other describes it as a black puffa coat. The female names Alan, whereas the male names him as ‘Marty’. The female who named Alan has given an account to the Crown Forces that she has never met Alan Lundy. The accounts are clearly contradictory and therefore the identification evidence should not be relied upon, particularly in the circumstances whereby Alan has provided a detailed alibi.

Despite all of the above, which should have been enough to see Alan released unconditionally, he has been charged and was this morning remanded to Maghaberry in a clear case of internment.

Saoradh Béal Feirste’s chairperson Dee Fennell commented, “Alan Lundy is yet again the victim of internment by remand having been previously interned a number of years ago after lies from a PSNI officer. Lies which were later retracted.

His family have now been victim to Crown Force harassment, intimidation and threats for decades, with his father murdered in a clear case of State Collusion in 1993.

These are nonsensical charges based on no evidence, and should be dropped immediately and Alan released.

The treachery displayed by those who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the PSNI into falsely identifying Alan is something that the Republican Community will take a very dim view of.”

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Man accused of burglary with gun says he was 40 miles away

A MAN charged with an aggravated burglary in North Belfast where a suspected gun was brandished claims he was at a fast food restaurant 4o miles away.

Alan Lundy is accused of being one of two masked men who forced their way into a house on the Ligioniel Road and asked the male and female occupants “where’s the gear”. The 39-year-old, of Thornberry Close in the city, appeared before Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday amid heavy security. He denies entering the alleged victims’ home last Friday night with intent to steal and having a firearm with him at the time. According to police, two men wearing balaclavas came through an unlocked door. Lundy was allegedly identified after his mask was pulled off, the court heard. A woman in the property also claimed a second, unnamed intruder held her in a headlock and made a gun gesture with his fingers.

Opposing bail, a detective sergeant claimed there was a risk of interference with witnesses. He said the alleged demand about the whereabouts of “the gear” may have been a reference to drugs. Darragh Mackin, defending, argued that his client has provided a detailed alibi. “He gave an account of his movements on the night in question, which ranges from being in a KFC a good 40 miles away, to traveling home and accessing WhatsApp and Facebook,” Mr Mackin told the court. Cell-site analysis and WiFi account details can be provided to show Lundy was messaging on social media rather than taking part in any burglary, it was contended. “This is a fundamental case of mistaken identity,” the lawyer added. Lundy was remanded in custody to appear again by video-link on March 15th. As he was being led to the cells he waved to nearly 20 friends and supporters in the public gallery.

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Tell KFC to stop destroying rainforests

KFC: no good for rainforests

Hi there

A couple of days ago I wrote to you asking you to join the revolt to change KFC’s secret recipe for destruction. As it turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

So far, more than 28,000 people have joined the revolt to tell KFC to stop trashing the rainforest.  Check out all the revolting characters that have been created so far.

Now, you can help add the pressure on KFC by joining the revolt! Sign up now and create your own revolting character to tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is ‘no good’.

Time is running out for the Sumatran tigers so let’s make sure that KFC hear our message loud and clear!

Franziska Grobke
Greenpeace UK

Original email

Hi there,

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help protect Indonesia‘s rainforests – it’s really making a difference. Now I need to ask for your help again.

Guess what? KFC’s secret recipe is out of the bucket. It turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

But a revolt is in the air and we need thousands of people like you to join it! You’ve done it before: as a result of your pressure, Mattel, Lego and Danone were just a few of the many companies that ruled out supplies from APP. Let’s make sure KFC is next!

KFC thinks turning the tigers’ home into trash is timber rippin’ good. There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild and they stand little chance of survival unless fast food companies like KFC stop boxing their food with rainforest packaging.

It’s tragic to think that our rapidly disappearing rainforests – which millions of rare plants and animals and thousands of forest-dwelling communities call home – could end up in rubbish bins or chucked in the street.

Help us tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is no good. Right now, people like you across the world are telling one of the world’s biggest fast food manufacturers that responsible companies don’t turn rainforests into trash.

Sign up now to design your own revolting packaging.

Tell KFC to change its secret recipe for destruction.

Thank you,

Greenpeace UK

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