Remembering with pride & honor Mara Meehan and Dorothy two sisters, executed by the so-called (brave British army) then the Brits laied to cover their backs (cowdly British Bastards) #JusticeForTheSisters.

A few pictures of a few memories shared in Ireland and New York, the first is from Patti and myself added to the friends of Irish freedom collection of republican memorabilia, the ballymurphy memorial wall with an Honour to the hunger strikers and unveiled by my childhood friend and blanketmen Ginger mccoubrey,I tagged Peter Kavanagh rip for the same reason as he was both a friend and blanketmen himself, crip mcwilliams passed on before I could friend him but also a dear childhood friend and cellmate in the crum as was jonjo oreillly,next is the two pictures of Maura and Dorothy placed at the antriom memorial plot where both lie,with two Easter lilies placed in my name by my sister Margaret Kennedy who humbled me by this kind gesture,all credit is hers and paid back by two tears rolling down my cheek I take as a sign from heaven,last but not least is the program from the event I attended where Cathleen O’Brien introduced the dais invited guests then added details to a packed house in Gaelic park stadium in the Bronx highlighting details of this travesty of justice,the day ended by a preist who introduced himself and gave me his card,he will be attending an ancient order of Hibernians and wishes to mention this case and hopefully share nationwide throughout the states,I might sign up to stay aware of any local events that could possibly demand truth recovery for the Meehan and Maguire combined family and friends walking a similar path.

With many thanks to: Geard Meehan – Friends of Mara & Dorothy.

Éamonn Ceannt – In His Own Words

Executed in Kilmainhan Jail: Éamonn Ceannt, Con Colbert, Seán Houston and Michael Mallin.

“I leave for the guidance of other revolutionaries, who may thread the path which I have trod, this advice, never treat with the enemy, never surrender to his mercy, but fight to a finish”. With thanks: Éamonn Ceannt.

Executed 8th May 1916, over 100 years ago in Kilmainham Jail along with Con Colbert, Seán Houston and Michael Mallin.

With many thanks to: James Connolly Association Australia.

‘King Rat’ – Billy wright executed by the INLA

Billy Wright was a vicious, sectarian killer & murdering bastard who killed people because of their religion, he and his splinter group the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF), were responsible for countless senseless deaths of Catholics, God bless Crip McWilliams and the bold INLA lads who wiped out this piece of human shit.

With many thanks to: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis – Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte na hÉireann.

The Sworn Statement of Kevin Geard Barry, 28th October 1920.

I, Kevin Barry, of 58 South Circular Road, in the County of Dublin, Medical Student, aged 18 years and upwards solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

Kevin Gerard Barry 20/01/1902 - Executed 01/11/1920. Fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann - RIP!/story.php?story_fbid=921832224573005&id=100002387094442

With many thanks to: Thomas Harte Cumann, Republican Sinn Féin Co Armagh:

Kevin Barry by Countess Markievicz – POLISH: Markiewicz – Founder of – Na Fianna Éireann, 1909.

We knelt at Mass with sobbing heart
Cold in the dawn of day.
The dawn for us, for him the night,
Who was so young and gay.

Stained glass window commemorating Kevin Barry.!/story.php?story_fbid=926004690820841&id=596485443772769

76-years after its original installation in Earlsfort Terrace, a stained glass window commemorating the life of Kevin Barry, an IRA Volunteer who was executed by the British Army during the War of Independence, has been unveiled in its new location on the UCD Belfield Campus.

For more information on Kevin Barry please click on the link below:

For more information on Countess Markievicz click on the link below:

Countess Markievicz - POLISH: Markiewicz.

With many thanks to: Ireland Long Held in Chains Stair agus Cultûr na hÉireann.

Remembering today Oglach Kevin Barry, born 20th January 1902. Executed on this day 1st November, 1920 in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin.


Kevin Barry was 18-years-old when he was hanged in Mountjoy Jail on November 1st 1920.

Kevin Barry, 1902-1920 - Executed by British armed forces 1920.!/story.php?story_fbid=925033197584657&id=596485443772769


Watch the video below and have a listen to the song:

With many thanks to: Ireland Long Held in Chains Stair agus Cultûr na hÉireann:



On this day, October 14th 2001 – The remains of Ten Republican Martyrs, executed by the British during “The Black and Tan War”, were removed from Mountjoy Prison and reburied with full military honours in Glasnevin Cemetary.

“The Forgotten Ten” (O’Glacain) – Irish Brigade


I wrote a letter yesterday to Prime Minister David Cameron about Saudi protester – Jeremy Corbyn

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