Photo’s of the Saoradh Easter Commemoration 2017 at Free Derry Corner. 

Privileged to have marched with thousands of revolutionary republicans today in Derry. A fantastic turnout for Saoradh with an impressive colour party leading the march. Several bands and thousands of republicans made their way to the city cemetery to pay their respects to Ireland’s fallen. The main oration was delivered by Paul Duffy at the Republican plot outlining Saoradh’s revolutionary position. This evening we will show support for republican prisoners at the IRPWA function.

With many thanks to: Stephen Murney.



Derry Doire


Father-of-seven Henry Duffy from the Creggan area of Derry was killed after being hit in the head and chest at point-blank range by plastic bullets fired by soldiers on May 22 1981.

His death came during serious rioting throughout the Bogside following the death of Derry hunger striker Patsy O’Hara.

There is no existing photo of Harry. RIP




Bogside Artists Derry



The picture below shows about as much as anyone will see of the Civil Rights mural – one of the most famous murals in the entire gallery and a favourite to a great many. It captures the character and nature of the first marches for civil rights way back in 1998.

The Free Derry Museum considered by us a Sinn Fein bunker, irrespective of what other presences may be on it, intend to build a ramp across it as part of their much-planned, much-funded redesign. The museum as an entity is held in very high esteem because of its association with Bloody Sunday. All the more reason why this particular abuse of that universal esteem and the tragedy it is built upon cannot but be condemned by all of us.

We were not consulted about the ramp. We phoned Brennnan’s Architectural firm about the lunacy and got “George” on the line who informed us they were “not building a new ramp but only reconfiguring an old one.” We asked him if the ramp was going across the mural. He said “it wouldn’t touch the mural”. George’s spiel we took to be a word game so familiar to us as characteristic of Sinn Fein conmanship.

We were told by a friend that an artist’s impression of the ramp show it clearly cutting across the mural rendering it virtually invisible. The fact that it doesn’t “touch” the mural hardly lessens the intended vandalism on what is a prized treasure to the community if not the free world.

And if it doesn’t touch the mural you can bet all you have on the probability that it will be placed near enough to it to prevent us putting scaffolding in front of it in order to restore it.

George said the design had been published and was common knowledge. In actual fact, planning permission was granted (by whom?) on February 3rd. Few we talked to could recall ever having seen it.

We have responded in plenty of time therefore but scour the net as we did for hours we could find no picture of said design. However we did find evidence that once upon a time there had been a picture of it in The Derry Journal. We found the page but there was no picture, its mysterious absence making nonsense of most of the text based around it.

Here is the link (

According to Adrian Kerr manager of Free Derry Museum the local community are behind this preposterous madness to a man. This is a lie of course. Only those outside of the Intensive Care Unit of Gransha and a small coterie of morally redundant Shinners could possibly ever support such a blatant act of vandalism. No right thinking man ever could. And only a fool could fail to see what it is really about…. destroying The People’s Gallery.

Vinny Coyle whose late father is rightly known as the “Chief Steward of the Civil Rights Movement” has this to say:….

“Nobody is wiping my dad out of history or all the other men and women depicted in the mural who fought a long struggle for human rights. I will shackle myself to the railings if need be and so will my family and a thousand others.”

Our response?.. “We are with Vinny Coyle. What is the alternative?

And why are we being pushed into combating this sort of horror over and over again? Have all the people of the Bogside been turned into sheep that they would stand back and let such a crime against them and their history take place before their eyes and bear the insult into the bargain by being told to their faces that they had actually agreed to it?

What seems to be the working method of the Shinners these days is that a few of them rendezvous at Pilot’s Row for a chin-wag and then they announce through their propaganda machine next day that a “community meeting took place in the Bogside and this was agreed and that decided and this approved of etc, etc, blah, blah, blah…” when nothing of the sort actually took place. There was no cross section of the community present at any such meeting NOR WAS ANY EXPECTED. Times and publicity concerning such meetings are constructed in such a way as to guarantee a majority of Shinners being present. Now you see them, now you don’t.

The ramp has been thought up to destroy the unity of the gallery and serves no other purpose. Be very clear about that.

Also, we may remind Mr. Kerr that museums the world over exist to serve history and art; NOT to destroy them. The Mona Lisa was not painted for the Louvre. The Louvre was built to house the Mona Lisa.

You would think a manager of a museum would have some grasp of that simple concept but not so Mr. Kerr who is to museum curatorship apparently what a blind man is to taxi driving. If he were even qualified for the post he might have something to argue in his defense. But, he isn’t. And really, this sort of thing cannot be defended anyway.

What we have here is premeditated diabolical vandalism accompanied by contemptible deception of, and disrespect for the entire community of the Bogside.


National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2012

    • Sunday, 5 August 2012
    • 14:00 until 18:00
  • Dungiven Co. Derry
  • Join us for the 31st annual Hunger Strike Commemorative march and rally which takes place this year in Dungiven Co. Derry at 2PM. Main speaker Michelle O’Neill MLA.


POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2012

Derry to rally this Saturday for Marian Price’s release at Free Derry Corner

Dear All

This Saturday there will be a few activities at Free Derry corner to highlight the ongoing internment and torture of Marian Price. At 7pm there will be a rally. The rally will be addressed by ex-prisoners, ex-internees and Marian’s husband Jerry McGlinchey who will give an update on her situation. At present Marian’s health is deteriorating rapidly and is causing her family major concern. Today two health care professionals appointed by the United Nations will visit Marian to assess the damage caused by one year of isolation.

Please share and be there in solidarity with Marian and her family.



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