THREE Derry men appeared before Belfast Crown Court yesterday to deny having an armour-piercing bomb. 

HELD IN CUSTODY: From left, Jason Ceulemans, Damien Hark in and Neil Hegarty at previous court appearances. All three appeared before Belfast Crown Court yesterday charged with possessing an armour-piercing bomb with intent to endanger life on December 6 last year. All were remanded back into custody until their trial which is due to take place in November

Jason Ceulemans (41), Damien Harkin (48) and Neil Hegarty (48) pleaded not guilty to possessing “an explosively formed projectile-type improvised device” with intent to endanger life on December 6 last year. Ceulemans, of Lecky Road, Harkin, of Westland Avenue, and Hegarty, of Sackville Court, also denied having the device under suspicious circumstances and possessing two walkie-talkies and a torch for terrorist purpose. The arraignment on a count of conspiring together to cause an explosion was adjourned for legal applicatins to be heard. Previous court hearings have been told that an explosively formed projectile is a special type of shaped charge designed to penetrate armour effectively at distances and that such devices are uusually fired by rocket. The device was found in a car stopped by police in Derry’s Creggan area. Judge David McFarland remanded all three defendants back into custody until their trial, due to take place in November.

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MANUS DERRY murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Manus Derry murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Derry Doire

Neil Doyle O’Donnell


An escape route offered from ‘Derry Dole’.

Fancy uniform; sport, some adventure and a life of your own.

Just leave the love for your country and values behind.

Never a normal return to your land and add a new word to your life book, such as pariah.

Controlled leaves, precious holiday times spent in ‘Ebrington Barracks’, sometimes a laundry van for a taxi.

Live in a world controlled by racist right wing idiots, disliked: the reason that your people protested wishing for their ‘Civil Rights’.

Murdered like dogs in the street by red-capped uniformed killers from a gene pool found swilling in the bottom of a bucket of brock.

I this joke trained to fight the ‘Russian Might’, whilst a school friend Jim Wray lies dying in the street.

A best friend’s brother ‘Paddy Doherty’ shot twice in the back.

Jim, Paddy and others lie dead and dying to satisfy a ‘Vicious Tory Spleen’.

Allowing the ‘Masters of Deceit’ to quench and sup at their evil feasts as they feed scraps to the ‘Horsemen’ to fuel never ending evil deeds.

Neil D.O’Donnell.

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A DERRY man charged in connection with the discovery of mortars in March R has been approached in prison by MI5 to turn ssupergrass, a court has been told. A solicitor for Gary McDaid, of Glenowen Park, told a remand hearing on Thursday at Derry Magistrates Court that while in Maghaberry Prison his client had been asked on six occasions to plead guilty and become an assisting offender.


The approaches were made in the absence of McDaid’s solicitors, he said.Representations had been made to the Prison Service, the Chief Consable, the Secretary of State and the High Court in regards to the approaches. Deputy district judge John Meehan said one possible remedy could be the granting of bail to McDaid. He adjourned the case for one week for the prosecution to show cause why McDaid should not get bail. The Northern Ireland Office confirmed in a letter that the PSNI had visited McDaid in Maghaberry. McDaid and co-accused, Seamus McLaughlin (35) of Eastway Gardens, Creggan, Derry, are both charged with conspiring to cause expolsions and pocessing improvised mortars on March 3. The charges relate to the discovery of four mortars in a van on the Letterkenny Road in the city.

Man arrested in connection to RAAD vigilante attacks

A man has been arrested in connection with paramilitary attacks in Derry.

Police say the 56-year-old was arrested earlier today (Friday).

The PSNI also came under attack by petrol bombers during a search of a house in the Creggan area of the city.

“A number of items have been seized for specialist examination including a quantity of suspected Firearms, believed to be similar to those used in attacks in the city,” a PSNI spokeswoman says

It is understood the arrest is in connection to the activity of vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).


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McGuinness call over Derry schoolboy bomb victim Gordon Gallagher

Gordon Gallagher
Gordon Gallagher was killed when he accidentally triggered an IRA bomb left in his garden
The parents of a schoolboy killed when he triggered an IRA bomb in Londonderry in 1973 believe the deputy first minister knows who was involved.

Nine-year-old Gordon Gallagher died when the device exploded in his garden in Creggan.

Martin McGuinness was in jail at the time, but Billy and Pat Gallagher said he could help them get to the truth about what happened.

The IRA admitted to the family that a device had been left in the garden.

However, it claimed the detonator was added by soldiers.

The schoolboy was playing ‘Cowboys and Indians‘ in the garden with his younger brother when he tripped on the bomb which had been left there.

His mother ran to help him.

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle, Mr Gallagher said he was not at home at the time of the explosion, but was nearby and heard the bomb go off.

He went to the hospital to be with Gordon, while his wife stayed at her mother’s house with their other children.

“I went to phone Pat to say he was conscious,” said Mr Gallagher.

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“Start Quote

She said: ‘We’re sorry about your son but these things happen in war.’ I said: ‘Sure my son wasn’t at war, he was only nine years of age.’”

End Quote Billy Gallagher

“He was wheeled past me into theatre when I was on the phone.

“He died at half past five. I was talking to him, I thought he was going to be alright but they said it was the loss of blood.”

Mr Gallagher said IRA members came to his home to admit leaving the bomb in his garden.

“Two boys came and lied about it at the start.

“They told me their unit put the bomb there, but no detonator, that the Army must have come back and put a detonator – it’s ridiculous.

“Shock or no shock, I never believed that for a second.

“One of the men who came to tell me the lies, about two or three weeks after it, his wife arrived at my door and she apologised.

“She said: ‘We’re sorry about your son but these things happen in war.’

“I said: ‘Sure my son wasn’t at war, he was only nine years of age.’

“I chased them from my door.”

A Sinn Fein spokesman said Mr McGuinness was in jail at the time and had no information about the killing.

A recent report from the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) found that the IRA was solely responsible for what happened.

Billy and Pat Gallagher with a picture of their nine-year-old son Gordon
Billy and Pat Gallagher with a picture of their son Gordon

The HET said it had failed to find any new leads in the case.

Now the family believes their only hope of getting to the truth is through the IRA.

Martin McGuiness was, by his own admission, second in command in the IRA at the time of Gordon’s death. The family said he would know who was involved and they are appealing to him for help.

The Gallagher family said they did not want to see anyone jailed for what happened to their son.

Mr Gallagher said he forgave the man who left the bomb. What they want is the truth from the IRA not the lies they were told at the time. They want an explanation and an apology from those who were involved.

The family is also considering asking the attorney general for a new inquest which would examine what happened in more detail and could prompt new witnesses to come forward.


Bloody Sunday 40 Years On – March For Justice – press release

The Derry Anarchists and the Workers Solidarity Movement support the call for people to attend and support all Bloody Sunday commemorative events over the upcoming weekend, including the ‘March for Justice’ leaving Creggan shops at 2.30 pm on Sunday 29 January.We stand in solidarity with and salute the courage and dignity of all of the members the Bloody Sunday families and the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign in their long struggle for justice and truth.

As anarchists we value direct democracy, accountability, openness and equal participation at all times and at all levels as paramount principles in bringing about a just and equal society. The right to- and the exercise of- free protest, is a key step on the road to achieving that society.

Bloody Sunday and the Widgery cover-up represent direct attacks intended to deny that right by terrorising working class people off the streets, killing innocents and quashing freedom of expression and assembly in the same process.

The Saville report has done little to safeguard the right to protest by holding those responsible for the massacre to account. Only those soldiers who fired were held to any kind of account, while their masters up the chain of command get away scott free. The lesson from this for states around the world is that they will not be held to account if they choose to terrorise legitimate protest off the streets.

We support and encourage all to attend the ‘March for Justice’ on Sunday, not because we wish to carry on a tradition or claim a mantle, but because we wish to stand with all who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest around the globe, from Toxteth to Tahrir square, from Belfast to Basra, and from Wall Street to Rangoon.

The 40th Bloody Sunday Anniversary ‘March for Justice’ will take place in Derry on Sunday 29th January. Assemble 2.30pm Creggan Shops, Derry.


 The Three Grand Mothers ! who have organised this years Bloody Sunday march (March for Justice) they are an inspiration to all who believe in truth and justice. The march is on the 29th of jan starting at 2-30 from the Creggan shops
Posted on behalf of : Derry Doire
Arrived slightly after 8pm and there was standing room only @ the Pilot’s Row 40th anniversary public meeting. When Linda is in the chair meetings start on the button, not ‘Derry Time’. Lead banner on display, well designed, however, I personally would have preferred MARCH FOR JUSTICE as the central lettering, rather than ‘Derry Civil Rights Association’. That would reflect better the main theme and reason for the Jan 29th. demo. The wording is crucially important as we need to put the on-going fight for justice always to the fore, rembering that tens of thousands will view this banner, via the media, both at home and abroad.
Posted on behalf of : Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh


The fire service has said that the Fire at Sean Dolans was accidental. Yesterday, members of Provisional Sinn Fein openly named a republican saying he was responsible. Elisha Mc Laughlin also named this man. The 32csm went to the scene of the blaze in solidarity with the Club and were greeted by insults from Provos who told a life long Republican in his late 60s from Creggan that he was not welcome. Provisional Sinn Fein has attempted to create a fued mentallity in Derry and failed. (Plz copy and paste the Truth)

Fire at Derry GAA club ‘not suspicious’

A fire which caused extensive damage to a GAA club in Londonderry is not being treated as suspicious.

The blaze broke out at Sean Dolan’s in Creggan in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Police have said they believe it started accidentally.

Club chairman Hugh Wilkinson said the roof of the building “had gone”.

“We are absolutely shocked. The community can’t believe what’s happened here,” he said.

Sinn Fein Deputy Mayor of Derry Kevin Campbell said the venue was used by many in the community and it was hoped the clubhouse would be rebuilt as soon as possible.

“As well as being a focal point for the local Gaelic club, this building also provides employment for local people,” he said.

“As a club they are totally embedded within the Creggan community and have built up an excellent infrastructure, particularly at youth level, a policy which has borne fruit with a number of successes in recent years.”


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