‘PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has lost his seat on Belfast city council the people of east Belfast have overwhelminly rejected him and his policies and politics in east Belfast.’.


‘Suspected device recovered by police investigating the activities of the West Belfast UDA ‘.


‘KICKING OUT: Change starts with the man in the mirror’.


Jamie Bryson denies ever being a member of the outlawed (Illegal) Ulster Volunteer Force – UVF

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In the featured image is Jamie Bryson left with his sidekick Dee McConnell (right) who was recently stood down as Second in Command of the UVF in East Belfast (TELL THE TRUTH) and shame the Devil

ConversationJamie Bryson


It is illuminating to sit back & observe when there is a co-ordinated bot attack, such as the laughable one launched against me today. There is a co-ordinated, relentless & persistent assault by a range of anonymous accounts all RT & amplifying eachother. Sad people.
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Twitter didnt do the writing on the wall.. People from your community did..
Never trust a loyalist!!! – Jamie Bryson – Anti-Catholic – Sectarian – Sectarianism


How come if Jamie Bryson and Dee McConnell were such very close comrades – how come he didn’t know that his friend Dee was a high ranking member of the outlawed UVF?
If Jamie Bryson was not a member of the UVF then why is he pictured here?
Óglach James Bryson, cousin of the UVF’s Jamie Brayson

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Ex-RUC/PSNI police officer facing charges of trying to buy gun on dark web.

AN ex-RUC/PSNI officer is to stand trial accused of trying to buy a pistol, ammunition and silencer on the dark net, a judge has ordered.

Allen Kennedy ex-RUC/PSNI officer facing gun & drug dealing charges.

Allen Kennedy also faces a series of charges related to his alleged involvement in drug dealing offences. The 31-year-old, whose address was given as Strandtown PSNI Station in East Belfast, is understood to have resigned from the force since his arrest. 

He was detained during a sting operation said to have resulted in the seizure of quantities of cocaine hidden inside drink tins. Police have rejected his claims that he was seeking the gun to kill himself.

Mr Kennedy was brought from custody to appear before BelfastMagistrates Court for a preliminary enquiry into the case. He is charged with the attempted possession of a handgun, 10 rounds of ammunition and a silencer with intent to endanger life and in suspicious circumstances.

Mr Kennedy is also accused of having up to 50 bullets without a firearm certificate. The alleged drugs offences include having cocaine, cannabis resin and diazepam tablets with intent to supply.

‘Allen Kennedy was detained during a sting operation said to have resulted in the seizure of quantities of cocaine hidden inside drink tins’

Adrian Harvey, defending, did not contest submissions that his client has a case to answer. District Judge Fiona Bagnall returned Kennedy for trial at Downpatrick Crown Court.He will remain in custody until his expected arraignment next week.

A previous court heard Kennedy was arrested at Annadale Embankment in Belfast on September 5th, 2016 after handing over £500 to receive a package. A detective claimed the accused had used an online moniker and tag to arrange to buy a Russian pistol, silencer and ammunition over the so-called dark net. Searches of his vehicle were said to have uncovered drugs inside hides disguised as tins of drink.

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TODAY we launch an appeal for much-needed funds for loyalist paramilitaries and Loyalist Communities Council (LCC).


After giving up their criminal campaign, 20 years after they last promised to give up their criminal campaign, the Re-home a Red Hand and Adopt a UDA Man (RRHAUDAM) appeals urgently need your help. For just £50,000 a year could give idle buggers like Sammy from the Shankill a community worker’s job.
It would help to pay for the three holidays a year and the top-of-the-range car which he and his family so badly need. In return, he’ll promise to enrich the culture of his community and lay off doing anyones’ knees. Obviously he’d still be good for a bit of blow (weed) but keep it to yourself. But the suddenly contrite paramilitaries aren’t looking for charity. They will be bringing important job skills to any cushy number they’re offered. They have maths skills from years of working out if Jonty has a kilo of weed how many half ounces can he knock out if he expects a 50 per cent mark up.

Or if a local businessman refuses to pay his £80-a-week protection money how many bricks will it take to do his windows. They have invaluable people skills, honed over decades of dealing with the local community – the bookies, the bar men, the travel agents, the car dealers, the wee girls in the off-licence. And all they want is the chance to give back to their community by getting the jobs few of them have ever bothered getting before. They long to experience life on minimum wage and a zero hours contract because who needs qualifications when you have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Our appeal so far has raised £1 million from the Tony Blair’s an Angel Who’s Still Fixing the World Foundation.



It’s a tiny amount compared to the £26 million which was raised by the PIRA in their Northern Bank fundraiser but it was either that or cupcake sales for the next millennium. It’s vitally important that the paramilitaries are shown our love because otherwise they might just keep doing what they’ve always done for the last 20 years. There will be some strays from the path of peace, like Tyrone, South East Antrim, East Belfast and the UPRG who aren’t ready to leave the old ways behind. They will be humanely arrested for blatantly breaking the law, even though they’ve miraculously got away with a life of crime up to now. So please give what you can – support your local loyalist so he doesn’t have to.
With many thanks to: Roisin Gorman. http://roisin.gorman@sundayworld.com. Sunday World.


 Loyalists lob device over peace wall as Cameron tells the world the North of Ireland is a changed place.

AS DAVID Cameron told the world on Tuesday that the North of Ireland was a transformed place, lloyalists almost set fire to a four-year-old child in East Belfast. A lit device lobbed over a sectarian interface exploded where the little girl was playing with her friend.


The child sustained minor burns in the blast on Bryson Street just before 4pm. The attack came as the British prime minister told an international press conference that the world had seen a new North of Ireland “that is bringing down the peace walls which have separated its people for so long”. A day earlier at the Waterfrount Hall – just a mile away from the attack – US president Barack Obama declared that other divgrateful ncieties the North is the “blueprint to follow” and “they are watching to see what you do next”. James Callaghan’s (pictured above) grandaughter was playing with the girl  who was injured in the petrol-bomb attack outside his house. He ran out to drag the two girls inside. On Tuesday night he said : “We’ve been very, very lucky.” Sinn Fein councillor Niall O Donnghaile said one of the gils was treated at the scene for minor burn injuires. “People round east Belfast, no matter what side they’re on, do not deserve another few months of this,” he said. “They deserve some peace.” On Tuesday night loyalist and nationalist groups gathered in the interface area in the latest of a number of confrontations. The G8 leaders ended their two-day conference at Lough Erne on Tuesday. Despite the massive security operation fears of violence proved unfounded with just two arrested.

 One suffers burns after device thrown over peace wall.

On Tuesday night the scorch damage could be clearly seen within a yard of where children were standing on Bryson Street. The bomb was thrown over the Short Strand/Cluan Place peace wall in east Belfast into the built-up nationalist area at around 3.55pm on Tuesday. James Callaghan described how he ran out from his house to drag his hysterical grandaughter Tierna Benson and her friend Brooke inside. “I heard two glass bottles breaking outside and then I heard something else that I knew wasn’t a bottle and saw a flash and ran outside,” he said. “The girls were standing by the grate. I just grabbed the two girls and pulled them inside. The wee girl Brooke was crying hysterically. They were both in a bad way. “They were so upset I couldn’t even see if either of them had been hurt. “We’re just gratful nothing happened to them. We’ve been very, very lucky.” Sinn Fein councillor Niall O Donnghaile said Brooke, who had been visting her grandparents on the street, suffered minor burn injuries. “Police officers gave her first aid at the scene,” he said. Police said on Tusday night tensions are high in the area – often a ‘bellwether interface’ for marching season violence. “Tensions in the area are high following an incident that took place on Sunday June 16 where a petrol bomb was thrown from the Short Strand into Cluan Place,” a police spokesman said. “A 15-year-old male was subsequently arrested for arson. “Police have also received reports of stones being thrown between different areas.” “A number of young people gathered at the interface on Tuesday night and police would ask parents to ensure that they know the whereabouts of their children to ensure that they do not get drawn into any violence or antisocal behaviour at interfaces.” CCTV was being checked on Tuesday night to try and try and identify the person who threw the dangerous device.

Mr Callaghan, who has lived beside the peacewall for 13 years, said there have been crowds “gathering” in nearby loyalist Montpottinger. “It only really happened in the summer months. It’s just ‘eejits’ and animals that’s doing it.” He said his grandaughter is now too frightened to play in the back garden and immediately wanted to go back to her own home. “She’s really shaken up. She’s going to have nightmares. Both the girls are always good. We tell them to stay on the side of the street because of the cars but now they’re to scared to be outside at all.” Mr O Donnghaile said people in the area have suffered enough during the recent “three months of problems around flags,” he said.

With many thanks to : Bimpe Archer, Irish News.


Faced with an unworkable law, the PSNI/RUC has plainly decided to ignore it where there are no local objections. Faced with ensuring claims of pro-republican bias, the PSNI is now plainly allowing a loyalist free-for-all in East Belfast whether or not.

EAST BELFAST has been surrendered to the UVF. The PSNI made that crystal clear in its response to the erection of ‘1913’ UVF flags along Belmont Road. These flags were ” not related to a proscribed oorganization “, the PSNI declared after residents complained.

2013-04-18 19.16.48

Real:-) sly? Men in balaclavers block the road with a cherry picker, put up flags emblazoned with the historical antecedent of a proscribed organisation then angrily defend themselves via the Twitter accounts of the UVF’s political wing, yet that is not “related” to the proscribed UVF? We are down the rabbit hole here, instructed like Alice in Wonderland to beleive six imposible things before breakfast. When the media challenged the “not related” statement the PSNI went queit for a couple of hours before claiming there had been “no breaches of traffic legislation relating to the erection of flags “. Really? So anyone can slip on a belaclava and a high-visabilty jacket and direct cars about with pompous little hard-man aggression? The roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993 makes it an offence punishable by a £500 fine to “in any way obstruct the free passage along a road without lawful authority “. It also requires ayone planning to obstruct a road to consult with the relevant Stormont department. This is not an obscrue piece of legislation.

Any business erecting an unauthorised sign will be fined under another section of the same order, as Belfasts Apartment Bar found out before Christmas when it hung a banner in its window to attract customers deterred by the flag protests. The flag protests are of course what this is all about. An appearance of peace has been restored to East Belfast by taking fringe figures out of circulation while unofficially authorising the UVF to control the streets. One of the chief grievances aired by loyalists during the flag protests was that the law is not being evenly applied, with republicans allowed to flaunt paramilitary symbolism and displays in ‘their’ areas while plotting to expunge all lawful British symbols. In fairness to the PSNI/RUC, it is hard to see how New Labour‘s ridiculous anti-terrorism legislation could ever be applied to the North of Ireand, evenly or otherwise.


Under the Terrorism Act 2006, which applies to the whole United Kingdom, it is a criminal offence punishable by up to seven years in jail to “glorify the commission or preparation” of acts of terrorism “whether in the past, in the future or generally”. This covers just about every statement, publication, parade, event and mural by every republican and loyalist group. Many of our political parties fall foul of it regularly, as does almost the entire programme for the ‘ decade of centenaries ‘. Faced with an unworkable law, the PSNI/RUC has plainly decided to ignore it where there are no local objections. Faced with ensuring claims of pro-republican bias, the PSNI/RUC is now plainly allowing a loyalist free-for-all in East Belfast whether locals object or not. However, the excuse of unworkable law only takes the police so far. Since 2005 the offical Joint Protocal in Relation to the Display of Flags in Pubic Areas has supposedly provided a workable compromise, requiring ‘ community represtatives ‘ to reach aggreement on flags with residents, the PSNI/RUC and govermemeant agencies.

Years of pprogress through the protocol were thrown away in 2011 when the PSNI/RUC apologised to the UVF for taking down a sectarian loyalist flag outside a Catholic Church in Ballyclare, despite the agreement the flag had breached and the loyalist rioting that followed. Now the PSNI/RUC is apapparently happy to involve only the ‘ community representives ‘. Responding to complaints from residents and politations that nobody had been coconsulted over the East Belfast UVF flags, a PSNI/RUC spokesman blithely declared that “organisers have given their assurances that these flags will be removed immediately following next  Saturday’s parade”. Hence the PSNI/RUC is largely to blame when it complains that the flag protocol is redundent.


As cricriticism of its surrender in East Belfast mounted, the PSNI/RUC piously announced that ” the only long-term solution to the display of flags in public areas will be reached by political consensus “, adding that it looked forward to an “updated protocal” from Stormont. This sounded very much like passing the buck for the consequences of its appeasenent policy, just as the PSNI/RUC tried to do to the Parades Comnission during the height of the flag protests, requiring the commission to give the chief constable a public lecture on the law. When it comes to symbolising the PSNI/RUC, the law and loyalism, a cherry picker couldn’t be beaten.

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PHONE (02890) 805850/287836.

 Families affected by suicide are being invited to Belfast City Hall for an evening of food and entertainment. The Celebrating Life event is being hosted by Lord Mayor Niall O’Donnghaile on Wednesday 25th April. Singer Frances Black will be joined by a number of local artists providing entertainment for the event w…hich will be held in City Hall’s Great Hall.

“Sadly suicide has affected many families across our city and I wanted to offer support,” said Mr O’Donnghaile. Irene Sherry, joint chair of the Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Working Group, said: This is a wonderful opportunity for families affected by suicide to come together.”

Anyone interested in attending should contact any of these groups – East Belfast Community Development Agency (90451512), the South Belfast Partnership Board (90244070) and Bridge of Hope (90746737).


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