Ulster Veneer Force (#UVF) and the #UDA have joined forces they must be sharing the same dental surgery’s

Councillor calls for NI offensive law change over UVF and Parachute Regiment flags on sale


‘OPEN YOUR EYES’: Are loyalist paramilitaries mainly the UVF to blame for flooding the streets of Belfast with their drugs?.


The real face of the UVF: Sinister mob gathers to try to drive family out over row between teen girls – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk


Man arrested and suspected cocaine, cash and drugs paraphernalia seized following East Belfast UVF raid.


REJECTED | UVF suspect fails in bail bid after admitting having two kilos of cocaine for distribution.


‘Man charged with drug offences as part of investigation linked to the East Belfast UVF criminality but still no charges with membership of a proscribed organisation.’.


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