Arrest fears may keep son of INLA chief Dominic McGlinchey from funeral of brother –

Declan and Dominic jnr McGlinchey

Declan McGlinchey, lays a wreath at the Easter commemoration - Easter Saturday 2015.


Sappers - Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar, murdered during the Massereene attack
Declan McGlinchey - 38-year's-old.

Man arrested over gun attack

A 45-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a gun attack on police earlier this month. High-profile republicans Alex McCrory and Harry Fitzsimmons have already been charged in connection with the attack in North Belfast on December 5, in which a convoy of police vehicles came under aautomatic gunfire on Crumlin Road.

Christmas And Solidarity Greetings To The People Of ArdoyneThe man was last night being held at Antrim Serious Crime Suite. Properties were also searched in Ardoyne in North Belfast yesterday by police investigating dissident republican activity. Meanwhile, police are contnuing to question two teenagers arrested in South Armagh. The 19-year-old man and 18-year-old woman were arrested at a house just outside Forkhill on Wednsday. Items incuding a grinder and a quainty of fertiliser and suger have been taken away for examination. A 43-year-old man arrested by gardai in Dundalk, Co Louth, as part of the same operation, was still being questioned at Drogheda station. It was reported yesterday that gardai and the PSNI/RUC may have foiled a dissident republican plan to launch a massive bomb attack on the North. According to security sources, the attack was planned for Belfast.

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GARDA commissioner Martin Calli an has warned paramilitary trappings will not be tolerated at any funerals in the Republic. He was speaking ahead of the funeral of Seamus McKenna (58) who died after falling from scaffolding while working on the roof of a property near Dundalk last week.


Seamus McKenna (58)

A member of Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH), Mr McKenna, was one of five men sued by relatives of some of the 29 people killed by the 1998 Omagh bomb which was carried out by the now defunct Real IRA. OOriginally from Silver bridge in Co Armagh, he was sentenced to six years for constructing a bomb in Co Louth in 2003.

Although not speaking specifically about McKenna’s funeral, commissioner Callinan said no paramilitary displays will be tolerated. Garda came in for criticism last year when masked men fired a volley of shots over the coffin of murdered republican Alan Ryan in Dublin. Uniformed men also flanked a hearse carrying the 32-year-old’s remains through the city. McKenna’s funeral is to be held in Ravensdale, Co Louth tommorow.

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There were heated exchanges at the SMITHWICK Tribunal yesterday over the unmasking of the identity of an RUC Special Branch source.

The tribunal is investigating allegation’s that information information was passed from garda in Dundalk to the IRA, which led them to ambush and kill two senior RUC officers in March 1989.

RUC officers Chief Superintendent Harry Breen ans Superintendent Bob Buchanan were shot dead after their car was ambushed just minutes after leaving the garda station in Co Louth town. Former RUC office, wittness Z, claimed murdered grain smuggler John McAnulty was the intelligence source linking a garda in Dundalk to the IRA.

The PSNI said the identification of the source was ” outrageous “, Giving evidence via video link from Belfast, the annonymous witness said John McAnulty had told him that former detective sergeant Owen Corrigan was ” helping out ” the Provisional IRA in 1985.

Witness Z described this intelligence as beleivable. PSNI lawyer Mark Robinson vociferously objected to the revelation of the source’s identity. In a heated exchange with counsel for the tribunal Mary Laverty he said even sources who were deceased should not be named to protect the flow of information.

RNU National Easter Commemoration

RNU National Easter Commemoration

Sunday, 8 April 2012
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