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Israel is a terrorist state:

Ex-Labour MP Ian Austin becomes May’s trade envoy to Israel

Ian Austin MP ex-Labour member now employed and working for the Tory Party

The Truth about the ex-labour party member who criticised Jeremy Corbyn and quit the Labour Party and who have asked people to vote for the Tories

Ian Austin has become Theresa May’s trade envoy to Israel Phil Miller’s picturePHIL MILLER

Ian Austin, who quit the Labour Party in February but has declined to hold a by-election

AN MP who quit Labour in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been appointed as the Prime Minister’s trade envoy to Israel.

Ian Austin abandoned the Labour Party in February to become an independent member.

The long-standing critic of Jeremy Corbyn, who swore at and heckled the leader during his public apology to the people of Iraq for the 2003 invasion of the country, claimed there was a “culture” of anti-semitism in Labour.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May approved his appointment as her trade envoy to Israel.

Ian Austin and John Woodcock both ex-Labour party members

The decision was announced by trade minister Liam Fox who described it as an “unpaid and voluntary” role to “support the UK’s ambitious trade and investment agenda in global markets.”

Mr Austin told the Jewish News: “Trade with Israel is worth billions to Britain, it has resulted in investment and jobs in businesses across the UK.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Department for Trade and the brilliant team at our embassy in Israel who are working so hard to help British companies win business in Israel and strengthen the trading relationship between the two countries.”

Although Mr Austin has quit Labour, he remains listed as a parliamentary supporter of Labour Friends of Israel on the group’s website.

The group congratulated him on Twitter and said: “We look forward to working with you to further boost the record levels of trade and collaboration between the UK and Israel.”

Ian Austin MP and John Woodcock both ex-members of the Labour Party and both MP’s a complete disgrace to both the Labour Party and themselves

The government has approved arms export licenses worth £329 million to Israel since January 2016, making it one of the top 10 customers for British weaponry.

Campaign group War on Want told the Morning Star that Mr Austin should use his new role to “call for the immediate suspension of trade with Israel.”

Spokesperson Ryvka Barnard warned: “Otherwise, he will be facilitating trade with a regime that uses its international business connections to bolster its illegal settlements and its repressive military and security apparatus.”

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Palestinian inmates end hunger strike

HUNDREDS of Palestian inmates have ended a 40-day hunger strike after reaching a compromise over better conditions. Prison service spokeswoman Nicole Englander said Is-a-hell (Israel) has reached a compromise with the Palestinian Authority and the Red Cross for prisoners to receive a second family visit each per month.



Hundreds of prisoners observed the strike, which they said was aimed at improving jail conditions. More than 1,000 prisoners began the hunger strike and 834 ended their fast yesterday.

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Look closely at this man, his name is Yussi Elon Shahk he is a Jewish Israeli Officer, his Rank is Brigadier, and his Military Number is: Ref: 34356578765Az231434.

He was captured by the Iraqi Popular Army commanding ISIS terrorists.
Now think…. Why Israel is behind ISIS??



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Cathal Brugha RIP, your sacrifice for Ireland will never be forgotten.


Óglaigh Na HÉireann

Cathal Brugha.

A simple stroke of pen and ink by simple men who failed to think

(or thinking failed to pay due heed to consequence and future need)

has left in wake of smile and speech a lesson for our sons to teach

of how a leader must not be: all money-mad and moral-free.

For future generations cringe when thinking back upon this binge

of glutton-driven money greed so blind to children’s children’s needs.

And every passing douring day, another dreamer fades away

as poisoned progress has its way and businessmen decide our fates.

Well mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye whose pens have brought this fire!

Mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye who’ve sold the heart of Eire!

Mór bhur nair ye ministers: who’ve trampled and dishonored her!

Mór bhur nair ye businessmen: who sold her soul for silver yen!

Mór bhur nair ye Síocháin Gaurds: who’ve left for dead your sacred charge!

Mór ár nair we sleeping bards: who’ve withheld aoirs and blunted barbs!

Now’s no time for seeing-short, nor money-hoarding last-resorts.

These issues of both time and space: of travelling and fair Tara’s face;

Have and can be swift resolved; this controversy can dissolve:

By listening to the people’s pleas for future generations’ needs.

Let conscience lead you, Leaders- Think! A simple stroke of pen and ink

Can open up the Iron Road to carry families safely home,

And save that now embattled place, preserving Tara’s sacred space.

To do what’s right is often hard, for moneyed men will scoff and barb,

But heroes never came to be by bowing down to money greed.

I beg you, take the rocky road: prove your souls are yet unsold.

Save your honor and your name; not for money, power or fame;

But simple love of doing right: to end a wasteful, foolish fight;

And be, in darkness, yet a Light.


‘While Jeremiah was at his lowest, imprisoned in a simple pit, his vision of the days ahead for the nation of Israel were both amazing and beautiful – Ian Paisley


IAN Paisley has offered succour to those denounced by Peter Robinson as “Jeremiahs” for querying his approach to a shared ffurther strategy. The former DUP leader, who as founder of the Free Presbyterian Church has wide experience of studying Old Testament prophets, offered a reminder that Jeremiah’s story was in fact one of “courage in the face of great adversity”.

“When Jeremiah was at his lowest, imprisoned in a slime pit, his vision of the days ahead for the nation of Israel were both amazing and beautiful,” he said. In a stout defence of Jeremiah against the charge of being “a person who has a gloomy attitude or one who warns about a disastrous furture”, Mr Paisley said that if he heard the phrase “noone loves a Jeremiah”, the prophet might be “tempted to take a libel case”. With the DUP refusing to extend a law to strengthen free speech into the North of Ireland, Mr Paisley continued : “But then, sure he couldn’t.”The law in this part of the UK wouldn’t allow it. It’s enough to make you weep.” Mr Paisley’s understanding of Jeremiah would seem to be at odds with the vivid picture of a “tribe of Jeremiahs” painted by Mr Robinson in the assembly on Tuesday.

The first minister was describing those who questioned the substance of the DUP and Shame Fein shared furture strategy – announced at short notice last week – and been critical of the fact that it had been unshared with other executive parties. Mr Robinson described these “Jeremiahs” as, among other things, “whited sepulchres” who were bellyaching, foot-dragging, whinging and stalling.302551_207216286003301_100001447927151_562559 But the tactic of harnessing biblical language to suggest that critics of the shared furture strategy he devolped with Shame Fein deputy first minister Martin McGuinness were doom-mongers who can see nothing positive in the process seems to have backfired on Mr Robinson. In striking such a discord note, he further dissuaded those who were already scepitical about the direction of the shared furture strategy. More embarressing for the former East Belfast MP is that the bibical references appear to have annoyed, rather than appealed to, the religious section of the DUP constituency they were directed at. For example, Mr Paisley noted that Jeremiah remained “optimistic in the midst of the most depressing times”; Mr Robinson, meanwhile, said he was “depressed listening to the tribe of Jeremiahs….”. Mr Paisley’s comments, made in his News Letter column yesterday, came after another retired Free Presbyterian minister and former DUP stalwart criticised Mr Robinson for his “wicked misuse” of Jeremiah’s name. Ivan Foster, a founder of Ulster Resistance and a former Third Force colleague of Mr Robinson, also took a swipe at the “banks of grinning DUP faces” surronding the first minister as he made his comments.

With many thanks to : William Scholes, Irish News.



    • Monday, 10 September 2012
    • 22:00

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Event for Le Chéile Suicide Awareness and Healing together · By Seosamh O Bradaigh


National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2012

    • Sunday, 5 August 2012
    • 14:00 until 18:00
  • Dungiven Co. Derry
  • Join us for the 31st annual Hunger Strike Commemorative march and rally which takes place this year in Dungiven Co. Derry at 2PM. Main speaker Michelle O’Neill MLA.


POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2012


Fight for the life of Mahmoud Sarsak [2]

    • Today
    • 15:00 until 17:00
  • As the world watches millionaire footballers compete for the European Championship trophy, Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak is close to death as he enters his 85th day of hunger strike, the longest in history.Sarsak, a 25-year-old footballer and student from Gaza, was arrested three years ago as he was trying to meet up with the national team in the West Bank, and has been detained indefinitely without charge or trial ever since.Come and protest against this blatant abuse of human rights on Monday 11th June at 3pm outside the Department of Media, Culture and Sport in a coordinated action with the We Are All Hana Shalabi Network from Scotland who will be protesting outside the British Consulatein Jerusalem.Bring footballs, football shirts and banners for a fun media-friendly kickabout outside the DMCS to raise awareness of Sarsak and the thousands of Palestinian prisonersbeing held under administrative detention and illegal combatant lawsPlease note:
    This facebook was created because Facebook blocked all new activity on our original facebook event for this protest.
    Clearly it was too effective in gaining rapid growing support, so presumably the Zionist trolls made false allegations and facebook just blocked it without any notification or investigation. Please follow details and updates also through emails, twitter and phones.
    *** Phone CONTACTS: ***
    +44 (0)7729779164
    +44 (0)7880 731 865

    Twitter: @palestineplace

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