Border poll ‘yes’ vote would require British parliament consent.


‘DUP being allowed to scatter Good Friday Agreement to the winds. ‘.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA)

‘DUP are being very economical with the truth about NI Protocol impact on cost-of-living inaccurate, Fact-Check group says. ‘.


Take a look at this post… ‘PSNI/RUC Assistant Chief Constable and Winston Irvine did not talk about decommissioning weapons before arms find, court told. ‘.

Westminster Bill Would Make United Ireland Vote Impossible | Gript


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Border Poll threshold needs nailed down now. – Yes For Unity

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The British government are trying to remove our Irish rights under the GFA to claim our citizenship as Irish citizens in the North of Ireland


Emma DeSouza
“An eligible Irish citizen is someone who was born in Northern Ireland, who is an Irish citizen and also qualifies as a British citizen (whether or not they identify themselves as such)” Significant changes are being quietly made to citizenship & identity in NI.
12:17 PM · Nov 15, 2019Twitter for Android
Emma DeSouza
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The British Government’s attack on the birthright provisions of the GFA has gone up a level with these changes. Make no mistake, they are taking the October 14th ruling, that the people of NI are British citizens even if they identify as Irish & making seismic changes.
Emma DeSouza

The DUP does not and never has from day one supported the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)

Stephen Farry
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we will making commitments in the forthcoming Alliance manifesto re addressing the failings highlighted in your case. We will keep pushing both governments to ensure GFA is properly reflected in law.

Catriona King

Under the GFA the citizens in the North have the legal right to class themselves as Irish, British or bothReplying to

@EmmandJDeSouza @NiallSF



doing anything about this? Any and all breaches of the GFA must be prevented/challenged.

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Border poll will be won by nationalists

Brexit risks all of the progress that has been made and also risks the potential change that the Good Friday Agreement promised in terms of a society based on equality and parity of esteem – ie rights – and a pathway to a new independent Ireland.

FOR centuries the rights and interests of the people of this country, nationalists and unionists, have been subject to the interests of the British government, irrespective of the collateral damaged caused to the people here.

The Good Friday Agreement (GFA) was supposed to be the beginning of a new era where both the North of Ireland was the shared responsibility of the Irish and British governments and free of the malign and prejudiced influence of the British government. The GFA promised all-Ireland institutions with expanding horizons and equality and parity of esteem between the people of the North. Much has changed since the introduction of the GFA and Ireland has changed for the better on many fronts.

But Brexit risks all of the progress that has been made and also risks the potential change that the GFA promised in terms of a society based on equality and parity of esteem – ie rights – and a pathway to a new independent Ireland. Brexit has introduced, through the front door, a double veto over that promised by the GFA, the dead hand of the DUP in collaboration with the Tories and fanatical Brexiteers, in the ERG. Due to the Brexit needs of the British government, the DUP – which is a minority voice – has had its status and influence elevated to the point where it is effectively running the British government’s Brexit policy.

Before Brexit, the DUP had effectively blocked the full implementation of the GFA and created an immovable unionist veto inside the North’s institutions – immovable because of the failure of the British government, to act. The North’s institutions were doomed long before the heating scandal (RHI) led to their collapse. Since the collapse of the institutions the situation has deteriorated to the point where the DUP’s influence, through Brexit, is set to damage, not just northern society in terms of its economy and people’s rights, but the economy of the rest of this country. Northern nationalists – ever mindful of the limitions placed on their national and cultural rights by the confines of a unionist dominated state – have moved to achieve their rights beyond the six counties and are now begaining to shape a new political framework, within an all-Island setting, with the Irish government the principal focus and with the primary objective being reunification.

That is what ‘Ireland’s Future’ conference in Waterfront Hall publicly signalled. The context of the shift was the realisation by northern nationalists, after 10 years of government, that the DUP was opposed to power-sharing and fully working, to their maximum, the all-Ireland institutions of the GFA. In fact, the DUP was using the institutions to block progress, including the modernisation of northern society on human rights issues such as access to the truth for grieving relatives, marriage equality, abortion reform, an Irish language act, Irish citizenship and a Bill of Rights.

The shift was also influenced by a new and younger nationalist middle class who had experienced the war years; had been politicised by their experience, we’re confident and assertive and seeking, not a reformed north, but a new independent Ireland, where a reformed north could have an institutional place in a transitional arrangement. The first signs of the shift were the north’s nationalist electorate turning its back on Westminster and voting for Sinn Féin abstentionist MPs. The other element, in my view, the most crucial in the shift is the reality that nationalists will be a voting majority in the not too distant future and under the terms of the GFA could vote for a United Ireland in a border poll.

But shifts are not confined to the nationalist population. Brexit is impacting on the broad unionist community as well. We saw that in 2016 when a section of unionists voted with nationalists to Remain in the EU and a few months later stayed at home resulting in the unionist parties losing their majority in the north’s assembly for the first time in 100 yeas.

Add into this fast-evolving situation the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government in Downing Street after the next election and we have the ingredients for a transition to a new independent Ireland triggered by Corbyn implementing the GFA in all its parts, including a provision for a unity/border poll.

With many thanks to: Jim Gibney and The Irish News for the original posting.

Further concerns over rights of Irish citizens in the north over Brexit

[Caroline Nokes’s] position makes a mockery of the agreement’s pledge that it is the ‘birth right’ of people born in the North to be accepted as Irish or British (or both) – Daniel Holder

◾ANGER: Deputy Director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) Daniel Holder

CONCERNS have been raised again about the rights of people in the North claiming Irish citizenship after Brexit.

It comes after a statement by British immigration minister Caroline Nokes on the same day Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to examine difficulties faced by Irish citizens who want to bring family members into the North. Under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement (GFA) people have the right to Irish or British citizenship. In response to a parliamentary question this week, Ms Kokes said: “Irish citizens resident in the UK who do not hold British citizenship will be eligible to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme if they choose. However, they do not need to so under the reciprocal Common Travel Area arrangements with Ireland.” The EU Settlement Scheme will allow EU citizens to continue living in Britain or the North of Ireland after Brexit.

However, the Home Office has previously said it views people born in the North as British, a position some believe including myself is contrary to the GFA. It has ment that family members of people born in the North of Ireland but claiming Irish citizenship may have difficulty securing residency. Daniel Holder, deputy director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice expressed concern. “Under the current Home Office position that the North of Ireland-born people should be treated as British, this means that no Irish citizen born in the North could benefit from the retained EU citizens’ rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, that are to be accessed by the EU Settlement Scheme,” he said. Mr Holder said Ms Nokes is at odds with the GFA.

“Her position makes a mockery of the agreement’s pledge that it is the ‘birth right’ of people born in the North to be accepted as Irish or British (or both),” he said. Back in December 2017 separate UK-EU commitments were made for arrangements for Irish citizens residing in the North of Ireland to continue to be able to exercise EU rights – but these arrangements were never put into place.

“This Home Office position means Irish citizens here may be among the only EU citizens not to have a mechanism to retain some of their EU rights.” Ms Nokes caused controversy last year when she admitted to the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee that she had not read the Good Friday Agreement “in its entity”. A Home Office spokesman said on Wednesday night it was ” absolutely committed to upholding the Belfast (‘Good Friday’) Agreement which confirms the birth right of the people of the North of Ireland to identify as British or Irish or both, as they may choose, and to hold both British and Irish citizenship. “We respect the right of the people in the North of Ireland to choose how they identify,” he said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young and The Irish News for the original story.

THE IRISH NEWS     Pro fide et patria

Rights battle was ludicrous hurdle

WHILE Theresa May offered little fresh thinking on the Brexit crisis during her two-day visit to Belfast, which ended on Wednesday, she deserves credit for indicating that the alarming saga over citizenship rights endured by Co Derry woman Emma DeSouza could at last be close to a positive outcome.

Mrs DeSouza, as a holder of an Irish passport, was ludicrously told by the UK’s Home Office that she needed to declare herself to be a British citizen if her US-born husband, Jake, was to be granted a visa officially allowing him to live at their Magherafelt home.

The signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998

After the issue was repeatedly highlighted by The Irish News, Mrs May said she had specifically asked Home Office Sajid Javid to consider how such cases could be addressed as a matter of urgency. There will be relief when Mr DeSouza’s application is finally approved but it remains disturbing that his wife needed to go to court in order to demonstrate her entitlement to an Irish identity under the Good Friday Agreement.

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According to Arlene (the green crocodile) Foster there was never a hard border. Who is she kidding ?!

I grew up in one of the most militarised areas of Europe. We all remember these pictures too well…This was our normality!
Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts!

#southarmagh #brexitshambles

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What is an Irish Hard Border from an Irish Catholic point of view because of Brexit? = well the answer to that question depends on whither you are a Catholic or a Prodestent. At the moment we have ‘free movement’s in Ireland (North and South) and after Brexit that ‘free movement’ will end forever. The majority of the population in the North of Ireland voted against Brexit as did Scotland and Wales. What was voted for in England 🇬🇧 should never be forced upon the Celtic Nation’s. It was an English choice not ours! We as Catholics are a minority in the North of Ireland and the DUP are trying their very best to undermine the conditions of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’. Which they agreed to and signed up to in 1998. Brexit is against all of the principal’s signed up to in the agreement.


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“Come’on Arelene you know what I mean” this is the ‘hard border’ we both grow up with. Sure are you not a Fermanagh Lassie??

Arelene what did you call this then? #deluded #confused #abitlikebrexit

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