‘PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has lost his seat on Belfast city council the people of east Belfast have overwhelminly rejected him and his policies and politics in east Belfast.’.


Man arrested and suspected cocaine, cash and drugs paraphernalia seized following East Belfast UVF raid.


‘FEUD FEARS’ | UVF rapist Gerry ‘Vermin’ Verner flees gun crash in park as perv’s pals given beating.


REJECTED | UVF suspect fails in bail bid after admitting having two kilos of cocaine for distribution.


Call for removal of militarist mural at Belfast football grounds

Irish resist attempt of paramilitary gang to use sport to recruit youth Disturbing new hoarding featuring masked UVF gunmen has appeared next to the home ground of Crusaders Football Club. The mural, bearing the logos of the UVF and the paramilitary group’s “youth wing”, the YCV, appeared at the Irish League ground last month.

Call for removal of militarist mural at Belfast football grounds

Son of leading UVF Chief has all charges against him dismissed in paramilitary show-of-strength at Pitt Park.


‘Councillors question East Belfast FC governance arrangements over Pitt Park accused Stephen ‘Mackers’ Matthews’.


‘DUP MLA defends UVF accused father and son charged with loyalist Pitt Park ‘show of strength’ ‘.


DUP MLA defends UVF accused father and son in court

Call for end to UVF funding on anniversary of peace deal


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – but only if you are a loyalist paramilitary

Take a look at this post… ‘Multicultural blaze: ‘When Councillor Billy Hutchinson and UVF spokesman and PUP leader denies any UVF involvement your guaranteed their was most likely is UVF involvement’! ‘.


Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)
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