TUV candidate lambasts GAA club and Linda Ervine for ‘misrepreseation’ of east Belfast

The mother of the director of BBC NI demonstrating her ignorance of gaelic culture and her unashamed bigotry. She’s a perfect fit for the TUV.
TUV candidate lambasts GAA club and Linda Ervine for ‘misrepresentation’ of east Belfast


Another ordinary extraordinary event about the peace process

Last night I gambled the blizzard on the Sydenham Bypass to make it to Holywood Methodist Church. Brian Rowan – a ‘veteran journalist’ if ever there was one – was in conversation with another well-known colleague, Mervyn Jess. The event was organised with the Centre for Cross Border Studies and was part of the Creative […]

Another ordinary extraordinary event about the peace process

👎Shocking analysis from ERG

🤷‍♂️The Ireland’s Future position for some time, is there is only one way to resolve this broad issue

✍️It is contained in the GFA

🗣Ask the people what they want

🗳To not ask the question is to deny democracy

✅Plan for the unity referendum


“It’s always been to me bizarre, frankly, that unionism has been in favour of Brexit.”


Sir Tony Blair on the Northern Ireland Protocol, coming up on UTV Live at Six.

More here: itv.com/news/utv/2023-..


Good Friday Agreement – Free From Sectarian Harassment

(1) Ringland is the kind of soft unionist for whom the Northern Ireland statelet was designed, who disregards the awkward fact that it wasn’t designed for nearly everyone else, and can’t understand why they don’t like it.

(2) Ringland complains that 40% of the Republic and 70% of Northern nationalists believe that the IRA’s campaign was justified and that this is a low point in the Peace Process. The Peace Process always revolved around accepting the views of the other side, not demanding they change.

(3) Ringland ignores,or is perhaps unaware of, the violence, random murders and arson used to create Northern Ireland in the first place, and which went on into the 1930s and began again in the early 1960s, until it created the Troubles. Unionist home rule failed but he ignores that.

(4) Ringland’s statement that “The moral compromises involved in the Belfast Agreement make it difficult to celebrate.” is the most anti-peace process sentiment imaginable; peace is the first and highest morality. This error goes far to explain why the process has stalled since 1998.

(5) If Ringland’s letter is representative of soft unionism’s mindset, it is the best argument that their demands to be given another shot at Home Rule Northern Ireland be politely refused.

They remember only what it pleases them to, and they have learnt nothing.

With many thanks to: Jonathan Mills https://twitter.com/Muinchille?t=ZnOxu2ZDd5Y5ilsRSJF2YQ&s=09 for the original Tweet follow this link to read the original Tweet: https://twitter.com/Muinchille/status/1614557336252698627?s=20&t=tOfue-8ECzk1Rc5cdFAduQ


Follow this link to read the original letter:https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/opinion/columnists/trevor-ringland-we-have-a-long-way-to-go-to-recognise-the-failures-of-our-past-3983451?s=09

Follow this link to read more on this story: http://seachranaidhe-irishandproud.blogspot.com/2023/01/a-nest-of-misconception-and-denial.html

A Message For The DUP From Nationalists In The North

Fuck the DUP

Stop digging✅

Admit your mistake✅


And then:

Implement existing agreements✅

“71% of people in NI voted for the Good Friday Agreement”.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA) it isn’t going away you know

The same amount of MLAs back in May voted for the election of a speaker. If it was good enough in 1998, it should be good now.”

@AndrewMuirNI discusses Alliance’s priorities ahead of today’s talks.

Random facts that only mice know. The “Belfast Agreement” was insisted on as a name of the treaty.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA)

(1) As IRL and GB civil servants pointed out
“There are already 3 Belfast Agreements and this one must stand out.The other two are about linen”

(2) The agreement was at 23:00 hrs.
“we will, in uk , say Belfast and also good friday as politics dictate”

(3) The “Belfast/Good Friday Agreement” passed through the house of commons at 02:17 with a speaker and master of rolls present.

(4) It was never brought to parliament for a vote.
why ?
Because international peace treaties outlive parliaments .

(5) why ? because uk/gb/england has a dysfunctional parliament with 3 pm’s in a strawberry season

(6) It is a matter of constitutional law which is lacking in the UK. The Crown enters into international treaties NOT the government of the day.

(7) This “normal” treaty law is why Spain is bound by treaty with regard to Gibraltar.
UK/GB/England is aware it cannot resile from treaty without consequence.
The UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement is an international Contract in all its parts.

(8) By the way.The reference to mice is an inside joke in the english security services because most of their establishments are old…also the real fact that rodents can be trained.
What’s next !!!!
mad monks ?

UVF/UDA Terrorism in association with the DUP


NI border has never been clearer- UK security is paramount following Leave vote 

The final ballots were hardly finished being counted when two big losers in the EU referendum, the SNP and Sinn Fein, began a rather transparent attempt to gain some political capital out of the result.  The SNP argued that there should be a second Independence referendum in Scotland, whilst Sinn Fein demanded a border poll […]

NI border has never been clearer- UK security is paramount following Leave vote 
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