Today as members of Sands Devlin Cumann, McDonnell Doherty Cumann and Wolfe Tone Cumann Republican Sinn Féin were returning to Lurgan after Commemorating our patriot dead in Belfast, they had the unfortunate experience of passing the ever dwindling British Sinn Féin commemoration. As the bands passed an RSF member asked if “take it down from the mast” would be played. Unfortunately they were not taking requests. 

British politician and upholder of British rule in Ireland John O’Dowd then proceeded to approach the RSF members flanked by his RUC heavy gang and suggested that an RSF member would be “anxious to be getting back to Scotland” and that they should be “going home before getting themselves in trouble”. At this he was met with laughter and the message was made clear that no Irish man or woman would be told to get off Irelands streets by a British politician.

With many thanks to: Sands Devlin Cummann.


Perpetuating injustice

MI5, the British army and the PSNI have colluded to perpetuate the injustice we ‘The Craigavon Two’ continue to face.

That much is clear from the facts that emerged during our ‘show trial’ and subsequent appeal. The deletion of information to cover up wrong doing, the intimidation of key defence witnesses and the withholding of evidence able to undermine the state allegations serve to prove that. Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd spoke recently of ‘war junkies in suits’ working to perpetuate conflict. What he has failed to comment on is the ways in which this has manifested itself. These very same people (Shame Fein) and organisations have directly contributed to the wrongful imprisonment of two of his constituents. If his concern is genuine, will he now commit himself and his party to calling for an investigation into the role of state actors, including the PSNI, MI5 and the British army’s special reconnaissance regiment, in the injustice for which we may now spend the rest of our lives in prison.
With many thanks to: Brendan McConville, John Paul Wootton, Maghaberry Gaol, Co Antrim.

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BBC accused of bias over audience ban

A WEST Belfast man who intends to stand in next year’s council elections has accused the BBC of “bias” after he was banned from the audience of a current affairs show.


Human Rights campaigner Ciaran Mulholland, who is also a well-known figure in the legal profession, said he was allocated tickets for the Spotlight Special programme recorded last Tuesday. However, just hours before the show was due to be recorded he was contacted by the BBCand told he would not be allowed to take his seat. The panel on the question and answer programme included Shame Fein education minister John O’Dowd and DUP enterprise minister Arlene Foster. Mr Mulholland said he applied for tickets and was contacted by a Spotlight staff member who asked him what questions he would put to panelists. He said he revealed at that point his intention to run in next year’s local government elections on an independant ticket, but was sent the ticket without question. In January the BBC also faced bias accusations after dozens of loyalists packed the studio of a Stephen Nolan TV show and heckled nationalist politicians. At the time corporation cheifs refused to reveal how many complaints it received from members of the public. Mr Mulholland beleives he has been unfairly treated. “They said they revoked my invite because I was a ‘politician’,” he said. “I think it was an over-zealous approach and uterly biased and discriminatory. “They only want to provide a platform for the politicial status quo and people who offer an alternative veiw don’t seem to get an equal opportunity.” A spokeswoman for the BBC said as far as she is aware there is no written criteria for audience selection on programmes. However, she added: “Spotlight Special gives ordinary members of the public a chance to put questions to a panel and have their say. “On that basis, audiences for this programme do not normally include elected represtantives or those who declare an interest in participating in upcoming elections.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

End the unjust barbaric treatment of Martin Corey

Just reading there about Martin Corey‘s appeal being rejected.. Absolute disgrace! More than a disgrace..

With thanks to: Brian ClarkeNUJ for the picture

The British can jail anybody they want stating they have secret evidence that can’t be challenged in court as nobody knows what it is (barring those that invented it). We are basically second class citizins in our very own country. Martin Corey is effectively serving an indeterminate sentence.. Where are the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s “Human Rights” campaigners from Sinn Fein in all this? As Billy Hutchinson said without contradiction from John O’Dowd in “Spotlight Special”… “They’re adminstering British rule in a British parliament!” They are indeed to thier eternal shame. Brassneckng it as bit part players in a toothless sub-parliament administering the will of the 800-year-old enemy while deliberately oblivious of Human Rights abuses at home. A 63-year-old man suffers internment stretching over threeyears and forced strip searchs by sectarian goons and outflanked and clueless bluffers in Stormont do nothing but build personal wealth and portfolios.

With many thanks to: Derry Sceal.


BBin blast as police probe ‘ illegal parade ‘ reports

DISSIDENTS have been blamed for planting a bomb which eexploded without warning while police investigated reports of an illegal Republican parade.


The blast occurred in the Kilwilkie estate in Lurgan, Co Armagh, at about 3pm on Saturday as masked republicans in paramilitary uniform held an Easter commemoration in St Colman’s cemetery. Masked Continuity IRA members marched from thr estate to the graveyard watched by a British army helicopter and police. Two armoured police Land Rovers were parked close to the scene of the explosion. Shrapnel and debris were scattered over a large distence but officers inside the vehicles were uninjured. The device, described by police as crude, detonated inside a litter bin on Levin Road as a crowd gathered to hear a spokesman for the republican faction give a speech which called $hame £ein ” traitors “. Wearing a green army-style jersey, black gloves and beret, sunglasses and with his face covered by a scarf, the spokesman spoke into into a microphone to praise republican prisoners as ” an inspiration “.

The remnants of a bin destroyed in a bombing in Lurgan

Hours after the blast detectives from the PSNI/RUC’s serious crime branch arrested a 46-year-old man in Lurgan in connection with the attack. He was questioned at Antrim Police Station but was released without charge last night. Early yesterday youths in Kilwilkie threw petrol bombs at police patrols. Saturday’s bomb went off close to Lake Street – the scene of intense and sporadic rioting in recent years. It is also the area where the republican splinter group is beleived to have launched high-profile attacks in recent years. Chief Inspector Anthony McNally said : ” We want to reassure the community that we will not be deterred by this attack by individuals intent on dragging us back into the past.” $inn £ein Upper Bann MLA John O’Dowd said the attack was an attemt to kill police. ” ” These so-called dissidents need to come out and explain exactly why they are doing this. The planting of this device along a busy road on one of the busiest days of the year was not only callous – it was stupid,” he said. Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness condemned the attack during his Easter oration to republicans in Dublin. He branded those responsable anti-peace process militarible. Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn said most people would be ” outraged  ” by the attack.

With many thanks to : Andrea McKernon, Irish News.


Ulster Scots design

A RURAL primary school – with hopes of becoming Northern Irelands first Ulster-Scots school – has lost it’s battle against closure. Ballykeigle Primary School, on the outskirts of Comber, was yesterday( Wednsday 21st March 2012) told thats its doors will be closing this June after numbers fell to less than 40.

Under Department of Education criteria, a rural school needs an enrolment of 105 pupils to be sustainable long-term. The news has come as a blow to the dozens of parents who had tirelessly campaigned to keep the 174-year-old school open. As well as taking their fight to the doors of two Stormont ministries – Culture and Education – parents launched a major recruitment drive. The Ulster-Scots Agency had also expressed interest in setting up a two-year pilot project at Ballykeigle which would have seen Ulster-Scots culture and heritage being delivered through the curriculum.

Education Minister John O'Dowd at Anti Bullyin...

Education Minister John O’ Dowd said : ” It is with regret that I have agreed the closure of this school. ” However, with a steady decline in enrolments over a period of several years, leading to a total enrolment of only 40 pupils in the 2011/12 year, I feel my decision is in the best education interests of the pupils and future generations. ” I would like to pay tribute to all those connected with Ballykeigle Primary School who over many years have shown their commitment and dedication to pupils in the locality.” Jim Prentice, chairman of Ballykeigle board of governors, whose family has links to the school since its opening, said : ” It is a sad day. Ballykeigle has been part of the community for generations.” However, he added : ” The governors are disappointed given the amount of effort we made in our representations. ” It is unfortunate and regrettable, but not unexpected because of falling roles.”


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