Rangers in crisis: Why Craig Whyte still holds all the aces at Ibrox

IN the court of public opinion, Craig Whyte has been hung, drawn, quartered and consigned to the dustbin of history. The only trouble is… he isn’t history.

He remains the majority shareholder at Rangers and is perfectly entitled to tell Paul Murray, or anyone else, that he isn’t selling to them.

The Ibrox administrators have left the business community puzzled by saying Whyte is now an “irrelevance”.

Most accountants reckon the opposite – he is in the ring seat and holding all the aces.

It’s been suggested the administrators could go to court to wrestle his shares from him. But it’s difficult to see the legal grounds for that.

And, in any case, who appointed the administrators in the first place? The answer is Whyte himself.

Are the administrators really going to sue the man who brought them in?

And since it now seems very likely Whyte has put none of his own money into Ibrox, he has literally nothing to lose.

It looks like he is keen to get liquidation underway so he can head off into the sunset.

Well away from Ibrox in his boltholes in Monaco and London, the truth is that Whyte is still laughing… all the way to the bank.

it gets better by the week..ha ha ha
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