First it was the “Dissidents” now it’s a rival security firm!! Grow up Leo, it was the people !!!!

Opinion: First it was the “Dissidents” now it’s a rival security firm – Grow up Leo, it was the people of Roscommon who fought back

In the latest twist in the “investigation” into KBC thugs being driven out of a repossessed home in Roscommon, a rival security firm is now being blamed for the beating they received.

Attempts to pin the midnight raid on the “Dissident IRA” have proven to be foolhardy as local people literally laughed at the suggestion. Now, unbelievably, there’s a suggestion that a rival security firm attacked the KBC thugs because they didn’t get the contract to terrorise the elderly siblings on behalf of the foreign lender in front of the Gardai last week.

If anything, this crackpot idea only makes things worse for the Government. Are we now to believe that a licensed security firm carries out midnight raids on other firms because they want to drive them out of business in the same way that Dublin drug dealers operate?

Not to mention the bails of hay which they must be carting around with them to block roads with…

Maybe Leo Varadkar and Drew Harris might instead concentrate on investigating two serious assaults which occurred last week as three elderly siblings were terrified in their own rural home, it shouldn’t be that hard even for them, after all we have extensive day time video evidence and there was even a number of Gardai standing ideally by watching it all happen.

In case you haven’t seen it Leo, here is again.

With many thanks to: The Liberal for the original story


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