Stormontgate food waste ‘scandalous’ !!!

’66 tonnes thrown out in three years’.

2010 (Sept-Dec) 11,800kg

2011         24,476kg

2012         18,497kg

2013(Jan-Sept)    11,912kg

Total =                   66,685kg

 STORMONT is throwing away more than a tonnes of unused food every month. The assembly has thrown out over 66 tonnes of uneaten food over the past three years, figures obtained by The Irish News can reveal.


Stormont was provided with more than £165,000 worth of food during 2013, according to figures obtained by The Irish News Through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. It started recording its food waste in August 2010, with an average of 1,750kg of uneaten food being disposed of by parliament buildings and the wider Stormont Estate on average since then. In a FOI rresponds the assembly said its current waste management contractor was “not commissioned to recycle food waste” but was “committed to do so”. However, it said commercially produced food waste is recycled. Earlier this year The Irish News revealed hungry MLAs have munched their way through more than £180,000 worth of refreshments at assembly committee meetings over the past six years.

Stormonts committee meetings are supplied with trays of tasty snacks, from tea and coffee to sandwiches and variates of biscuits. In October Tesco sparked a food waste debate after the supermarket giant revealed it had thrown away 28,500 tonnes of food in the first six months of 2013. Mr Agnew said food waste was a major environmental problem which if tackled would be the equivalent of taking one in four cars off the road. “While there has been a reduction in the level of food wasted at the assembly over the last couple of years, the fact that so much food is still being thrown away certainly doesn’t set a good example or leave a good impression with the public,” he said. “We need a similar law to the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act in place in the USA to enable organisations to donate excess food without the threat of liability.” A spokesman for the assembly said: “The assembly endeavours to ensure that food waste from all its outlets is minimised.”

With many thanks to: Brendan HughesThe Irish News.

Tell KFC to stop destroying rainforests

KFC: no good for rainforests

Hi there

A couple of days ago I wrote to you asking you to join the revolt to change KFC’s secret recipe for destruction. As it turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

So far, more than 28,000 people have joined the revolt to tell KFC to stop trashing the rainforest.  Check out all the revolting characters that have been created so far.

Now, you can help add the pressure on KFC by joining the revolt! Sign up now and create your own revolting character to tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is ‘no good’.

Time is running out for the Sumatran tigers so let’s make sure that KFC hear our message loud and clear!

Franziska Grobke
Greenpeace UK

Original email

Hi there,

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help protect Indonesia‘s rainforests – it’s really making a difference. Now I need to ask for your help again.

Guess what? KFC’s secret recipe is out of the bucket. It turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

But a revolt is in the air and we need thousands of people like you to join it! You’ve done it before: as a result of your pressure, Mattel, Lego and Danone were just a few of the many companies that ruled out supplies from APP. Let’s make sure KFC is next!

KFC thinks turning the tigers’ home into trash is timber rippin’ good. There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild and they stand little chance of survival unless fast food companies like KFC stop boxing their food with rainforest packaging.

It’s tragic to think that our rapidly disappearing rainforests – which millions of rare plants and animals and thousands of forest-dwelling communities call home – could end up in rubbish bins or chucked in the street.

Help us tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is no good. Right now, people like you across the world are telling one of the world’s biggest fast food manufacturers that responsible companies don’t turn rainforests into trash.

Sign up now to design your own revolting packaging.

Tell KFC to change its secret recipe for destruction.

Thank you,

Greenpeace UK


I have received another email from Maureen re the issue of Maghaberry and Marian. She brought it back to the tanaiste here is her email.

Mary; I have below the latest reply on a Parliamentary Question I put in about human rights conditions of prisoners in Maghaberry and Hydepark. Best wishes, Maureen.

102. Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade the steps he and his Department have taken, and are taking, in addressing the human rights conditions of prisoners in Maghaberry Prison, County Antrim, including the human rights of the prisoner who has been moved to Hydebank Prison. [25423/12]

Deputy Eamon Gilmore: The issue of prisons within Northern Ireland is a devolved matter related to the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Prison Service. Arising from the Hillsborough Agreement of February 2010, Dame Ann Owers and the prison review team undertook a review of the prison system. In October 2011 their report made 40 recommendations on prison reform in Northern Ireland. The Minister for Justice, Mr. David Ford, MLA, has underlined his commitment to full implementation of the recommendations and has described the prison reform process as “unstoppable”. I had an opportunity to discuss the reform process with him at our most recent meeting on 20 April.
Implementation of the Owers report remains the most effective way to ensure that prison conditions in Northern Ireland meet the required standard. The Government will continue to raise concerns regarding the circumstances of conditions of detention of Irish citizens as appropriate.
Concerns have been raised about the circumstances of this prisoner’s detention, both in this House and directly with me by human rights organisations. The prisoner’s defence team maintain that as she was granted a royal prerogative of mercy, the terms of the licence do not apply. I discussed this issue with Secretary of State Paterson on 27 April. I have been advised that the parole commissioners considered the terms of the royal prerogative of mercy after receiving submissions on behalf of the prisoner and the Secretary of State and had ruled that “the life sentences were not in fact remitted by the royal prerogative of mercy” and that the prisoner “remains subject to the life licence”. I understand that the case is currently under review.
Concerns surrounding the prisoner’s health led to the prisoner being moved to the medical wing of Hydebank Prison where I have been informed that medical and prison administration staff are making every effort to make the prisoner comfortable. I have been advised that a medical expert has requested an assessment visit and I have asked to be informed on the outcome of that visit. In the meantime my officials are in regular contact with the authorities in Northern Ireland, human rights NGOs and others close to this case.

Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan: The Tánaiste’s answer might have been acceptable except for the fact that these issues have been ongoing for some time.

They have been kicked to touch or from one person to another for far too long. In the meantime, the human rights issues have worsened, with solitary confinement, the denial of medical treatment, inadequate medical treatment and regular full body searches although scanners are supposed to be used. Elected representatives, human rights organisations and the Pat Finucane Centre have not received responses to their inquiries from the authorities in the North. Human rights regulations are being disregarded.
In January in response to a question I asked, the Minister for Justice and Equality stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade had been involved in negotiations the previous summer. This has been going on for almost a year and in the meantime the conditions for some of the prisoners have deteriorated. What other action can be taken? Action is required instead of phrases such as “we will continue to monitor it” and “we are in close consultation” before one of the prisoners dies.

Deputy Eamon Gilmore: As I stated, responsibility for prisons in Northern Ireland has been devolved to the Department of Justice under the remit of the Minister, Mr. Ford, MLA. Among the issues which arise is reform of the prison service in Northern Ireland. The Minister categorically stated to us he is implementing the recommendation of the Owers report and the process is unstoppable. We have raised the issues of human rights and the conditions of the prisoners in Maghaberry Prison, in particular the prisoner moved to Highbank Prison, with the Minister and the Secretary of State, Mr Paterson, MP. I have asked departmental officials to monitor the situation very closely and keep in touch with the Northern Ireland Office and the Department of Justice there and we will continue to do so.

Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan: The denial of medical treatment and the way in which medication has been withheld from one of the male prisoners are very serious issues. I am also aware of issues regarding the health of Marian Price. When is a royal prerogative not a royal prerogative? Is it when it suits the authorities in the North and in England? Mr. Owen Paterson, MP, has not been elected by anyone in the North and is not accountable to the electorate in the North, but he seems to be able to disregard human rights legislation and legal issues. We speak about human rights at meetings of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade and we take up the cases of prisoners in Bahrain, Iran and China. Yet, this is happening up the road and is an urgent matter because one of the prisoners will die.

Deputy Eamon Gilmore: Responsibility for prisons has been devolved to the Northern Ireland Administration under the aegis of the Department of Justice. With regard to the royal prerogative, three sentences were handed down to Marian Price; she was sentenced to two life sentences and one sentence of 20 years. My information is that the royal prerogative applied to the 20 year sentence and the life sentences were covered by a life licence which may be withdrawn, which is what happened in this case. I share the Deputy’s immediate concern about Ms Price’s medical condition and health and about the conditions under which she and other prisoners are detained. I wish to make clear we have raised these issues with the Northern Ireland Department of Justice and the Secretary of State and we will continue to do so at political and official level.


What will Brazil’s President Dilma do?

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Amazon Watch

What will Brazil's President Dilma do?

Dear Kevin,

The Brazilian Congress has just passed catastrophic changes to its Forest Code that could spur Amazon destruction on a massive scale.

Dilma‘s environmental legacy – and the fate of the Amazon forest – could be sealed in coming days. She has the power to veto these changes, but time is running out.

With the world’s largest environmental summit being hosted in Brazil in just a few weeks, she can’t afford to look the world in the eyes as the leader who approved the slashing of environmental protections and rainforest destruction.

TELL DILMA to do the right thing before it’s too late!

Amazon Watch is supporting a huge international petition drive led by our friends at Greenpeace and Avaaz. Already there are over two million signers and the delivery is happening right now. Let’s turn the heat up on Dilma before she makes her final decision tomorrow!

Won’t you add your voice?

Take action now, tell President Dilma to veto the new Forest Code before it’s too late.

For the Amazon,

Christian Poirier
Christian Poirier
Brazil Program Coordinator

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2-yr-old Girl Waits Decision / Come to DC in July; Add Your Voice

Dear Kevin


Come with CAICW, ‘Save Veronica,’ and others to Washington DC, July 11-13, 2012
We are gathering in DC in July – Come Add Your Voice to the Call to Protect Children from
• To protect the individual rights of Indian children and their families
• To ensure they maintain the right to a safe, supportive and stable family
• To request support for appropriate amendments to the ICWA
While said to have been established with good intentions, the ICWA has frequently hurt families and their children of Native American heritage. Federal dollars are being used to support adherence to this law; however in many cases, the law is destroying loving, stable families.
Though proponents of ICWA argue that the act has safeguards to prevent misuse, numerous multi-racial children have been affected by it.  Children who have never been near a reservation nor involved in tribal customs have been removed from homes they love and placed with strangers chosen by Social Services.  Other children have been denied the security of stable home life in preference for a series of foster homes.
Issues of concern:
 — 1)  Equal opportunities for adoption, safety and stability are not always available to children of all heritages.
 — 2)  Some families, Indian and non-Indian, have felt threatened by tribal government.  Some have had to mortgage homes and endure lengthy legal processes to protect their children.
 — 3)  Some Children have been removed from safe, loving homes and placed into dangerous situations.
 — 4) The Constitutional right of parents to make life choices for their children, for children of Indian heritage to associate freely, and for children of Indian heritage to enjoy Equal Protection has in some cases been denied
Tentative Agenda
July 10-13
July 10 – Arrive in DC
7 p.m.
Welcome and Kick-Off Reception at the Capitol Hill Suites
Remind everyone of purpose of visit ~ Lobbying Skills 101 ~ Our message to Congress ~ Q&A time
July 11 – Advocacy and Education Day
9-11 a.m.
Raise Awareness on Capitol Hill
~ Visit Legislative Offices
~ Pass out invitations to the afternoon teach-in/luncheon
12 p.m.
~ Invite legislators and staffers
~  Speakers: Johnston Moore and Mark Fiddler
1-4 p.m.
Impact of the ICWA ‘Teach-in’
~ Speakers:
  • Mark Fiddler, nationally known attorney specializing in adoption, foster care and the ICWA. Mark resides in Minn. and is a member of the  Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.
  • Dr. William B. Allen, former Chair, US Commission On Civil Rights (1989), Emeritus ProfessorPolitical Science MSU
  • Johnston Moore, national speaker, adoptive and foster care father, and advocate about adoption and foster care. He has personally battled ICWA and can speak from personal experience regarding his two sons.   
~ Have families share their stories
July 12 – Lobby Day for Amendments
Participants meet one-on-one with members of Congress.
July 13 – Lobby Day for Amendments
Participants meet one-on-one with members of Congress.
Accommodations will be at the Capitol Hill Suites in DC. They have provided us a rate of $199/night which for the location and quality is very good. Almost everything in DC that time of year is $249+. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the group name so you can make your reservation. These suites are large, comfortable, and have a kitchenette so you don’t have to eat out every meal. They are just two blocks from the Capitol.
PLEASE HELP with expenses for the DC trip – DONATE NOW
2- Year-Old Veronica, a Latino child with less than 2% Cherokee ancestry, was removed from the only home she ever knew soley due to the Indian Child Welfare Act. Had South Carolina law been applied in this custody case, the petitioners would have had no standing.

We have never seen this kind of reaction before. THOUSANDS have joined Veronica’s facebook page and signed the petition. We have been called by news media and contacted by Congressional offices. This might be the time for change to happen –  JOIN US in the effort to save Veronica and children just like her!
     Two years ago Veronica’s Latina birth mother chose Matt and Melanie to love, nurture and raise her child. Matt was there to cut her cord, and Melanie stayed in a room at the hospital to begin nurturing her daughter from day one. To this day, Veronica’s birth mother remains committed to her decision and Veronica has been a thriving child residing in a stable, nurturing environment.
 On or around Jan. 4, 2010, the birth father signed papers agreeing to give up his daughter. However, he later changed his mind and because he had a small amount of Cherokee heritage, the Cherokee Nation intervened in the adoption proceedings and argued that this happy, healthy two-year-old be transferred to her birth father. Because of the ICWA, a family court judge ruled in his favor.
     The ruling placed the wishes of the birth father and tribe above the best interests of this small child. Child-bonding experts agree that removing her from her home and family is devastating and will have long-lasting consequences. Yet on Dec. 31, 2011, Veronica was handed over to her biological father as if a possession without rights—and with only two hours of “transition” time. She was placed in a car with literal strangers and taken hundreds of miles from her home.

CAICW, a national 501(c)3 organization, has been fighting to bring awareness of the ICWA since 2004.  Now, due to Veronica’s tragic story, the public has begun to pay attention and this organization’s years of fighting is gaining traction at a national level. Veronica’s case has caught the eyes of the media and lawmakers.

      On January 6, “Save Veronica” officially became an advocacy and awareness campaign of CAICW  – so that the efforts to save Veronica could fall under the auspice of a nonprofit org. This allows Veronica’s supporters to be protected under a legal entity and allows supporters to donate to the family’s legal defense fund for a tax deduction.
    100 percent of funds collected for the ‘Save Veronica Fund’ go directly to the family’s legal defense fund.  (Ray Godwin, Esq., Capobianco Trust account).
     The Campaign has two goals:
1) Raise Necessary Funds for Veronica’s Appeal to State Supreme Court
2) Press in on Congress to make necessary legislative changes to ICWA
      According to the 2000 census, approximately 75% of people claiming to have American Indian ancestry live outside the reservation. Further, interracial marriages are a fact of life. It is must be recognized that most children of heritage live off the reservation and have extended family that are non-tribal. This is a politcial issue – not a racial issue.
      The Cherokee Nation alone is currently tied up in about 1,100 active ICWA cases involving some 1,500 children.
      The Cherokee Nation, in particular, is known for targeting children of minimal heritage. CAICW has worked with families in the past with heritages of less than 5% – some children being 98% or more NON-tribal.  How many of the 1500 children currently under the crosshairs of the 115 Cherokee Nation attorneys are just like Veronica – children of minimal heritage living in happy, healthy homes?  How many are children of more substantial heritage living in happy, healthy homes?
      My husband chose to raise his children apart from the current destructive culture on his home reservation.  How many of the 1500 targeted by the Cherokee Nation are children living exactly where their parents and/or extended family have placed them and want them to live?  What is the purpose of ICWA?
     Lastly, those 1500 children and 115 attorneys are for just one tribal government. There are 500+ tribal governments.  Some have been responsible in their use of ICWA, other have not. How many children, total, are currently threatened?
     While we want more than anything for Veronica to be allowed to come home, Congressmen are unable to interfere in court proceedings.   Please Contact your Congressmen and ask them to CHANGE THE ICWA Law.

Please ask them as an elected representative to:

1)      Do whatever possible to protect Veronica’s rights.
2)      Speak out on this issue and let your constituents know clearly where you stand
3)      Sponsor legislative changes that will prevent this from happening to any more children.
4)      Encourage fellow Congressmen to support the amending of the Indian Child Welfare Act:
A.     Guarantee protection for children of Native American heritage equal to that of any other child in the U.S.
B.     Guarantee that fit parents, no matter their heritage, have the right to choose healthy guardians or adoptive parents for their children without concern for heritage.
C.     Recognize the “Existing Indian Family Doctrine” as a viable analysis for consideration and application in child custody proceedings. (See In re Santos Y, In Bridget R., and In re Alexandria Y.)
D.     Guarantee that U.S. citizens, no matter their heritage, have a right to fair trials.
E.      Include well defined protections for Adoptive Parents.
F.      Mandate that a “Qualified expert witness” be someone who has professional knowledge of the child and family and is able to advocate for the well being of the child, first and foremost.
G.     Mandate that only parents and/or legal custodians have the right to enroll a child into an Indian Tribe. Because it is claimed that tribal membership is a political rather than racial designation, we are asking that parents, as U.S. citizens, be given the sole, constitutional right to choose political affiliation for their families and not have it forced upon them.
– Remove the words “or are eligible for membership in” 1901 (3)
– Remove the words “eligible for membership in” from 1903 (4) (b), the definition of an ‘Indian child’ and replace with the words “an enrolled member of”
PLEASE HELP with expenses for the DC trip – DONATE NOW


“Save Veronica” – Music Video by LedbyRain
“Our Life with James” – The tragic experience of James and Deb Belford
Concluding remarks from Dr. William Allen, Emeritus Professor, Political Science, MSU, and former Chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
~ Volunteers Embraced!!!  ~  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!! ~
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Make a generous donation of $20 and recieve this “gift of giving.”
You’ll save up to 50% at 100,000 merchants nationwide!
Participating merchants include Walmart, Macy’s, iTunes, Gamestop, Lego, Chuck E Cheese’s, AMC Theaters, FinishLine, Advanced Auto Parts, Marriott, Petsmart, Southwest Airlines, KFC, Home Depot, Budget Rental, Best Buy, and Office Depot – and many, many more! See the Samaritan Saver Website for more details.
100% of these Samaritan Saver Donations will go toward Washington DC expenses
To Donate to the DC expenses and purchase a card, please contact us at
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CAICW, 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry as well as family advocacy, is the ONLY national org advocating for families who have lost or risk losing children due to the Indian Child Welfare Act. 


CAICW Home Website: —
CAICW Facebook ‘Page’: —




 Identifying the British regiments that removed Irelands food. They were deployed only where local resistence proved too much for the carbine toting British Constabulary and Militia.



We are now in the midst of Autism Awareness Month 2012 and it’s great to see so much more awareness happening around the world than previous years. 
Our brand new website has now been launched and we invite you to ‘color your world for autism‘ by registering to celebrate Autism Rainbow Day on Friday 27th April no matter where you live in the world.

Register at our website as an individual, family, group of friends, educational organisation, social group or organisation/business. Download our free resources which include an Autism Rainbow Day poster, awareness sheet and lots of fun activities and resources to be used on the day.

On Autism Rainbow Day:

· Join our global celebration and help raise awareness
· Display our Autism Rainbow Day poster
· Share our Autism Awareness Sheet
· Wear your favourite color of the rainbow
· Share a colorful morning tea
· Involve children in our fun activities

Tomorrow, Monday 9th April, is really exciting as I will be the guest on the online New Generation Radio Show by Naturally Autistic (R) ANCA (R) discussing Autism Rainbow Day. Tune in at 10am Queensland Australia Time or listen to the show later. Click on this link….

Please help our autism awareness cause by inviting your FB friends to join our global awareness campaign.

Have a very colorful Autism Awareness Month 2012.


Allison Dix,
Autism Rainbow Day

NHS reforms: GPs losing faith, BBC poll suggests

GPs are taking charge of the majority of the NHS budget under the reforms

The number of GPs who believe that the government’s health reforms in England will improve patient care is falling, a BBC poll suggests.

Just 12% agreed that putting GP-led groups in charge of the budget would mean patients saw a “noticeable” improvement.

That figure was 23% when a similar poll was carried out in September 2010.

A majority of the 814 GPs polled also believed there would be more rationing of care because of financial pressures.

In total, 83% said there would be an increase in rationing in their area.

Ministers have cited the financial challenges facing the health service as one of the reasons they have pushed ahead with the changes in the face of mounting opposition.

While 12% of family doctors agreed that GP-led commissioning – the buying and planning of services on a local level – would improve care, some 55% said they disagreed and 33% said they did not know whether or not it would.

The polling also asked about another controversial aspect of the reforms – the role of the private sector.


Asked about the role of private companies in the NHS, 87% agreed the changes set out in the health bill would lead to them having a bigger role.

The King’s Fund, a health think tank, said the poll highlighted once again the challenge facing the government in carrying the NHS with it as it implemented the health reforms.

“GPs will be in the vanguard of this – their commitment is essential for implementing clinical commissioning, the government’s big idea for ensuring that care meets the needs of patients,” said chief executive Chris Ham.

“The public will judge the government’s stewardship of the NHS on the basis of whether patient care improves, so ministers should be concerned that many GPs fear that care will get worse rather than better in the years ahead.”

Dr Laurence Buckman, chairman of the British Medical Association‘s GPs committee, said the findings came as no surprise and reflected what doctors had been telling them directly.

“Increasingly, GPs are worrying that they will be blamed for making the hard decisions that may need to be made in order to meet the £20bn savings target set by the government. The government needs to be much more upfront with the public about the scale of savings that need to be made and why.

“If those who will have to deliver the latest health reforms are unconvinced and reluctant, the government should take notice of what they say.”

April changes

In April next year the control of about £60bn of the NHS budget in England is due to pass to GP-led groups that will plan and buy most routine healthcare for their local community.

Continue reading the main story


Branwen Jeffreys Health correspondent, BBC News

More than anyone else in the NHS, GPs are central to the government’s plans for the NHS.

If you’re a patient in England, your surgery will have agreed to work with others in your area. From April 2013, these GP-led groups – 240 of them – will be taking control of £60bn of the NHS budget.

So what GPs think matters, because they’re essential to making this new system work.

This polling by ComRes suggests a deepening scepticism among GPs that putting them in charge will improve patient care.

Some believe they have been given too little power. Others are worried they’re taking over as the NHS faces the lowest growth in its budget since the 1950s.

They will be taking over at a time of unprecedented financial pressure. The latest government statistics suggest the NHS is currently managing to meet all waiting targets and has found the savings needed in the last financial year. The polling for the BBC suggests considerable anxiety about what lies ahead.

Almost half of the GPs, 49%, thought the NHS would not be able to go on meeting the 18-week target for routine treatments. Just 22% thought that it would be possible. A similar picture emerged for A&E departments, with 42% agreeing the NHS would need to close or downgrade some in the next five years.

The health secretary Andrew Lansley said the Health and Social Care Act would hand power to GPs, put patients at the heart of the NHS, and reduce needless bureaucracy.

“Of course, every important reform to the NHS, under whatever government, has had its critics from within the system. But putting GPs in leadership positions in the NHS will mean they can improve services for their entire local population. Patients want doctors to make decisions about their care, not managers, and that is what our reforms will deliver.”

Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow health secretary, said the findings were significant.

“Most GPs are clear that the NHS is going in the wrong direction and that the government’s changes will make it worse not better. These results echo the concerns Labour has consistently raised and flatly contradict the reassurances given by the prime minister to get his Bill through.”

The poll interviews were carried out by ComRes for the BBC between 21 and 30 March.


Restoration of Age Related Tax Allowances

Her Majesty's Treasury Logo


Restoration of Age Related Tax Allowances

Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

In the 2012 Budget the Government froze Old Age Pensioners Age Related Tax Allowances and cancelled them for those turning 65 after 5 April 2013. We consider that at a time when pensioners are struggling to make ends meet and yet are a group of people due to age, health etc who often have extremely limited opportunity to make good lost income, this reduction in allowances is grossly unfair. The Government should therefore take immediate action to reverse the decisions on these allowances which were announced in the 2012 Budget.

Number of signatures:43,043


Not received your confirmation email?


Abolish Granny Tax, budget 2012

Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

Abolish measure in budget 2012 which freezes tax treshold for pensioners

Number of signatures:7,706

Not received your confirmation email? 


If you have already signed this petition, but didn’t receive an email to confirm your signature, you can request a confirmation to be resent by providing your email address below.



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