Bobby Storey both led us and misled us in equal measure… for that I will neither gloat nor grieve

Divisive figure: Bobby Storey
Was a determined IRA volunteer who would later turn his back on armed struggle and those whom he had served alongside.

RIP Bobby. It was one of the first things I posted online shortly after former blanketmen from Derry and Belfast contacted me within minutes of each other last Sunday with the news that the senior IRA volunteer Bobby Storey had died.

Rest In Peace, in spite of my many differences with him, was a simple, but direct, disavowal of the gloating that would surely emerge from some republican quarters following his death.

People are free to remember him in whatever way they wish. Already, there are enough bidding him devil-speed to the fires of some non-existent hell.


With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph and Anthony McIntyre for the original story 



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