‘Cash seized in Omagh raid linked to INLA paramilitaries ‘.


Irish National Liberation Army

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Unconditional release for Derry man arrested under terrorism legislation | Madden & Finucane Solicitors


Sinister picture of republican ‘gunman’ near Derry’s Bogside bonfires

Photographs have emerged purporting to show an armed republican on the streets of Derry last week.

Follow this link to find out more: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fYEXgs1PBgtJrhN6 a masked man with what appears to be a rifle on the streets of Co Derry

Captured by French politics PhD student Hadrien Holstein, the grainy pictures show a masked man posing with what appears to be a rifle close to the controversial Bogside bonfire.
Scrawled on a gable wall behind the shadowy figure was the one-word slogan ‘INLA’. The pictures were taken late on Thursday night, as the bonfire was under construction. Mr Holstein (26), a doctoral student at the University of Paris-Nanterre, has been researching Irish Republicinism for the past five years, and has published several academic papers on the subject. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, the student said the gunman had emerged from the shadows close to the bonfire and had issued a chilling threat to the security forces.

Follow this link to find out more: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3311928125553605&id=100002093504519&set=a.439170419496071&source=48

“I was covering for my own work the bonfire on the Bogside. “I decided to spend some moments during the night at the bonfire,” the student said. “And at one moment, someone made me a sign, called me to come over – and there was the gunman.” The PhD student asked the gunman if he could take a photograph. “He said OK, and made a short statement,” he said. “He said he was from the Republican Movement, Derry Brigade. “I asked for a precious group, but he didn’t reply. “He said he was looking for RUC child abusers, and said all Crown Forces are legitimate targets. “Then he turned away and went back to where he had come from.” 

Members of the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) with credit to An Sionnach Fionn for the original photograph

The incident took place around midnight on Thursday, according to Mr Holstein’s account of the incident. The student said he had not spoken to police about the incident, and nor did he plan to. “My PhD is mainly about the republicans,” he said. “If I contact the police, you know, it is the end of my work, my PhD. “Nobody would speak to me again, so I decided not to do it.” Asked if he was frightened by what he saw, the student said: “At the beginning, yes, because it was the first time I saw a gun. “But in the end I was more stressed than frightened. “When I understand it was OK in a way, that I could be safe and just taking a picture, I was more stressed.” He accepted that the terrorists may have been using him as a channel to send a message to the outside world. I think they knew I was a Frenchman,” the PhD student said. “I’m not 100% sure but I suppose they were expecting that I contact the media to make coverage, it was accepted I’d make publicity. “I’m French, I’m not part of the community, so they saw me as an external person.”

Last night, Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton said the emergence of the terrorist image was “disturbing”. “It’s clearly very sinister,” the MLA told the Belfast Telegraph. “We know over the weekend, and with the burning of images of the Queen and poppy wreaths, it has caused a lot of upset and hurt right across the community. “And the appearance of what appears to be a gunman will no doubt strike fear into that particular community.” He said the incident had echoes of the scenes leading up to the murder in the city of journalist Lyra McKee a year ago. “It’s worrying, given the fact a young journalist lost their life on the city’s streets due to a gunman. 

That image represents a huge step backwards in terms of community relations and the development of the peaceful society that we all want.” Mr Middleton called on those involved to “get off the backs” of the community because “it’s clear that they are not wanted”, and said that anyone with any information on the gunman should contact the PSNI/RUC as soon as possible. This year Derry bonfires have come in for heavy criticism from senior Sinn Féin figures, with deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill describing them as “displays of hate”. The PSNI/RUC said last night they had no reports of the Bogside gunman incident.

With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph and David Young for the original story 

Marty McElkearney – TPQ


INLA killer’s funeral told he helped find Disappeared vitim


‘Key role’ in recovery

Mr Seamus Ruddy, who was one of the disappeared secretly buried by the INLA in France 2017

of murdered Ruddy’s remains

FORMER INLA prisoner Martin McElkerney “played a key role in the recovery of the remains of Disappeared victim Seamus Ruddy, mourners have been told. Several thousand people lined the streets of West Belfast’s Divis area yesterday as the coffin, draped in a Starry Plough Flag and flanked by a colour party of masked men, made its way to St Peter’s Cathedral.

Following Requiem Mass the cortège walked the three miles to Milltown Cemetery, where a much smaller gathering heard tributes. Among those to address the crowd was Strabane Republican Willie Gallagher, who said McElkerney “held senior positions” in the Republican Socialist Movement throughout his life.

Willie Gallagher, Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP),He said he had been willing to take on any any task and “despite medical difficulties at the time, stepped forward and helped bring closure to the Ruddy family – ending a sad chapter for us all”.

He said he had been willing to take on any task and ” despite medical difficulties at the time, stepped forward and helped bring closure to the Ruddy family – ending a sad chapter for us all”. The remains of Seamus Ruddy (32), from Newry, we’re found at Pont-de-l’Arche, near Rouen in northern France in May 2017.

He had been abducted in Paris in 1985 where he had been living with his partner and was murdered and secretly buried. It is believed he was murdered amid a dispute with INLA members about an arms dump. The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains eventually recovered Mr Ruddy’s remains following information provided by the INLA. McElkerney died in hospital last Friday following a shooting incident in Milltown Cemetery.

He was sentenced to three life terms for his part in an INLA bombing that killed Kevin Valliday (11), Stephen Bennett (14) and Lance Bombardier Kevin Waller (20) at the Divis Flats complex in West Belfast in 1982 and was released from prison in 2000 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Fr Gary Donegan told mourners that McElkerney “became aware that the choices he made in life had significant and lasting consequences for others, including his family”.

Criticism of ‘show of strength’ as thousands attend

Fr Gary Donegan, who is a friend of the family, said the ” loss of many friends in the conflict had a profound influence on Martin’s decision to get directly involved in what is euphemistically referred to as ‘the Troubles’.

“Those were sad and difficult times, and are hardly recognisable 21 years after the Good Friday Agreement which saw Martin released from Long Kesh after a decade and a half of incarceration. “Martin became aware that the choices he made in life had significant and lasting consequences for others, including his family.

“Following Martin’s death his organs were donated so that others might have life.” Among the mourners we’re representives from various Republican political groups. One of 13 children, Martin McElkerney’s family are well known in West Belfast, with Fr Donegan,

Fr Gary Donegan, pictured here in Ardoyne

pictured, paying tribute to his mother Eileen. “To witness the love of Eileen for her son Martin, and then to realise that God’s love is much greater, how can we not be in awe of God’s mercy in this sacred place that is St Peter’s,” he said. Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly, who is a brother-in-law of the deceased, attended the funeral and was joined by party colleague Carál Ní Chuilín.

MLA Carál Ní Chuilín attended the funeral along with Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly

After Requiem Mass the coffin, draped in a Starry Plough flag with a baret and gloves on top and flanked by an INLA colour party – some of whom wore masks – made its way the three miles from Albert Street to Milltown Cemetery. It stopped several times, including outside Costello House, the Falls Road headquarters of the IRSP, with whom McElkerney played a senior role right up until his death.

Police Land Rovers filmed the procession from a distance and a spotter plane, rarely used in the North of Ireland, circled overhead throughout the funeral. As the cortège reached Milltown a lone Piper played music before members of the IRSP gathered for a short oration at the INLA plot. By this stage the number of mourners had reduced to several hundred.

McElkerney was sentenced to three life terms for his part in an INLA bomb that killed Kevin Valliday (11), Stephen Bennett (14) and Lance Bombardier Kevin Waller (20) at the Divis Flats complex in West Belfast in 1982. During the hunger strike years of the 1980’s. Willie Gallagher (pictured above) of the IRSP addressed mourners and criticised media coverage of his friend’s death, saying that far from being isolated he was surrounded by family and friends.

He also said there was not enough support for those struggling in a society transitioning out of conflict. Superintendent Lorraine Dobson on Thursday night said police had “a proportionate operation in place today which included the use of evidence gathering equipment”. “All evidence will now be reviewed by specialist officers and any offences detected will be investigated”.

On Monday a masked man fired a volly of shots in the air from an automatic rifle as McElkerney’s body was returned to his home in the Divis area of Belfast. A guard of honour was also formed in the street outside his home. Unionists have called for investigations into both the shooting and the funeral display, saying it appeared to be a “sinister show of strength”.

Ulster Unionist Party MLA Doug Beattie said: “You have to wonder if there is something else going on here and is this group sending a message that they are still here and still able to bring large numbers of people onto the streets.

“If this organisation is on ceasefire why are young men in the colour party? “There is clearly recruitment going on and that is very worrying. “I’ve written to both the Secretary of State (who won’t be in a job for very much longer) 😄😄😊 and the Chief Constable to ask for another updated security assessment of where these groups are in terms of activity.”

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Allison Morris (Security Correspondent) for the original story

Follow these links to find out more: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2019/05/24/disappeared-victim-seamus-ruddys-funeral-takes-place/

(2) -: https://www.psni.police.uk/my-area/all-districts/belfast-city/

(3) -: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=697436330713188&id=1146451845485869

‘Any Taig Will Do’. Courts Call Bullshit On Paramilitary Crime Task Force.

Tarlach MacDhónaill is scathing of a PSNI scam in West Belfast.

RUC/PSNI Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton.

Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton was once literally a ‘Bobby’, patrolling the Lower Falls area of West Belfast and getting to know, no doubt, all the main names of the ‘underground’ world in that district.

In all likelihood then, the well-groomed PSNI golden boy knew full well, that none of those arrested in his old stomping ground on September 30th, (one of whom was charged with possession of a large amount of Cocaine) had any connection to the Irish National Liberation Army.

Yet Bobby Singleton now leads the PSNI’s ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’ which has been granted £25 Million over the period of five years as part of the Fresh Start Agreement, such figures demand results or at least the perception of results.

In a bizarre sequence of events on Tuesday last, charges against three Belfast men of ‘Conspiracy to rob a Boojum burrito bar’ were shot out of the sky by a Judge at first hearing due to the absence of that most basic Judicial requirement called evidence. One of the three was then remanded on a separate charge of possessing Cocaine with intent to supply. £140 000 worth of Cocaine.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party then released a statement in which they stated their belief that the PSNI had concocted a ‘sham charge’ against all three men and in so doing had dragged “two unconnected individuals into the dock, alongside a person separately charged with possession of Cocaine”, all in an attempt to create the impression of a collective conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in West Belfast.

In a PSNI press statement released on the morning of the arrests, Singleton had claimed that his force had been involved in an operation ‘focused on the criminal activities of the Belfast INLA.’ It succeeded in creating banner headlines and no doubt gave large sections of the public the general impression that the Belfast INLA was somehow and somewhere involved in the supply of Class A drugs.

Such an allegation would have had an obvious negative impact on the IRSP in West Belfast. Some weeks earlier their activists had made the front page of the local Andersonstown News for smashing a Cocaine supply operation in the same Divis area in which the latest Drug find in question had occurred.

Within that article, concerned parents of several local youths (victims of a predatory West Belfast drugs ring) claimed to have turned to the IRSP for help as they had (in their own words) ‘absolutely no faith’ in the PSNI.

The IRSP clearly believe now that Bobby Singleton has attempted to smear Republican Socialism in the Divis area by wrongly implicating the INLA in the very activity that the party were claiming to successfully oppose in the absence of local support for the PSNI – Drug dealing.

Their theory holds (at the very least) as much credence as the conspiracy charges which Singleton unsuccessfully tried to put before Judge Fiona Bagnall during his now doomed operation. The pressure which his ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’ no doubt comes under to be seen ‘balance the books’ following months of high-profile actions against Loyalist paramilitaries, gives further weight to IRSP suggestions that in the absence of genuine Republican ‘Paramilitary Crime’, Bobby Singleton has instead taken an ‘Any Taig will do’ attitude towards the latest wave of arrests and raids on their members houses and offices. Indeed, what better Taigs to raise headlines with than suspected supporters of the INLA?

It was highly unusual, indeed unheard of for any Judge to summarily dismiss allegations of the PSNI in a remand hearing allegedly involving Anti-Good Friday Republican ‘Paramilitaries’. It may indeed be the first case of its kind since 1998.

Yet the PSNI, until now, have relied upon both a compliant judiciary and a compliant press to create and promote narratives that they wish to be accepted in the public eye, the IRSP’s rebuffing of Bobby Singleton’s grandiose claims is unlikely to attract any mainstream press interest whatsoever and the IRSP will no doubt suffer negative public perceptions as a result.

Bobby Singleton is aware of this uneven power dynamic. He (and MI5 who command the Police service of which he is a part) is also aware of the growing support which a rejuvenated IRSP are gaining in communities such as Divis and the Lower Falls, the product of a wave of local, national and international political activities which the party has recently undertaken in what can be described as a ‘Peace Process’ of their own liking.

This is not the first time that the ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’ has used such broad stroke tactics against the Republican Socialist Movement. During the past year in both Derry and Belfast, targets of seemingly Bona Fide Policing operations have been arrested and had their homes searched simultaneously to members of the IRSP, with following far stretched press releases enough to brand the operations in questions “Investigations into the Criminal activities of the INLA”.

A modus operandi is being firmly established as are twin aims, the undermining of a political movement which the state has hated since its inception and (Just as importantly for Bobby Singleton) the public perception of a crack down on Irish Republicans, as opposed to ‘just Loyalists’.

Had the individual arrested for possession of Class A drugs been charged and remanded alone, it would have been viewed publicly as just another drug arrest in West Belfast. Yet a few more Catholics in the back of police cars, along with the right type of press briefings, were all that were needed to make this a political publicity coup for the ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’.

All the usual pieces of the Jigsaw were in place for Bobby Singleton in this instance. Wth the headline already floated by the Press, all that was required was the rubber stamping of a Judge and the appearance of an INLA criminal clampdown would be complete. In most cases the PSNI can rely on such rubber stamps without question.

Unfortunately for Bobby Singleton, it appears that a feisty female Belfast Judge had other ideas and put the requirement for evidence before the prominence of one department’s financial and political agenda.

Bullshit was called on the political antics of the Paramilitary Crime Task Force, and now inevitable questions around abuses of power, abuse of public funds, possible sectarianism and blatant lies told to the West Belfast community, will increasingly come to the fore.

➽Tarlach MacDhónaill is an activist with the North Belfast IRSP.

With many thanks to the: Anthony McIntyre and The Pensive Quill for the original posting.



IRSP accuse Thatcher of ordering INLA men’s murder

INLA member Noel Little

THE IRSP has claimed that two members were killed as part of a wider campaign against the party which was backed by the British government.

The party spoke out after it emerged that Tory MP and Advocate General for Northern Ireland, Jeremy Wright QC is due to rule on whether there should be a new inquest into the death of INLA member Noel Little (45).

Ronnie Bunting was a Protestant Irish Republican and Socialist

He was shot dead with fellow INLA man Ronnie Bunting (32) at a house in Downfine Gardens in the Andersonstown area of west Belfast in October 1980.

The double murder has been veiled in mystery amid claims that members of the SAS may have been involved, although the UDA later claimed responsibility.

The two men, who were also key members of the IRSP, were shot dead less than a year after Tory MP Airy Neave was killed when an INLA booby-trap bomb exploded under his car at the House of Commons in London.

After Mr Neave’s death several high profile figures linked to the IRSP and National H-Block Committee were shot dead or injured.

A senior figure in the Conservative Party, Mr Neave was a close ally of then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Mr Wright will now make the inquest decision after a certificate transferring the case from the north’s attorney general John Larkin QC was issued by secretary of state Karen Bradley.

Earlier this week a Northern Ireland Office spokeswoman said: “The secretary of state is satisfied there is material held by the UK government relevant to the decision whether to open a fresh inquest, which is national security sensitive.”

The spokesman added that: “The advocate general is an independent law officer in the same way as the attorney general for Northern Ireland: he will make a decision independent of government.”

IRSP spokesman member Willie Gallagher said he believes the decision to target the party could have come directly from Margaret Thatcher.

“The overall combination of events and circumstances in that period led the IRSP to the conclusion that British soldiers acting under direct political orders, and assisted by willing stooges within the UDA and the RUC, conducted what was a campaign of murder against our party,” he said.

With many thanks to: The Irish News for the origional story.

Stunning Potential Linfield v Celtic clash could prove security nightmare.

Money-Spining Clash: Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers, if Linfield can overcome San Marino’s La Fiorita they will play hosts to Celic at Windsor Park on the Eleventh Night on the Twelfth.

THERE have been calls for the venue of a potential match between Celtic and Linfield to be switched due to concerns about security.

Celtic v Linfield (coming soon)

The two clubs could face each other in a Champions League qualifier at Windsor Park next month – to be played on 11th night.

David Healy, Manager of Linfield, and former Rangers player.

The Scottish giants enjoy a huge following in Ireland and all over the world. And are supported mainly by Catholics while Linfield has mainly unionist and Protestant support base. It would be the first ever meeting between the sides.
Both July 11th & 12th are significant dates in the Loyalist calendar and an influx of nationalist/Republicans into the mainly loyalist Windsor Park area could prove a security nightmare for the RUC/PSNI.

The RUC/PSNI still as corrupt as the day they were formed but then “they were a Protestant Police Force, for Protestant people! What the fuck has changed “Nothing”. That is a fact !!!

Each year thousands of Orange Order supporters gather to watch the annual Twelfth parade through Belfast, and the unionists/Loyalists on Saint Patrick’s Day object and sometimes become violent at anyone wearing Green on St Paddy’s day. So with the Celtic supporters wearing Green & White and Green, White and Orange, theres potential for trouble. Which passes close to the stadium along the Lisburn Road.

Celtic F.C. football Club.
Celtic F.C. football Club.

And Loyalist paramilitaries including the UDA and UVF and also SEA-UDA also it could end up in a bloodbath. As they would be urging there supporters to attend to show support & start potential trouble. An Eleventh Night fixture could prove equally volatile as loyalist attend bonfires accorss the city.

We have supporters from all over the world. And trust me ‘Comrades’ they don’t always catch the boat. Some of us can afford to fly. 


Ballymena Celtic Supporters Club.
Ballymena Celtic Supporters Club.

Critic’s manger is Brendan Rodger, (pictured above), who comes from Carnlough, Co Antrim. While Linfield’s boss is former Rangers player David Healy. 

David Healy miming playing the flute at a Celtic v Fulham friendly game. His club at the time, back in 2008.

There was controversy in 2008 when Healy mined playing a flute (pictured above), in front of Celtic supporters during a friendly game with Fulham, his club at the time. He later apologised. With the majority of Celtic supporters expected to make the journey by boat, there is also a potential for a clash with Scottish loyalists making their way to the North to take part in the Twelfth demonstrations. 

More support from West Belfast ” We don’t go away, you know”.

Linfield has provisionally suggested a 5pm or 5.30pm kick-off on Tuesday July 11th, subject to consultation with the RUC/PSNI. 

Dicey Reilly’s Celtic Supporters Club in Belfast.

But Seamus Darragh from the Dicey Reilly’s Celtic Supporters Club in Belfast last night said the venue for the first match between the clubs should be switched, meaning it would take place in Glasgow. “My point of view is the best situation is to reverse the fixture.”

He said to hold the first leg in Belfast at the biggest time of the year for loyalists would be insane”. “I think the police will intervene. Already they are going to be stretched,” he said. “Even when it’s normal police are under stress.”

Mr Darragh, a former Linfield youth player, added that some Celtic Supporters will be rooting for Linfield when they face SP La Fiorita. “We want Linfield, it’s a beauty of a tie,” he said.

Trouble has flared in the past when teams supported by nationalist/Republican have played at Windsor Park. There were violent scenes in 1990 when Donegal Celtic played Linfield.

A year later loyalists threw a hand-granade at visiting Cliftonville supporters. In 1948 Belfast Celtic’s Jimmy Jones suffered a broken leg when he was attacked by Linfield supporters during a Boxing Day game at Windsor Park, precipiting the departure of the club from Irish League Football.

Belfast Celtic F.C.

Operations Superintendent for Belfast Norman Haslett said on Monday night: “We are aware of the possibility of a Belfast fixture next month between Linfield and Celtic. “We are currently in discussions with UEFA and Linfield FC about the details of the event.

Follow these Links to find out more: http://www.celticfc.net/mainindex


With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News. For the original story.

Today marks the anniversary of 2 brave sons of Ireland.

Irish Political hostages on hunger strike,Volunteer Patsy O Hara (inla) and Volunteer Ray Mccreesh (ira) …both men went on hunger strike together,they both died on may 21st, 1981 after 61 days on hunger strike,side by side till the last breath,
We stand for the freedom of the Irish nation so that future generations will enjoy the prosperity they rightly deserve, free from foreign interference,oppression and exploitation. The real criminals are the British imperialists who have thrived on the blood and sweat of generations of Irish men. They have maintained control of Ireland through force of arms and there is only one way to end it.

I would rather die than rot in this concrete tomb for years to come – Patsy O Hara (I.N.L.A Hungerstriker) 
Both men paid the ultimate price for their dedication,courage and beliefs.We remember them as ordinary men who did extraordinary things in extraordinary times,

Gone but never forgotten Cuz,

Rest in Power,Glory to your soul ❤

With many thanks to: Brònzy Hegerty

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