Friends Of Irish Freedom Inc.

FOIF has been under a siege of attacks by a group of ppl claiming to be Republicans. They threatened FOIF in October & November 2010. This is the same group of thugs that took sealed envelopes for POW families and opened them and removed money raised in the USA. They began an attack on FOIF 48 hrs ago on the FREE MICHAEL CAMPBELL fb pg. Many ppl saw it. When we decided to NAME & SHAME they suddenly deleted their crude posts.FOIF will not tolerate ruthless attacks and slander made by thugs pretending to be Republicans. Our record stands on it’s own merits. We have been around a lot longer than these phonies. One can only conclude they are doing the work of Ireland’s enemy. End statement.

A MESSAGE FROM F.O.I.F. ( Friends Of Irish Freedom )

THIS NEW YEAR’S EVE…. we, in FOIF, renew our commitment to Irish Political Prisoners & their Dependents and to the Cause of a united, independent Ireland free of all and any British interference, oppression, & influence.
While even a few Irish Republicans breath…. there is hope of achieving the dream of Rossa, Devoy, Clarke, Pearse, O’Connor, Plant, Williams, Barnes, Stagg, Sands, Farrell, Lynagh, Brady and all who gave their lives for Ireland’s sake.

Portrait of Irish nationalist political activi...

What will YOU do in the coming year to help? Become an Irish Activist, follow in the steps of past Irish Republicans. They are the beacon for us….

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