The recent internment of Neil Hegarty, 36-hours after his release from Maghaberry after serving 5-years is evidence, if needed, of the true nature of the 6-County State.

Neil’s return to Maghaberry was based on lies told by employees of G4S, a mercenary style security group renowned internationally for its corruption and human right abuses.

They falsely claimed that Neil had refused an electronic tag which was an oppressive measure imposed on him and this was quickly used as a pretext by the PSNI, Parole Commissioner, and Stormont D.O.J to revoke Neil’s release licence.

It must be noted that Sinn Féin and the SDLP are directly responsible for Neil’s internment. This was undertaken by institutions which they support under the laughable fresh start counter insurgency agenda offered by “human rights champion” Monica McWilliams.

Where now are the PSNI supporting spokespeople of the GAA and Catholic Church such as Joe Brolly, Brian McAvoy and Gary Donegan when their precious British Crown Forces are dragging Irish Men from their families to be interned without trial? Will they remain silent like the 26-County administration and Ireland’s trendy left?

Through active support and complacency these quarters have enabled years of penal and judicial oppression in the form of oppressive prison conditions, isolation, internment by remand, licence and terrorist register conditions and the denial of bail etc. They are hypocrites!

For those who believe that these tactics will intimidate Republicans into silence, you must remember, we can endure much more than you can inflict.

Republican Prisoners,
Roe 4,

Two more weeks’ punishment for Gabriel Mackle!

New screws in the CSU in Maghaberry jail must be trying to earn stripes from their paymasters judging by their aggressive attitude towards Gabriel Mackle. Since their arrival at the beginning of the month, the heating in Gabriel’s cell has been turned up high and as the windows don’t open the cell is suffocating. This has long been the practice in police cells but not in prisons. 

On May 5, 2017, Gabriel was taken to see a doctor at his own request. He was taken to the doctor, a nurse was also in the room, by two screws who refused to leave the room and stood at the open door within earshot of what was being said. Because of this Gabriel refused to discuss anything with the doctor or nurse and left the room.  Later when Gabriel was on the phone to his wife his call was stopped after only five minutes. 

Also on May 5, Gabriel was adjudicated on and charged with refusing a direct order on March 31 to go to Bann House. His radio was removed from his cell and he cannot make an order to the tuck shop for two weeks. This is indeed an act of vindictive aggression. As was stated previously, when Gabriel refuses to move into the loyalist section of the prison, that refusal is being used to further punish him. He still has had no visits and has only a short phone call during the day. 

All this on the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands who died fighting criminalisation of political POWs. How infuriating that 36 years later there is an attempt to criminalise Republican prisoners, not just by the prison regime but by POWs in Roe House who suddenly change the rules to gain control of the wing. 

Withmany thanks to:

POW Department
Sinn Féin Poblachtach.

5 May/Bealtaine 2017

The wing in Maghaberry does not belong to the IRPWA.

From the first protest in Maghaberry in 2002 the CIRA prisoners were to the forefront of all protests and so was Gabriel during the present phase of the prison struggle.

When CIRA POWs had 17 POWs they never victimised any other POWs. In fact Cabhair-supported POWs defended the right of those that were in the minority. It was our view that everyone on the landing were Republican POWs. Unfortunately this goodwill has not been reciprocated when it has come to Gabriel. These threats are coming from the very same group that purport to promote unity, they are showing the Republican people their version of unity but it has to be on their terms. This latest move should not come as any surprise as they have used this same policy not so long ago when they removed Liam Campbell from the wing because he dared challenge certain criminal behavior.

It is not so long since the dirty protest when fellow Cabhair-supported POWs took the lead in that protest and welcomed newly incarcerated POWs. It seems the old saying EATEN BREAD IS SOON FORGOTTEN never rang so true.

To have any Republican POW removed from the wing to face criminalisation or isolation is simply wrong.The threats against Gabriel must be withdrawn, Cabhair-supported POWs will always work under their own structures.


With many thanks to: RSF Dublin

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