Welcome progress. A deal on the protocol must be done.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA) Free From Sectarian Harassment #FuckTheDUP

No hard border, protection of the GFA, access to the single market must be maintained. Keep what works, fix what doesn’t. Then govt must get back to work. No more delay.

One person in this photo voted for the Protocol and said it was an opportunity👇👇

Fuck the DUP

Two others have been recorded praising the Protocol and openly stating it wasn’t a threat to the union

Now they’re raging because a Judge agreed with them

Welcome to unionism 👍

“The DUP portrait of themselves as defenders of the GFA is enough to make a cat laugh enough to cough up a hairball.”~Fionnuala O’Connor☕️🥐

An excellent & accurate if not sobering piece by Fionnuala O Connor.

So many of us who want to share power & build peace across this island continue to look for a spark of genuine reconciliation from our neighbours that sadly may not materialise!

We must keep trying…

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French minister calls British plans to ditch parts of NI protocol “worrying”

France’s Europe minister Clement Beaune said on Tuesday the United Kingdom should respect its Brexit agreement with the European Union and described as worrying initiatives by London to ditch parts of the Northern Ireland protocol. “Everyone should respect their word and their signature. You can’t instrumentalise for whatever reason such serious and important matters,” Beaune said. The […]

French minister calls British plans to ditch parts of NI protocol “worrying”

UK government’s new legislation says it is implementing an EU regulation on border SPS controls which has effect in NI under Section 7A of the UK’s EU Withdrawal Act

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson says if the UK government’s new legislation on constructing border control posts at NI ports is about implementing the protocol, “we are utterly opposed to that”.

A Message For The DUP From Nationalists In The North

Fuck the DUP

Stop digging✅

Admit your mistake✅


And then:

Implement existing agreements✅

“71% of people in NI voted for the Good Friday Agreement”.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA) it isn’t going away you know

The same amount of MLAs back in May voted for the election of a speaker. If it was good enough in 1998, it should be good now.”

@AndrewMuirNI discusses Alliance’s priorities ahead of today’s talks.

Why have you “REFUSED” to show this clip on your programme? It has been Tweeted to you “HUNDREDS” of times.

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Predictions for 2023: The Protocol stays, Biden comes, and Donaldson goes – Irish Border Poll



The reality of Brexit is biting hard. Poor people are suffering most – and now everyone can see it | Jonathan Freedland

#BrexitHasFailed #BrexitWasBasedOnLies #BrexitIsNotWorking #ShouldHaveStayedinEurope #SupportTheProtocol #PartitionHasFailed


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