Chief Constable Snubs Massacre Families and Withholds Evidence

The Afghanistan/Iraqi war was illigal it is not fought in my name. ‘Free The Truth’

Murder is Murder is Murder (in the words of former Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher (The Iron Lady)

16 years this year since the start of Britain’s war on Afghanistan.

A memorial was unveiled in London this year portraying British soldiers as liberators

Earlier this year it was also reported in the British press that there was a “rogue SAS unit” that has been executing Afghani civilians. The SAS is a legalised death squash and murder is their business.

In 2017, Britain continues their war on Afghanistan. You wouldn’t think so if you listened to British press who rarely mention any of the wars Britian is currently engaging in.

with many thanks to: Crimes of Britain. 


Margaret Gargan 13 years, Westrock Drive, Ballymurphy, west Belfast, shot dead on 9 July 1972, by members of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment. Soldiers …
Justice for the Ballymurphy 11
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