Novel Extract – Brexit Explained

The EU wanted to cease the ongoing austerity measures and food banks in the UK by ending the massive tax-avoiding practices and Tory aspirations of turning the UK into a major global tax haven, but prominent Brexiteers managed to protect the sovereignty of our wealthy tax-dodgers by deceiving the British people into voting to leave the EU!

Novel Extract – Brexit Explained

UK responds to EU legal action over NI Protocol – but does not budge.

The Brexit exodus of EU workers has left the UK with a ‘cost of leaving’ crisis

Scotland, Wales and the North of Ireland have refused to give consent to Brexit – but Westminster isn’t listening!!!

‘NI Protocol: UK has given itself extra time to respond to legal action launched by the EU’.


Plans by the British Government to rip up the NIProtocol Bill is ‘illegal and unrealistic’, EU envoy warns | Politics News | Sky News

Want to see how a coalition for Irish unity is built? Follow the second preferences – Irish Border Poll

‘Guardian View on overriding the Brexit treaty: a national disgrace ‘.

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