UDA ‘ Forced family from home over Ireland T-Shirt !

Donal and Deirdre Hughes

A Protestant mother of three has claimed the UDA forced her family from her Coleraine home after one of her children was seen wearing an Ireland T-shirt.

The woman said her house was petrol-bombed because her 18-year-old son was spotted wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan ‘I support Ireland’ – in support of the country’s sports teams.

Loyalistisches Wandbild in Ost-Belfast

The woman was in her home with two young daughters in their home in the loyalist Millburn area, when a device was thrown through her window, which failed to ignite.

John Dallat, MLA, said the UDA still had a grip on the area and the outlawed group “have an appalling history of abuse towards anyone who disagrees with them”.



 Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/uda-forced-family-from-home-over-ireland-tshirt-16140771.html#ixzz1rAoenyoO

David Ford ‘actively’ pursuing alternatives to prison strip-searching

Justice Minister David Ford
David Ford again defended his decision not to publish a report into strip-searching
The justice minister has said he is actively pursuing other alternatives to full body searching in Northern Ireland prisons.
David Ford said his department was “actively following up on what the alternatives are”.

He again defended his decision not to publish the findings of a Prison Service study into other options to strip-searching at Maghaberry Prison.

He said the report contained sensitive material relating to security issues.

“If we were to publish it, it would have to be so heavily redacted that it really would be absolutely meaningless,” he added.

Mr Ford’s decision has been criticised by Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney and the SDLP‘s John Dallat.

Mr McCartney has urged the justice minister to find alternatives to the “humiliating and degrading” searches.

Mr Ford admitted the process was “not particularly pleasant for either the officers carrying it out or for the prisoners”.

But he said the searches were necessary until a suitable alternative was found.

Mr Ford said the use of an x-ray system was one of the options being considered.

Prison reform campaigners have argued that full body searches are fuelling support for dissident republicans.

Last year, a group calling itself “the family and friends support group for republican prisoners Maghaberry” protested about strip-searching at the jail.

The minister denied claims by those protesting against the searches that the external arrangements had been relaxed.

“An agreement was made and it related to the issues of searching within the prison,” he said.

“It did not cover the issue, which applies to every prison in the UK, that there must be full body searching on entry to and exit from prison.”

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Maghaberry searches report not published

David Ford
Mr Ford said publishing the report would compromise prison security
Justice Minister David Ford has refused to publish the findings of a Prison Service study into alternatives to body searches at Maghaberry.

He said the report contained sensitive security and commercial information.

But this has been dismissed as a feeble excuse by the SDLP‘s John Dallat.

“As an ordinary backbencher who asked the question on behalf of a constituent, I feel I have not been given the service I’m in entitled to,” he said.

However, the minister has insisted it would be irresponsible to compromise prison security.


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