Dissident Chief’s Daughters Shock at Revelations

THE daughter of a former top republican revealed this week how her heart was “broken” on learning her family friend was an MI5 agent.

Follow this link to find out more: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157143025665997&id=548745996&set=a.10150243383710997&source=48

Aisling Hardy, daughter of the late dissident chief Tony ‘TC’ Catney, posted on Facebook after learning that Dennis McFadden was in protective custody (follow the link above to read the Facebook message). She said: “My daddy was the bravest man I have ever and will ever know. He was my best friend, my heart. “No one will ever compare in strength and loyalty. “To hear someone he welcomed, treated as family and respected has been a liar has broken my heart and faith in humans.” Catney, who passed away in 2014, was one of McFadden’s closest friends. The high-ranking republican was jailed in 1974 at the age of 16 for murdering Maurice Knowles (17) from Rathcoole on the shores of Belfast Lough. He was released in 1990 and became Sinn Féin’s head of elections. In the years leading up to his death, he had moved away from the mainstream republican movement over a disagreement with the Shame Féin strategy. He is said to have “vouched” for McFadden in republican circles.


McFadden is understood to have moved to the North of Ireland over 10 years ago. He had business interests in Belfast and Spain. He is believed to have moved in many republican circles, and had some involvement with Shame Féin members in the Glens of Antrim, before moving to dissident causes. He was heavily involved in the Celtic fan scene and holidayed with many dissidents during his time here. Before joining Saoradh and being appointed as resource officer, McFadden had attempted to join republican socialist political group Éirígí. His application was denied along with Catney and another republican. Sources said that decision was solely down to “egos” within Éirígí. And another top republican hit out at McFadden’s role in a human rights group.

McFadden managed social media pages, websites and press statements of ‘Justice Watch Ireland’, set up by Gerry Conlon of the Guildford Four in 2013 to “protect the human rights and the civil liberties of all the people throughout Ireland”. But Rick O’Rawe, a former republican prisoner, said allegations a founding member of the ‘Justice Watch Ireland’ group is a suspected security force spy, would have greatly disappointed Conlon, who died in 2014. Mr O’Rawe, who wrote a book on his close pal’s life said: “Gerry wouldn’t have been at all pleased that the justice organisation which he was affiliated with had been infiltrated by anyone. “He didn’t want any part of this game of paramilitarism or security force infiltration. McFadden was listed as secretary of the company from 2014, until it was dissolved in 2016. His name appears alongside the respected miscarriage of justice campaigner, and a number of other company directors.

Follow this link to find out more: https://m.facebook.com/mrsmcconville/photos/a.1223906390988913/3256167337762798/?type=3&source=48

The Sunday World understands McFadden also managed and controlled much of the group’s online presence and recorded and edited videos of conferences and talks, uploading them to social media and YouTube. A profile in his name on the business site LinkedIn records his job as ‘operations manager’ for the group. It can also be revealed that the Scottish-born dad – who served as a police cadet in Glasgow – ran a high profile campaign on behalf of republicans. Sources say he helped manage the ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’ campaign group surrounding the convictions of two men convicted over the CIRA murder of a police officer. PSNI/RUC Constable Stephen Carroll was shot dead on March 9, 2009 in the Lismore Manor area of Craigavon as he responded to a 999 call. Brendan McConville (42) and 22-year-old John Paul Wootton were later sentenced to 25 and 14 years in jail for the murder, a conviction which was upheld on appeal in 2014.


McFadden is said to have “controlled” a campaign claiming both men were wrongly convicted. According to sources, he was “in charge” of the Justice for the Craigavon Two’s website, Facebook page and media. A number of YouTube accounts in McFadden’s name also show various videos and talks and conferences held on the case. Despite being involved in public talks with both Justice Watch Ireland and Justice for the Craigavon Two, he does not appear in any photos or videos alongside other members. One poster for a Justice Watch Ireland event, held in a Derry hotel in 2013, lists McFadden on a speaker line up on “human rights and civil liberties abuses”. “He told us he liked staying behind the camera, that he was the photographer,” one source said.

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‘Police caused Newry riot’ – Eirigi

The Camlough Road was the scene of a security alert and a riot

 ‘Police caused Newry riot’ – Eirigi

The Camlough Road was the scene of a security alert and a riot

Eirigi in Newry has claimed that police provocation caused the riot in Newry’s Camlough Road last night.

A police spokesman told Newry Times that officers were attacked with stones, bricks and petrol bombs while they dealt with a suspicious object in the area. Eirigi spokesman Stephen Murney however, dismissed this and instead pointed the finger of blame on the PSNI for ‘creating and provoking a serious riot situation in nationalist areas.’

Speaking to Newry Times, Murney stated, “Under the guise of an alleged ‘security operation’ the PSNI, accompanied by the British Army, arrived in force and proceeded to surround and seal off the Derrybeg and Carnagat areas. Dozens of armored PSNI land-rovers, armored cars, jeeps and British army lorries kept these areas under siege and at one stage two PSNI helicopters kept the local population under surveillance.”

He continued, “éirígí activists from these areas received numerous reports from residents concerned at the heavy handed actions of the PSNI and were at the scene immediately to ensure the safety of their communities. As we have seen numerous times in the past couple of years the British forces have a history of provocation in situations like this and this instance was no different.”

Murney’s interpretation of the riot situation differs greatly from the PSNI explanation. Murney explained “While engaging with the community we witnessed several armored land-rovers driving at speed towards a group of young people who had gathered to watch what was happening. This deliberate attempt to intimidate and provoke the community created a riot situation in which stones, paint and petrol bombs were thrown, with various media reports stating a PSNI member was injured.”

“The blame for this trouble lies squarely with the PSNI who spent their time goading and driving armored land-rovers directly at young people. éirígí activists remained in the area until the British state forces withdrew, leaving the local community to pick up the pieces and clear the destruction left behind by actions of the PSNI.”

He added, “These communities are no strangers to Crown Force repression and have been to the fore in resisting this repression over the years. If the PSNI aren’t harassing residents in these areas by using stop and search legislation and house raids they are provoking our local youths to create riot situations such as this.”

WTTH MANY THANKS TO : Paul MalonePosted by  editor@newrytimes.com. Friday, May 25th, 201 CommunityNews

Protest at Labour Party Centenary Event !

Protest at Labour Party Centenary Event

    • 27 May
  • Clonmel Town Hall
  • The Labour Party intend to hold a celebration to commemorate 100 years since the foundation of their party in Clonmel on the weekend of May 26 and 27. The Labour Party was founded by James Connolly and Jim Larkin, men committed to the ordinary people of Ireland. It was their intention that the Labour Party would protect the interests of the workers against capitalism.Today however the Labour Party is implicit in some of the harshest austerity measures Ireland has ever seen, working alongside Fine Gaelin a right wing government and destroying the lives of those very people who Connolly sought to protect. The current Labour Party bears no resemblance to the party founded 100 years ago.This is not strictly an éirígí event, other Socialistgroups will be there also . We would encourage all those who are opposed to this government and their austerity measures to come along to this protest and let their voices be heard. Would James Connolly and Jim Larkin have supported Austerity ? We know the answer ! Lets let the Labour party know .There will be a plaque unveiling on the 27th of May, in Clonmel Town Hall by Eamon Gilmore, thats when the protest will take place, not sure of the time yet but will let you know in advance .
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1916 Commemoration

1916 Commemoration

    Bluebell Cemetary
  •   eirigi Ballyfermot 1916 Commemoration

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More RUC/PSNI harassment of parents and children in Newry today

More RUC/PSNI harassment of parents and children in Newry today. A local man was taking his 7 year old son to gaelic this morning, he plays for one of the local youth teams, the child was due to have a photo shoot with his young team mates. The RUC/PSNI stopped and searched them on the Camlough Rd under section 21 & 24, searched for ammunition, wireless apparatus etc. They were held for half an hour resulting in the young child missing his GAA photo. The wee lad was gutted

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Stephen Murney


This need taken up before the EU Committee of Human Rights: Justice & Security Act 2007Section 21 – Stop to ascertain identity and account for movements. … This can be done for as ‘long as necessary’ – Re Mooney as long as 1hour 25 minutes was deemed necessary by the Court. Includes whilst in a vehicle or in person. It is an offence to fail to stop or to answer the relevant questions. Questioning includes: – in regard to identity (name, address, DOB  and movements (coming from and going to) Only British Army can ask anything in relation to a recent incident (explosion or shooting). Section 24 – Search for items such as transmitters, ammunition & wireless                   apparatus. Allows for search of person, vehicle or premises In a person search there is no power to remove any clothing other than outer coat, jacket or headgear. Reasonable grounds are NOT required in a public place but ARE REQUIRED in a private place.

Paramilitaty Police Armed with Automatic Rifles Attempted to Harrass éirígí Activists !

Last night two jeep loads of paramilitaty police armed with automatic rifles attempted to harrass éirígí activists as they were fixing éirígí’s easter banner on the falls rd. All activists were stopped and searched under “terrorism” legislation. As the activists were being harrassed, passers by stopped to question the armed malitia’s reasons for searching the éirígí members and to lend their suppo…rt to them. The PSNI/RUC then stopped and searched members of the public before leaving, failing in their attempts to stop éirígí re-erecting their easter banner. The actions of this armed militia last night prove that the PSNI is, as the RUC and the RIC before it, unchanged, unchanging and unchangable! POSTED ON BEHALF OF : by: Stephen Murney

Cause of Imprisoned Women Raised on IWD – éirígí: For A Socialist Republic

Cause of Imprisoned Women Raised on IWD – éirígí: For A Socialist Republic.

Eirigi Ballyfermot Fundraiser With The Dublin Twangmen

Eirigi Ballyfermot Fundraiser With The Dublin Twangmen

    21:00 until 00:00
    The 79 Inn Ballyfermot Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
  •   Eirigi Ballyfermot are having a fundraising night with ballad group The Dublin Twangmen on Saturday 25th February in the 79 Inn Ballyfermot at 9pm. Tickets are €5 and are available from Daithi at 0872371202.

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Fair play to éirígí in Belfast. In the last 48 hours, éirígí upper falls activists have distributed leaflets to every household in the Glen Colin area aswell as spray painted a number of different political stencils exposing the failings of the 6 county state and promoting the ideals of James Connolly. Also activists erected a mural at the old andersonstown barricks site saying loud and clear SLASH STORMONT NOT SERVICES continuing éirígí’s commitment to ending the failed stormont regime! Maith Thú comrades

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