AN ANTI-INTERNMENT march through Belfast city centre was last night given the go-ahead without restrictions by the Parades Commission.


The 5,000-strong rally involving republican groups on August 9 will mark the 42nd anniversary of the introduction of internment.The three-hour march, organised by the Anti-Internment League will begin in Ardoyne at 6.00pm before making its way to the city centre and along Royal Avenue. Organisations taking part include the Republican Network for Unity and 32 County Sovereignty Movement. The Parades Commission determination ruled that the march should comply with the adjudication body’s code of conduct. Marchers must “behave with due regard for the rights, traditions and feelings of others in the vicinity”.

No depictions of firearms or uniforms that could be interpreted as that of a proscribed organization should be displayed during the parade. Several hundred people plan to join protests as part of three groups: Greater Concerned Residents Group Belfast; Concerned Residents Group Shankill Belfast and United Protestant Voice. Organisers of the parade have said the event has been arranged to highlight the “internment” of some dissident republicans facing parsmilitary-related charges.

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INTERNMENT MARCH ORGANISERS ‘willing to meet unionists’

This is not a republican parade or a dissident parade, it’s a human rights parade…. If any former loyalist ex-internees want to come along to oppose the continued use of internment they are more than welcome – Dee Fennell.

THE organisers of an anti-internment parade in Belfast involving republican groups say they are willing to meet Unionists concerned about the event. Two previously unknown groups have applied to the Parades Commission to hold protests when the parade passers through the city centre on August 9.


Unionist politicians have also expressed concerns about the parade. The Anti-Internment League (AIL) says its event has been arranged to highlight the “internment” of some republicans facing paramilitary-related charges. The march is scheduled to take place on August 9 – the 42nd anniversary of the introduction of internment – and will start in Ardoyne, North Belfast, before eventually making its way down Royal Avenue in the city centre. It will pass along Falls Road to Andersontown, in the west of the city, for a rally. Organisations and political parties taking part include Eirgi, the Republican Network for Unity, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the 1916 Societies and the Irish Republican Socialist Party. Organisers say human rights groups, trade unions and GAA clubs from across the north have also been invited to take part in the parade which could attract up to 5,000 people.

Greater Concerned Residents Group Belfast and Concerned Residents Group – Shankill Belfast, have applied to the Parades Commission to hold separate protests at Royal Avenue involving up to 150 people at each. Organiser Dee Fennell said the parade will focus on the internment issue and insisted the parade route was chosen to avoid potential flashpoints. “It’s a human rights parade,” he said. “This is not a republican parade or a dissident parade, it’s a human rights parade that republicans are taking part in. “We have invited trade unions and ex-prisoner groups, including Sinn Fein aligned ones, to take part. “If any loyalist ex-internees want to come along to oppose the continued use of internment they are more than welcome.”

Mr Fennell said there is some confusion over the two groups planning to hold protests. “They are not residents groups because the parade is not passing any Protestant areas and as far as I know nobody lives in Castlecourt,” he said. He added that parade organisers are willing to meet any group or elected representatives that “have any concerns relating to this parade”. DUP assembly member Robin Newton, who had been critical of the planned parade, dismissed any suggestion of a meeting saying some of the “organisations taking part that day will be beyond talking to”. The Parades Commission is expected to issue a determination in relation to the parade and associated protests this week.

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Derry 32 County Sovereignty Movement


PSNI/MI5 tracking and listening devices discovered in local 32csm activist‘s car


A member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has recently found what is thought to be two wireless listening bluetooth type devices and what appears to be a tracking device hidden in various parts of his car.


The objects were discovered within 20 minutes of the Republican activist being subjected to harassment by local RUC/PSNI officers under the draconian stop and search legislation.


The items were secreted on the underside of the Driver’s seat,underneath carpet in the rear passenger footwell and affixed behind the rear seats.


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would ask all to check their cars thoroughly and  would reiterate our call to all Republicans to remain vigilant and  notify your local branch of the 32csm of any suspicious objects or approachs.



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British Security Forces harass Scottish and English solidarity with Irish Republican Prisoners

The Glasgow Defence Campaign is reproducing a statement from members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) based in Britain, The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann, following the mass detention of their members at English and Scottish ports on the evening of 27 and morning of 28 May 2012. The GDC sends it solidarity to the comrades and would like to state our opposition to this harassment, the ongoing abuse and imprisonment of Irish Republicans, such as Marian Price, and indeed the British Imperialist occupation of the North of Ireland itself.

Free Marian Price Now!
Defend the right to protest!
Public Statement
The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann condemn the mass arrest of its members, while traveling back from Belfast for the Free Marian Price march. The arrest covered ports in England and Scotlandin what was a planned operation involving in excess of fifteen security officers which included MI5.

Our members were approached by officers who identified themselves as Special Branch and M15; some members were detained from three to eight hours. Two members were subject to cavity searches; all were asked questions about the 32CSM in England and the names of members. Some members were presented with historical information regarding their contact with Irish POW’s in an attempt to give the illusion of an investigation into that person’s background. Our members have been issued with the details of legal representatives to record this blatant harassment and protect themselves against any further unwanted approaches. Republicans and their families should remain vigilant given the resources that the British stateare willing to deploy.The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann condemn this incident and would like to state that these dirty tactics adopted by the British security services will not deter us in Scotland, England, Ireland or anywhere else for that matter from highlighting the plight of Republicanprisoners. We will continue our campaign to promote our lawful, peaceful challenge to Britain’s ongoing denial of Irish National Sovereignty.We also urge all Cumann to report these approaches to their Cumann and a legal representative.

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It has been reported to the 32csm that members of the british army were observed exiting two helicopters in the townlands of Drumully and Connons in Co Monaghan a couple of miles outside Clones town on the Fermanagh/Monaghan border on friday of last week 20th of april, during this action residents in the area also reported what they deemed to be irish army helicopters in the same area the evening before. The 32csm want to know if the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs knew about this incursion in the 26 County Jurisdiction.Republicans in counties Fermanagh, Cavan and Monaghan have been aware of the PSNI/RUC patrols straying over the border on numerous occasions recently in the past number of years, and this latest incursion is another blatant affront to Irish Sovereignty in what has been described as a British Army incursion across the Co Fermanaghborder into Co Monaghan.The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would like to knowif this incursion has been sanctioned by the 26 County Administration as part of their war on Irish Republicanism and if so where does that leave their own claims to having sovereign integrity over their own jurisdiction and where does it leave their claims of neutrality given that a heavily armed occupation army and police force may be allowed to use their territory? The 32 County Sovereignty Movement not alone condemns the military wing of the British governmentfor continuing these deliberate incursions but we also condemn the 26 County Administration’s failure to protect its sovereignty in 1998, 2009, 2010 and again now in 2012 when attacks on that sovereignty are ignored , encouraged or even facilitated.The 32csm in counties Fermanagh, Monaghan and Cavan would like to thank the public for bringing this british incursion into 26 county jurisdiction to our attention and we would ask the public to continue to contact your local 32csm of anymore incursions in the future.Fermanagh/Cavan 32csm
PRO: Sean Maguire


A LAWYER for Marian Price last night said a new legal bid was being prepared to free her. Kevin Winters claimed the case against her over the Derry parade was ” a central plank ” in the decision to revoke her life licence. ” One year later we are told today that the charge has been withdrawn,” he said.

” This raises serious doubts on the credibility of the reasons to revoke her licence, and we intend to revisit this through the courts. ” The timing of this is significant given Marians deteriorating health.”
SDLP assembly member Pat Ramsey also said that as the Derry case was the ” trigger” for Price to be sent back to Prison, she should now be released from Hydebank Wood detention centre to a hospital fo treatment.” We believe that Marian Price is being held unjustifiably,” he said. ” It is clear she is both physically and mentally unwell. ” The women is almost 60 – years – old and is of no threat to anyone.”
Carl Reilly of Republican Network For Unity said she should be released immediately. ” The fact that Marian was unable to even attend court due to ill health shows that she is no threat to anyone.”
Gary Donnelly of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement also said there was now no reason for her continued detention.
Sinn Fein assembly member Jennifer McCann said the ” Continuing imprisonment of Marian Price is unacceptable”.
” Yet again Marian Price was deemed too unwell to appear in court, ” she said. ” It is obvious she is a threat to no-one and continuing to keep her in Prison is wrong.

RIRA plan for more violence

RIRA plan for more violence

A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday's 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM71A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday’s 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM7

A masked member of the Real IRA has vowed that the organisation will continue its campaign of violent attacks in the city.

The masked man appeared at an Easter Rising commemoration in the City Cemetery yesterday organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and read a statement from “the leadership of Óglaigh na h’Éireann”.

The man, dressed in a dark raincoat and black balaclava, appeared from the crowd towards the end of the commemoration to the applause of the several hundred people in attendance.

“The IRA will continue to attack Crown force personnel and their installations as well as British interests and infrastructure,” he said.

The masked man also said the Real IRA would work with other dissident republican groups.

“Republican unity remains a key objective and we will work closely with other organisations.

“Continued divisions within republicanism only serve the interests of our enemies,” he said.

The masked man also claimed there is only one IRA.

“The challenge for republicans remains the removal of the British presence and violation of our sovereignty. The Irish Republican Army will continue to challenge this violation.

“There is only Irish Republican Army and it is present in this cemetery today,” he said.

His speech was greeted with loud applause and cheering from the crowd.

Prominent Derry republican Gary Donnelly also spoke at the commemoration on behalf of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) and said that there is no constitutional path to a united Ireland.

Republicans stand here today continuing to defy those who demand submission,” he said.

Mr Donnelly also said; “The 32CSm challenge those who defend these servants of the crown to explain what argument exists that defends the rights of the PSNI to harass children and suppress the republican message.”

In an apparent reference to Sinn Féin, the leading republican also said; “Republicans cannot and will not engage with the institutions of partition and those who do have no right to claim the label of republican. The unavoidable conclusion reached when looking at former comrades at Stormont is that there is simply no constitution path to a United Ireland,” he said.

In a departure from previous years, the ‘colour party’ was not masked and wore white shirts and black ties as opposed to paramilitary uniform.

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Six held after RIRA threatens police

Six men have been arrested by detectives investigating a dissident republican parade, which took place in Londonderry on Easter Monday

Six held after RIRA threatens police

The Real IRA vowed to continue its campaign of violence against the police and army in Northern Ireland during the 32 County Sovereignty Movement‘s annual commemoration at Creggan cemetery.

Several hundred dissident republican supporters watched as a colour party marched to the cemetery.

After wreaths were laid, a masked man wearing black combat clothing addressed the crowd and threatened further violence against police and soldiers.

He claimed to be speaking on behalf of the organisation Óglaigh na hÉireann and said they would continue to attack “Crown forces” and “British interests and infrastructure”.

His words were met with applause by the crowd.

A PSNI helicopter hovered overhead during the event but there was no attempt to move in as police officers kept their distance.

In a statement, police said they “took the decision to run a low-key operational response to the event”.

“Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated,” local area commander Chief Inspector Gary Eaton said.

“The PSNI work to ensure that all their actions are appropriate, proportionate and lawful. Our priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrong-doing,” he added.

The six men, who were arrested in connection with the incident on Monday afternoon, have been taken to Antrim Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


32csm female member beaten to a pulp by British police

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement deplore the recent vicious assault by British police on a young female member in her own house in Nottingham, England.
The raiding party stating they were conducting an intelligence led raid, forced their way into the young lady’s house and immediately set upon her leaving her with serious head and facial injuries.
The member, 31 years of age and 5’1” in stature has been left traumatised by the thuggery of the so called forces of law and order and the violence inflicted by the state storm troopers can be imagined when viewing the photos of the scene of the attack where she had her head beat off the ground and injuries received.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn the escalation of political policing currently underway and call on all right thinking people to do likewise.
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