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Thinking off Lorraine Taylor her children and the entire family circle as they await today’s decision from Tony’s hearing.


A farcical hearing where two days of testimony was given to a closed court by unaccountable British intelligence agency’s . The same discredited agency’s that use every dirty trick in the book to coerce, bully and blackmail vulnerable citizens into becoming informers then throw them to the wolves when they are no longer required or in order to save other agents. The same unaccountable agencies that gave evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that led to millions losing their lives. All lies and an excuse in the name of greed. And yet the great and the good talk about democracy. Ruling by fooling a great British art with great Irish fools to practice on

Check out this link to find out what British PriMe-minSTer will do to our human rights: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-40181444

Free Tony now!

With many thanks to: Gary Donnelly (Independant councillor, DERRY City.).

Only a child…….murdered by the brave British Army. No-one charged….. No-one convicted 

These British Soldiers marched on the streets of Belfast protesting at not being treated fairly in the North of Ireland. They are afraid to face their own British Court system because they know they will be found “Guilty As charged” for murder & Treason…….

The British Army veterans triumphantly celebrated because they were allowed to march in Belfast.

But back in 1982 on the 16th April one of the victims of the Trouble’s: A Child of 11 summers was murdered by these brave British Soldiers – Shot dead by the British Army on the streets of Belfast.

Stephen Mc Conomy was murdered by the brave British Army on 16th April 1982. He was only a child of 11-years-old.
This is how they left him, shot in the head with plastic bullets. Left fighting for his life but found to be brain dead. He died in a short time later.
This is a picture of the plastic bullet that was fired at the 11-year-old. By the Brave British Soldiers.
A plaque erected in his memory to remember young Stephen Mc Conomy. Murdered by British Soldiers.
Stephen Mc Conomy murdered 16th April 1982.

With many thanks to: Gary Donnelly.

Mental healh prisoner in Maghaberry Prison blinds himself

Man (22) tries to gouge out own eyes

A PRISONER blinded himself by gouging his eyes out in a prison cell when he was meant to be on suicide watch, his family have claimed.


Sean Lynch (22), who also cut his own throat and tried to castrate himself in sdesperate incidents days earlier, is now being detainedvisita mental health facility. SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has pledged to take up the case after hearing how the Derry man mutilated himself while supposedly under 24-hour watch. Mr Durkan said he will raise the matter with the Department of Justice. The incidents occurred over a period of three days at Maghaberry (hell hole) of a Prison. Mr Lynch, who was a promisng footballing talent, is now under specialist care at Derry’s Gransha psychiatric hospital. Relatives said he had struggled to cope with prison life after being sent to the Co Antrim jail for breaching bail conditions linked to charges he faced for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. His uncle Liam Lynch said: “Sean cut his throat and wrists two weeks ago and was taken to Craigavon hospital. “After he was treated the doctors released him back into the care and custody of the prison warders when they assured him that Sean would have immediate access to psychiatric care. “But when they took him back to Maghaberry he was put into a normal cell on suicide watch.” Mr Lynch said his nephew was put in a cell where he had access to glass and used it on himself in an attempt to castrate himself. He was taken back to Craigavon Area Hospital but again was discharged back into the hands of prison athoritority’s. “It’s incredible but he was again put into an ordinary cell and on the third night his father got a call at 4.30am to go to the Royal,” his uncle said. “Sean had put hdurinf gers in behind his eyes and tried to gouge them out. He’s now completely blind and the consultant said it will be a miracle if he ever sees again.”

After a legal wrangle during which it emerged that Mr Lynch’s girlfriend had withdrawn her complaint, doctors at Gransha overruled police and accepted him as a patient last Friday. Mr Lynch’s father Damian – who claimed he was told he would have to apply for permission from prison authorities before he could visit his son in hospital – said: “The system didn’t look after him. “I was promised this and that now I have a son who is blind for life. “Someone has to answer questions.” Mr Lynch’s mother Terry said: “He will never again be left on his own. “He will need 24-7 attention and the family will be affected.” Independand Derry councillor Gary Donnelly, who has been helping the family, said everyone involved in Mr Lynch’s care leading up to the incident “should be suspendeded pending an investigation”. Mr Donnelly, a leading dissident republican who received the highest number of votes to the new Derry city council and who also served time in Maghaberry Prison, said he will report the matter to the Red Cross. “I am not shocked because I have been in there and there is a lack of compassion and humanity,” he said. Mr Donnelly said prison authorities never fulful their duty of care to look after prisoners. Last night the prison service said it cannot comment on individual cases.

With many thanks to: Seamus McKinney and Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.



Derry Sceal

Gary McDaid finds himself placed in a criminal wing in Maghaberry gaol, deliberately isolated by the British crown, suffering numerous clandestine incursions by British MI5 in collusion with the RUC/PSNI and the MagHaberry regime.

Gary was rammed off his motorbike by crown forces, arrested and taken to Antrim interrogation centre where he was questioned by British state forces having already suffered trial by media.

Since his arrest he has been targeted no less than 5 times by British MI5 agents. The majority of these approaches occurred whilst he was in police custody at Antrim Serious Crime Suite and occurred in the absence of his nominated legal representatives.

The agents of the British state have been able to gain free access to his cell at any given time. They demonstrated an ability to have him returned to Strand road barracks in Derry to face supposed questioning over a quite separate offence but soon became quite apparent that they had no real questions to put to him with regard to this. His removal to Strand road was simply another blatant attempt to enable mi5 agents to have another go at him, offering him a deal to turn informer under a SOCPA Agreement.

The British appeared to have identified Gary as a vulnerable individual and placed him in a cell in Maghaberry on a criminal wing where Loyalists appear to have free reign to bang on his cell, shouting threats and such like, with constant intimidation an ever present.

He had immediately asked to be placed into the Republican wing on Roe 4 and at first was told by the Governor that this shouldn’t be a problem until it was stated to him some time later that there was information that he was under threat from Republican prisoners on the wing.

This was quickly identified as a non existent threat and merely another manipulated ploy by the British state to give them more time to inflict more mental torture,

Fearing for his safety following Loyalist threats within Bann house, he has been forced to undergo a dirty protest as he feared attack during mealtimes and now takes his meals in his cell. The British regime recognise that the only threat he faces is from the Loyalist remand prisoners and are using it as more leverage in targeting Gary for their ongoing psychological torture.

He has been put under considerable threat by MI5 agents who appear to have the run of the gaol, Antrim serious crime suite and Strand road barracks. He has been told that they will make him look like an informant whilst also making reference to his children.

The ease of which MI5 could gain access to a remand prisoner in the absence of legal representation, putting him in fear of his life should be ringing alarm bells everywhere following the death of Republican John Brady which took place in Strand road barracks, Derry, under extremely dubious circumstances in October 2009.

Gary Mc Daid is suffering daily as a result of a a British strategy of enforced isolation whilst enduring blackmail and threats out of sight of legal representation.

They appear to think they have recognised an emotional vulnerability and are determined to enforce their psychological torture with complete disregard to the Human rights of a remand prisoner.

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty does not come into the equation where remand prisoners are thought to be Republican minded.

The ongoing psychological torture of Gary McDaid is intolerable. All right thinking people who hold Human and civil rights to the fore need to oppose the ongoing and accelerated regression of these rights and demand an end to British torture both physical and psychological. —  with Seosamh O Bradaigh, Dublin Cumann, Seán MacDiarmada Ard Eoin, Cumann Sean MacEachaidh, Andrew Rae, Josephine Canning, Joe Last, Gary Donnelly, Angela Nelson, Belfast Cumann, Peter Corbett, Irpwa Ireland, Mandy Duffy, Gráinne McCreesh, Sean O’neill, Roisin Kane, Anthony Lancaster, Listen Here, Alan Lundy, Ciaran Boyle, Alicia Mackey, Joe Barr, Aine Mclaughlin, Paddy Browne, Antaine Mac Dhomhnaill, Alec Mc Crory, Vol Brendan Hughes Rfb, Aindriú Mac Giolla Phádraig, Armagh Cumann, Megan Donnelly, Ian O Kelly, Gráinne NíRaois, Dee Fennell, Irpwa Derry, Irpwa Galway, Cork Irpwa, SouthDerry NorthAntrim Irpwa, Braeden James O’Hara, Peter Fitzsimons, Michilín Mhíc Fheargail, Daniel Doherty, Kellie Donnelly Ramsey, Gareth Cullen, Kevin Collins, John Doherty, Seachranaidhe Irishandproud, Sean Cahill, Plunkett Devlin and Pigy Mc Cartan

Oppose MI5/RUC Collusion · 28 May ·



A LAWYER for Marian Price last night said a new legal bid was being prepared to free her. Kevin Winters claimed the case against her over the Derry parade was ” a central plank ” in the decision to revoke her life licence. ” One year later we are told today that the charge has been withdrawn,” he said.

” This raises serious doubts on the credibility of the reasons to revoke her licence, and we intend to revisit this through the courts. ” The timing of this is significant given Marians deteriorating health.”
SDLP assembly member Pat Ramsey also said that as the Derry case was the ” trigger” for Price to be sent back to Prison, she should now be released from Hydebank Wood detention centre to a hospital fo treatment.” We believe that Marian Price is being held unjustifiably,” he said. ” It is clear she is both physically and mentally unwell. ” The women is almost 60 – years – old and is of no threat to anyone.”
Carl Reilly of Republican Network For Unity said she should be released immediately. ” The fact that Marian was unable to even attend court due to ill health shows that she is no threat to anyone.”
Gary Donnelly of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement also said there was now no reason for her continued detention.
Sinn Fein assembly member Jennifer McCann said the ” Continuing imprisonment of Marian Price is unacceptable”.
” Yet again Marian Price was deemed too unwell to appear in court, ” she said. ” It is obvious she is a threat to no-one and continuing to keep her in Prison is wrong.

RIRA plan for more violence

RIRA plan for more violence

A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday's 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM71A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday’s 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM7

A masked member of the Real IRA has vowed that the organisation will continue its campaign of violent attacks in the city.

The masked man appeared at an Easter Rising commemoration in the City Cemetery yesterday organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and read a statement from “the leadership of Óglaigh na h’Éireann”.

The man, dressed in a dark raincoat and black balaclava, appeared from the crowd towards the end of the commemoration to the applause of the several hundred people in attendance.

“The IRA will continue to attack Crown force personnel and their installations as well as British interests and infrastructure,” he said.

The masked man also said the Real IRA would work with other dissident republican groups.

“Republican unity remains a key objective and we will work closely with other organisations.

“Continued divisions within republicanism only serve the interests of our enemies,” he said.

The masked man also claimed there is only one IRA.

“The challenge for republicans remains the removal of the British presence and violation of our sovereignty. The Irish Republican Army will continue to challenge this violation.

“There is only Irish Republican Army and it is present in this cemetery today,” he said.

His speech was greeted with loud applause and cheering from the crowd.

Prominent Derry republican Gary Donnelly also spoke at the commemoration on behalf of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) and said that there is no constitutional path to a united Ireland.

Republicans stand here today continuing to defy those who demand submission,” he said.

Mr Donnelly also said; “The 32CSm challenge those who defend these servants of the crown to explain what argument exists that defends the rights of the PSNI to harass children and suppress the republican message.”

In an apparent reference to Sinn Féin, the leading republican also said; “Republicans cannot and will not engage with the institutions of partition and those who do have no right to claim the label of republican. The unavoidable conclusion reached when looking at former comrades at Stormont is that there is simply no constitution path to a United Ireland,” he said.

In a departure from previous years, the ‘colour party’ was not masked and wore white shirts and black ties as opposed to paramilitary uniform.


WITH MANY THANKS TO :  Derry Journal

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