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We are living in the final days of partition.

A united Ireland referendum is now inevitable and the preparations must begin.

A Protestant against partition and for a United Ireland – Irish Border Poll

Predictions for 2023: The Protocol stays, Biden comes, and Donaldson goes – Irish Border Poll


🚨FIRST FIVE SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED🚨✅ Trevor Lunn✅ Claire Mitchell✅ Glenn Bradley✅ Peter Adair✅ Ben Collins🗣Ireland’s Future – Belongs To You🗓Wed 23 Nov 7PM📍Ulster Hall, Belfast🎙More speakers to be announced🎟Get your ticket ⬇️…

Time For Irish Unity? – Irish Border Poll

Former RUC Chief Constable believed a United Ireland was inevitable, book claims.

Do these people understand the GFA/BA?

Thought the following comments by Peter Kyle, shadow NI Secretary for the BLP were fairly innocuous. But no. Apparently not. Northern Ireland unionists have expressed alarm after the shadow Northern Ireland secretary, Peter Kyle, said he would be prepared to call a referendum on Irish unity if certain conditions were met. Kyle would set out […]

Do these people understand the GFA/BA?

Brexit: UK and EU to restart talks over NI Protocol – BBC News

Scotland, Wales and the North of Ireland have refused to give consent to Brexit – but Westminster isn’t listening!!!

Border poll ‘yes’ vote would require British parliament consent.


I am calling for an Irish passport office in the North of Ireland

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