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‘DUP are being very economical with the truth about NI Protocol impact on cost-of-living inaccurate, Fact-Check group says. ‘.



SundayWorld.com: First case of death from ‘adverse effects’ of Covid-19 jab recorded in Ireland, CSO claims

First case of death from ‘adverse effects’ of Covid-19 jab recorded in Ireland, CSO claims https://www.sundayworld.com/news/irish-news/first-case-of-death-from-adverse-effects-of-covid-19-jab-recorded-in-ireland-cso-claims-41716554.html

‘LOOK OUT’ another new virus alert!


Boris Johnson denies betraying the DUP over Irish Sea regulatory border

More Bojo lies

Boris Johnson said there would be a border in the Irish Sea ‘over my dead body’. Picture by Brian Lawless/PA Wire

BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson has insisted that he did not betray his former allies in the DUP by putting a regulatory border down the Irish Sea.

The Tory leader said he “did neither thing” when quizzed by The Irish News on events that led to Westminster’s support for the withdrawal agreement, which includes new regulatory checks on goods moving from Britain to the north.

DUP leader Arlene Foster previously accused Mr Johnson of breaking his word over the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.

When a guest at the DUP’s conference in 2018, the former foreign secretary insisted there would be no trade barriers between Britain and the north.

The Irish Border in Ireland where it belongs in the Irish Sea

Last week, the British government unveiled plans for a £355 million package that would ease the financial burden on Northern Ireland businesses importing goods from Britain and the rest of the world.

The prime minister said yesterday there would only be a trade border in the Irish Sea “over my dead body”.

Brexit was it worth it?

He repeated his assertion that there would be “unfettered access” for the north’s firms into markets in Britain.

Mr Johnson said he had also agreed to “intensify” partnership arrangements with the Republic and said more work could be done on bilateral deals.

But Ulster Unionist leader Steve Aiken said the Tory leader’s claim that businesses could “tear up” any requirement for documentation had “been shown to be a sham” by last week’s announcement of Trader Support Service for cross-channel imports.

Yesterday Mr Johnson said he hoped for greater co-operation with the Republic after Britain leaves the EU.

“We did not do enough bilaterally, we did not do enough to build up the links and the kind of ideas and projects we are talking about,” he said.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said both sides knew that they needed to avoid another economic shock following Covid-19.

“I think where there’s a will, there’s a way – it seems to me that there is a landing zone if that will is there on both sides and I think it is, on the European Union side and on the British side to find that landing zone,” the Fianna Fáil leader said.

“My own gut instinct is we both understand that we don’t need another shock to the economic system that a no-deal Brexit would give or a sub-optimal trade agreement would give to our respective economies across Europe, Ireland and of course within Great Britain itself alongside the enormous shock that Covid has already given.”

Mr Martin said he and Boris Johnson also discussed travel restrictions necessitated by Covid-19.

At present, people travelling into the Republic from Great Britain need to self-isolate for 14 days. The UK does not apply the same restrictions on travellers from Ireland.

The taoiseach said the prime minister had raised the prospect of the UK introducing further travel restrictions in response to outbreaks in other countries.

“It’s a moving story every week,” said Mr Martin.

“He was outlining initiatives they will have to take in some aspects of travel related to other countries potentially.”

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New prison visit rules ‘a wrecker’s charter’


Maghaberry prisoners drinking hand sanitiser

PRISON chiefs are facing a hand sanitiser shortage as inmates are drinking it!

Alcohol-based solutions are now banned in Maghaberry Gaol maximum security facility after it emerged prisoners were necking it rather than cleaning their hands. The Prison Service has instigated a strict lockdown regime which has seen near zero coronaviris infections, but they now face a problem of sanitiser dependent prisoners. The Sunday World also understands inmates are sniffing it in an attempt to get a hit. The Prison Service has been sourcing hand cleaners that are non-alcohol-based. Prisoners are notoriously innovative when it comes to booze and drugs but when it comes to protection from coronaviris prison bosses have unwittingly handed them access to a free supply of drink.

But with it comes enormous health risks. Consuming products like hand sanitisers is not unique to the current health crisis but has been a current problem. Brand name bottles of sanitiser are at least 60 to 65% alcohol, the equivalent of two shots of 80 proof vodka. Hand sanitiser contains ethanol alcohol as well. This is the same substance within one glass of wine that can create a buzz when you drink it. Health risks include damage to internal organs, vision problems, memory loss and alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, there are ways to steer clear of the bad taste of hand sanitiser. Many who abuse the substance have begun adding salt to separate the alcohol from the gel or add in mouth wash to alter the taste. They’ve also begun inhaling it which can also cause serious side side effects and health issues including nausea and vomiting. Prison sources have told the Sunday World that prisoners quickly saw the opportunity. “It’s not rocket science, Alcohol is the magic word,” our source told us. The Sunday World contacted the Prison Service for comment but the was no response.

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Chilling advice hospitals giving to their frontline staff

FRONTLINE hospital staff in Belfast’s three hospitals have been advised to make their wills as the COVID-19 takes grip. 

The Sunday World can reveal the recommendation was given by human resource chiefs who have sent a template to staff encouraging them to get their affairs in order as two more nurses died in the UK over the weekend. Key workers in Belfast’s Mater, City and Royal Victoria hospitals are at the coal- face of the pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives across the world.


Medical staff have been advised to declare who will benefit from their work pensions and who is their next of kin. The chilling recommendation is a stark reminder to staff that by working they are putting their lives in immediate danger. One nurse who contacted the Sunday World said: It says it all, at 30 years of age I am being asked to make my will, it is terrifying. “I’m frightened to go to work, the Mater is the main coronaviris hospital, every member of staff is putting their lives at risk but what choice do we have? “I came into this profession to care for people, I have never expected to have to work through something like this. “It’s like a movie, you have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure it is real and not a nightmare you have to wake up from,” she said.

Images from Belfast’s Royal Victoria show the old accident and Emergency unit converted into showering facilities for staff and relatives of COVID-19 victims. Car parks have been converted into makeshift medical units as staff prepare for the worst with Musgrave Park Hospital now preparing to take COVID-19 suffers. “This week will be the first wave of admissions and we are as prepared as we can be but we don’t have enough of what we need, masks, scrubs and even gloves.

“I never expected to have to work through something like this”

In all my time as a nurse I have never seen anything like though I have never seen professionalism like I have seen from my co-workers,” she said. “It sounds like a corny cliché but we are a family, we look after each other. “It’s emotional, dealing with family members totally confused and devastated by what is happening. And we notice each other, when someone is struggling, a kind word, asking if you are okay, a hug because we can’t social distance, makes such a difference,” the nurse added. This comes as finance minister Conor Murphy faced criticism on Friday last week after he admitted that a joint order for vital Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was not completed. The Shame Féin man was forced to backtrack days after pledging a “significant” consignment of PPE had been secured with the Irish government (which was completely untrue). However, Mr Murphy has promised health workers will get the protective equipment they need.

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UDA’s Bib faces fight in hospital

FALLEN UDA heavyweight Sam ‘Bib’ Blair is in hospital battling COVID-19.


The Sunday World understands the former North Belfast Brigadier has been admitted to the Mater Hospital and is fighting the Crononavirus. It is understood he is still able to breathe unaided (what a pity) but sources in the north of the city have described him as “very poorly”. Blair is understood to suffer a number of under of underlying health conditions which place him in the high-risk category.

The Mater Hospital was last week declared the designated COVID-19 hospital but levels of infection have soared in recent days with the City Hospital converted into the North of Ireland’s first Nightingale Hospital.


Blair’s illness is the latest setback to befall the one-time terror chief. He was forced to stand down as North Belfast Brigadier after it was discovered thousands of pounds were missing from a Christmas fund earmarked for so-called veterans and their families. Blair denied he had his hands in the till but had no choice other than stand down.

A heavy drinker and gambler, he was a regular sight in city centre pubs, bouncing between his pint and the bookies next door. Blair, a convicted extrotionist, was put in place as a ‘safe pair of hands’ in the wake of the murder in 2016 of UDA commander  John ‘Bonzer’ Borland. 

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Belfast woman bit and spat on police, court hears

A WOMAN allegedly bit and spat on police officers after declaring she had coronaviris, a court has heard.

Lesa Knocker  is  also accused of head-butting one of them and urinating over an RUC/PSNI van following her arrest in Belfast. She was detained during the seizure of a suspected quantity of crack cocaine last Friday 3rd of April. The 34-year-old of no fixed abode, remained in a special Covid-19 custody unit while proceedings took place in her absence at Belfast Magistrates’ Court. A constable said: “She is currently still naked in the cell, spitting at anybody coming near her.” Ms Knocker is charged with four counts of attempted (GBH) grievous bodily harm with intent, all against policewomen. She is further accused of obstructing powers of search for drugs, resisting police, criminal damage and assault on police.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall was told officers were called to city centre accommodation amid suspicions that an illicit substance had been found. “She (Knocker) informed police on arrival that she had Covid-19 and tried to spit on them,” the constable said. The accused was arrested after blue tablets, suspected to be crack cocaine. were discovered in a room linked to her.

During the incident she allegedly head-butted one officer, bit another on the hand and tried to bite their arms. According to police, Ms Knocker also urinated over a cell van and spat on an officer before being taken for medical assistance. “In interview she informed police that she was displaying symptoms (of coronaviris) and had been told to self-isolate,” the constable said. No defence lawyer was present to make submissions on Ms Knocker’s behalf, and she was refused bail.

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Follow these links to find out more: https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/crime/coronavirus-northern-ireland-belfast-court-21829357


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