Another Catholic family let down by the bigoted PSNI/RUC

Ms Davidson said: “They had spoken to a man who saw Damien in a “distressed”state, with no socks or shoes on, later that evening. He told the man he was running from people who were after him”.

Damien McFall (28) was found dead on April 26th
THE family of a Co Tyrone man have said they feel “let down” by the PSNI/RUC as they seek answers about his death more than three months ago.

Follow this link to find out more: body of Damien McFall (28), who was from Dungannon but lived in Cookstown, was found in the early hours of April 26th in nearby Pomeroy. The father-of-three had been missing for three days when he was discovered on wasteland on Limehill Road, wearing just his boxer shorts. Heartbroken relatives said police informed them that no foul play was involved. However, when his remains arrived at the family home for a wake, they said they were “completely shocked” at his appearance – his face was swollen, there were strangulation marks on his neck and cuts all over his body. They claimed repeated efforts to speak to the PSNI/RUC about this have failed.“When my brother came home the left-hand side of his face was swollen and there were strangulation marks on his neck. He had been beaten. There were cuts all over his arms and legs” Stephanie Davidson Damien’s sister, Stephanie Davidson, said no explanation has been offered as to why her brother, who had become a father for the third time just a month before his death, was found almost naked or how he sustained his injuries. Relatives last saw the Dale Farm worker at the Dungannon home of his parents Michelle and Damien on April 22nd. Ms Davidson said they have spoken to a man who saw Damien in a “distressed” state, with no socks or shoes on, later that evening. He told the man he was running from people who were after him. Ms Davidson claimed the man had not been interviewed by the PSNI/RUC despite being the last person to see her brother. She said the PSNI/RUC “have not told us anything”. “We didn’t even get a family liaison officer,” she said. “We had one phone call. They asked questions about his life and we haven’t heard anything from that.

Repeated efforts to get answers on injuries to his body have failed says sister 

“When my brother came home the left-hand side of his face was swollen and there were strangulation marks on his neck. He had been beaten. There were cuts all over his arms and legs. “He had shaved a few days before and had his top off at mum and dad’s and that’s how we know there were no marks on him previously.” She said she has left “numerous messages trying to get hold of the police”. “They don’t speak about injuries or anything. We are sitting here now and it is nearly four months on and we are no better off. We don’t even know what happened. “It has been difficult. We do feel as if we have been let down. “My brother lost his life and there are no answers. We demand a thorough investigation into Damien’s death. “He was found with no clothes on. Somebody has to have seen something.”

Ms Davidson, who has appealed for anyone with information to come forward, said her family believe her brother had been “set with care” at the scene where he was found, given his position with his hands over one another across his stomach. “It is torture. It is a living nightmare. Every day it is the same questions going around in my head.” She said. “We believe my brother was murdered. We want justice for our brother and we will not stop at anything. I will die trying.” Asked by The Irish News about the case, Chief Inspector Michael McDonald said: “A post-mortem to establish the cause of death has been completed, and we are now waiting on toxicology results. “In the meantime, enquiries are ongoing and we will continue to liaise with the coroner’s office and keep Damien’s loved ones updated.”

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The best way to keep Northern Ireland in the UK is for Unionists to make it a success and a happy place

To implement an Irish Language Act we need to have a new education act. All schools should be amalgamated with religious organisations not having input. At start of primary four it would be compulsory for children to start learning a second language. They would have a choice of French, German, Spanish or Irish, thus implementing Irish into our curriculum

Let me start by saying that I am a unionist and consider myself to be Northern Irish.

Secondarily I consider myself to be part of the British family but also I have Irish in me.

Letter to the editor

I have to say that I feel totally let down by my unionist politicians. They have lost sight of what is important to the general public. Jobs, Public services, the health service, our infrastructure, the list could go on and on but all they can harp on about is Brexit, our Union, our Britishness.

Our being part of the UK will be answered when we get round to a border poll.

Does the DUP and the UUP not realise that the best way to ensure we stay part of the UK is to make Northern Ireland a success? Make people happy, make them content.

I live in a country that has two sets of people, Northern Irish and Irish. We need to recognise each other.

So I believe we should have an Irish language act. For too long we have lived in a separatist society. It starts in our schools and I am sad to say is greatly influenced by our religious organisations.

To start to implement an Irish language act we need to have a new education act.

All schools should be amalgamated with religious organisations not having any input. Where you go to school should be decided by what ward you live in, which would force people to mix.

From primary one until primary three our children should be taught basic skills English, maths, reading, writing and spelling. At the start of primary four it would be compulsory for our children to start learning a second language but the language they choose would be by choice. They would have a choice of French, German, Spanish or Irish thus implementing Irish into our curriculum.

I couldn’t care less if every road and street sign is both in English and Irish. The only problem I might have is if there were jobs that required an Irish language qualification.

It’s time for our politicians to actually earn their money. Get off their backsides and start running this great place. Whether it is Northern Ireland for you or the North of Ireland. Whether we remain part of the UK or become a united Ireland will be answered in a border poll.

I will respect the result, even if it not the result I wished for because I believe in democracy. As Mary Lou said 50% plus one is democracy. Maybe Sinn Fein should respect it, as should unionists.

John Lindsay, Cookstown.

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Security guards being reduced to ONE at Dungannon RUC/PSNI Police base

SECURITY at Dungannon Police Station is to be reduced next month with the number of front gate security guards dropping to only one at any given time, it is claimed.

Dungannon RUC/PSNI Police Station

Fermanagh South Tyrone UUP MLA Rosemary Barton said there are currently two guards on duty at any one time, but the new situation could leave lone, unarmed security officers guarding the gates at Police Stations overnight.

“Prominent RUC/PSNI Police Stations like Dungannon, Cookstown, Enniskillen and Omagh will be reduced to just one civilian security officer at all times from the middle of next month, due to Tory and DUP cuts to the policing budget” she explained.

“The potential security implications are unthinkable and the morale depression for staff, I assume, has not been considered.” The UUP MLA understands that cuts have left the RUC/PSNI almost 1,ooo officers short of the Patten recommendations, the number of stations greatly reduced, and public access to officers “greatly diminished”.

Bye 👋👋👋👋😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

However this is ” another penny clinching exercise, which will come at a serious security risk” she added. Police Federation chairman Mark Lindsay (another unionist spokesperson) said the bottom line must be the security integrity of stations. “How that is handled, and the nature of the contacts that are agreed, are a matter for the RUC/PSNI. ”

However, in any contract, adequate weight has to be placed on contractor resilience and numbers (so long as they aren’t Catholics) of personal deployed to undertake the work (Protestant work for Protestant boys) no change there then? “Safety of officers is uppermost and nothing should be done that calls that into question. ” I appreciate there are budgetary constraints, but nothing should be done that weakens security (so keep the Catholics away and only give the jobs to loyalists) or undermines the quality of the services provided.” The RUC/PSNI said it does not comment on specific security arrangements.

With many thanks to the: Tyrone Courier for the original story.


Summary Of Oil Contamination @ 11 Castle Court

Hot air balloon in the shape of the Churchill ...

By Martin Wallace

In late October 2004 a smell of oil was noticed at 11, Castle Court, Cookstown. We brought in an engineer who tested the burner, oil tank and all lines between the two and found no evidence for the smell.  This seemed disappear during the spring and summer of 2005 but both of our families when visiting the house commented on a smell of oil in the air, we could not smell it ourselves but had we become tolerant to living in it all the time?

During the autumn of 2005 the smell returned stronger, on advice we contacted our insurance company Churchill Insurance, then Cookstown District Council Enviromental Heath Department and an independant loss adjuster.

Shortly afterwards, while we were still living in the property, Stephen Hollinger from AES Marconi Limited, an enviromental specialist agency, employed by Crawford & Co Loss Adjusters, did an extensive site survey of air particle pollution in our home.  When this report was completed Martin & I on advice from Ruairi O’Donnelly from Crawfords Loss Adjusters and Mr. Darren Marks from Claim Solutions  moved out of the property at the beginning of November 2005 as the property was deemed to be uninhabitable and extremely dangerous to human health.

Remidiation commenced on the property in early 2006, completion date was given as September 2006. Our loss adjuster Darren Marks from Claims Solutions explained that the property was fully remediated in late September 2006, but we were to remain out of the property a further six week while soil and air sampling took place.  These samples were taken for three reasons: 1) to estimate how long the contamination of oil had been in the ground (this was for the purpose of insurance as our insurance company who needed to know if they were liable for the remediation costs), 2) to try and locate source and 3) to ensure that all oil had been remediated properly as to prevent this happening again and make the home a safe enviroment to live in.  We found this to be a very stressful time, and were grateful for the involvement of Ms. Geraldine Doogan, who assisted us every step of the way.

We were delighted to return to our home in November 2006 ensured that everything was properly done and the home was again safe to inhabit and trusting the fact that this was the case.

In March 2007 Martin began to feel unwell with a blockage in his throat, after attending the hospital several times it was discovered that he had raised lymph glands and lymph nodes in his chest.  Martins symptons included difficulty swallowing, cold night sweats, bowel discharge, energy loss leading to extreme fatigue, and a feeling of all day nausea and sickness.  Three possible diagnosises were given at this time Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, TB and Sarcoidosis.  On visiting Mr. Windrum @ Antrim Area Hospital Haematolgy Unit, it was suspected that Martin may have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Martin attended the unit to get bloods taken, weight checked and scans performed.  During this time the lymph glands and nodes in Martins chest did not increase in size so while promising to monitor his condition he forwarded him to Mr. Donnelly of the Respitory Unit in Antrim Area Hospital.  Martins health continued to deterioate with several infections inflicting his everyday life.  While attending Mr. Donnelly, Martin also attended appointments in the Waveney Hospital in Ballymena to see Mr. Valco in the ENT unit.  Also, on the referral of Mr. Donnelly, Martin attended the Gastric Unit of Antrim Area Hospital, under the consultantation of Mr. Byrne, this decision was taken as Martin was still suffering with discharge from the bowel.

Under all these consultants Martin was subjected to several biopsie procedures, these included lung, bowel (upper and lower) and lower intestines.  With Martins already ill health these procedures took their toll and nothing conclusive was discovered.

Just when you think things cannot get any worse, and as Martin’s health deterioted further, the smell of oil returned to Castle Court.  With a 9 month old baby to consider by then the vacation of the property was swift, AES Marconi came to the property on Friday  3rd of October 2008 and installed a extractor fan under our house.  In October 2008 AES Marconi carried out another air quality assessment and to our dismay we discovered that the contamination seemed to have returned.

A site meeting was held at the house when the results of the assessment were given.  Those in attendance were Mr. Colin Mc Knight from Crawford & Co, Churchill Insurance Loss Adjusters representatives in Northern Ireland,  Ms. Emma Stewart from Cookstown Enviromental Health Department and a local consellor Mr. Tony Quinn.   At this meeting, to our shock and disbelief when pressed Mr. Mc Knight revealed  that the source of the contamination in 2005/2006 had NEVER been found.  Giving the nature of the our now situation and the extent of the remediation two years previously this came as a great dissappointment to us both and our reaction was that we would not return to the property until the source of the contamination was found, I explained that “I did not care if the source was in the Sperrin Mountains they would have to find it”, to this he replied that “he agreed with me” and witnessed by all those present.

While all this was going on, a joint decision had been made by Martins hospital consultants that the only way to try and get answers to his condition was to open his chest and biopsy his lymph glands and nodes  ‘this procedure was highly intrusive and dangerous but jointly they felt they had no other option as his health continued to decline and his lymph glands had now raised for the second time.

The procedure carried out in the City Hospital, Belfast under the consultation of Mr. Mc Grath, took place in November 2008.  The results revealed to our delight that Martin did not have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma but had carbon dust present in his lymph glands, Mr. Mahood the consultant asked us if Martin had worked in a coal shed, a smokey bar or anything to do with enviromental toxins.  None of the above could be connected, but we were back to square one as his health continued to deteriote.

Christmas 2008 saw the first of two air sampling surveys conducted at 11, Castle Court, White Young & Green (WYG) Limited, instructed by AES Marconi Limited, carried out a bubble test with aparatus set up in the living room, the kitchen, the downstairs toilet and upstair main bedroom.  In the New Year these results determined the property was safe to live in.

Two months passed with no confirmed return date to the property, during which Martins health got to the point that his immune system was on the verge of collapse and he was no longer able to work.  He also had a further two bowel biopsies, one in the Mid Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt and one a couple of weeks later in Antrim Area Hospital, Antrim to try and establish a reason why he  was still discharging from his bowel, again nothing conclusive was found.  This second procedure reaked havoc on Martin and he was admitted to hospital once more due to complications.

On the 25th April 2009, Geo Whiteford Services, under the instruction of Crawford & Co, Churchill Loss Adjusters, carried out another air sampling survey.  Results were not immediately made available, only when questioned on 23rd June 2009, Crawfords revealed that the house was safe to return to.  Rent had not been paid for June for our rented accommodation, although we had several confrontations with our landlord regarding late rent payments the rent always was paid, however, Crawfords thinking we had returned home at the beginning of the month refused to pay the rent for June and told us to return to our home immediately as rent for June swould not be paid, however, through consultation with Colin Mc Knight rent for June was agreed.

This, however, did not calm our fears, we felt that no matter how many air sampling tests were carried out our home was not safe without our inital concern of the source being found not dealt with.  At this time we had no option but to contact Churchill Insurers directly.  Our inital correspondence was greated with sympthy but we were told that we could carry out other surveys but at our own expense.  On 6th July 2008, Martin contacted Rebecca Rodgers, our case consultant, threatening to expose the procedures undertaken thus far by all parties into the public domain.  She expressed her concern and promised to review the case, we were then told that Questgates Limited would become the new loss adjusters acting on their behalf, and the new remediators would be RAW Consultants.  How strange????

This is were the plot thickens, on extensive examination of the property  oil was discovered.  On speaking to Brian Doyle, of RAW Consultancy, we were astonished to learn of the extent of the contamination both in, what he called, “new oil” and “old oil”. At last, someone had listened to our plight and it was discovered that we were quite right not to move back home. What a disaster we averted.

During this procedure from July 2009 to the present date, we have found all concerned with the case i.e Rebecca Rodgers, Churchill Insurers, David Waller, Questgates Limited and Brian Doyle, RAW Consultants very professional in every way.  The same however cannot be said for Nolene Mc Kenna, Crawford & Co or Colin McKnight, Crawford & Co or Enviromental Health Department, Cookstown District Council who have been obstructive and unhelpful thoughout the nine month period from October 2008 – June 2009.

Crawford & Co have been asked to supply the test results from the previous spill in 2005/2006 to aid Martins medical investigation and to help to understand the history of the property, to date, despite legal and personal intervention these results have not been forthcoming, affectively leading to Martins medical treatment being stopped in December 2009 as no diagnosis can be given without this critical information.  You cannot help but wonder what have they got to hide?

Up to date now, on 25th February 2010, Rebecca Rodgers @ Churchill Insurers contacted Martin and explained that 11, Castle Court, would be available to return to as of 31st March 2010 as remediation was almost complete and that rent would not be paid to our landlord beyond this date.  When Martin expressed his deep concern regarding the issue of source (which has not yet been determinded for a second time) and that returning to the property while this still was a mystery would not be considered, Ms Rodgers asked him was he going to live with relatives if we were not returning home.  This is the second time this pressure has been put on us a family, with Eoin who is only 2 years old, Martin with ill heath and no solutions, how do they expect us to return home without the guarantee that this will not happen a third time, remembering that we trusted the first time, only to be moved out a second, do they really expect us to trust a second time and be moved a third time?????

On the reading this we hope that you can see that this has been a traumatic experience for us.  We cannot believe, on looking back, that our home has been destroyed twice, our lives devastated twice, and now they expect us to return to the property with no guarentee that it might happen to us a third time????

We would value your opinion, put yourselves in our shoes and tell us what would you do next?


The coat of arms of the O'Neills of Tyrone.
The coat of arms of the O’Neills of Tyrone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘The idea behind it is to pull in people with such an important name – Brendan McAnallen.

HUNDREDS of people with the surname O’Neill are to ddescend on their spiritual home in Co Tyrone for a gathering of famous clan later this month . Organisers say the International Gathering of the O’Neill Clans will attract people from as far away as America and Australia.

Theevent, arranged by the Tyrone based Association of O’Neill Clans, will focus on key sites associated with the ancient family name in the country. Partcipants will visit the ancient seat of the O’Neills in Benburb, Tullyhogue Fort, near Cookstown, where the clan installed their chieftains, and the Hill of O’Neills in Dungannon. Organiser Brendan McAnallen said the event would provide a unique opportunity for O’Neills to celebrate their Tyrone roots centuries after the collapse of the Gaelic system in Ulster. “This is the first time there has been an international gathering of this type in Tyrone. The idea behind it is to pull in people with such an important name as O’Neill,” he said.

It is important for people who share this name to know its sighificance, the Benburbn-based businessman said. “Unfortunately the average  O’Neill may not know their own history and some may not care either,” he said.”But there are a lot of people related to the O’Neills who take an interest in the family like the Quinns, the Hagans and the Donnellys. “We have people coming from England, Scotland, France, Spain and even Greece. They are also coming from Americia, Canada and Australia.” Mr McAnallen said the event had taken its inspiaration from the Gathering, the Irish government‘s drive to encourage people of Irish decent to return to the country during 2013. “We thought we should do something and this is our contribution,” he said. “We want to generate a bit of interest and bring the Irish diaspora back home.” Cookstown District Council will host the international vistors at Tullyhogue  on T’hursday of next week, during which a tour, talk and re-enactment will take place at the historic fort. A similar event, supported by the Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone, will take place the following day. The International Gathering of the O’Neill Clans will run from May 23 to 25. For more information visit

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.


” They offered me money and said they could help with my mortgage and help get me to Australia.

THE nephew of a prominent Co Tyrone republican has said he has been left ” terrified ” after attempts were made to rrecruit him as an informer while he worked in England. Emmet McElhatton, of Kildress, near Cookstown in Co Tyrone, has said he will never return to England to work again after claiming he was approached by MI5/MI6 officers four times in the space of a week last month.


The 21-year-old is a nephew off well known republican Kevin Murphy. Mr McElhatton said he had been approached in London on March 18 by a man and woman as he walked to a shop the day after arriving in the city to start work as a plumber. The Tyrone man said that during a series of attempts to recruit him MI5/MI6 officers had mentioned his uncle and also the republican ex-prisoner Damien McLaughlin whose early.release licence was revoked last month by Secretary of State Theresa Villiers.” They offered me money and said they could help me with my mortage and help get me to Australia,” Mr McElhatton said. ” I told him I wasn’t interested.” Mr McElhatton said that a day later he had received two calls to his mobile phone from people he beleived were MI5/MI6 officers. ” They had Northern accents but I think they were MI5/MI6,” he said. ” He rang me on the phone twice and again offered me money. ” I was walking through the house with the phone and he told me to come to the door so he was obviously watching me. ” This scared me and it meant I couldn’t even go out of the house to the shop. ” Work is scarce and I went out there to earn a living but now I can’t go back.”

Mr McElhatton said that when returning home from England on March 27, officials at Belfast International Airport had stopped him and ” pushed ” him into a room where he was meet by two men – one of whom had previously approched him in England. ” I kept asking could I leave and they said ‘ no’, he said. ” They were very rash and angry and used a lot of bad language. ” They offered me money and they said they could help me get to Australia. ” At one stage my phone in my pocket went off and I turned it off. ” One of the men demanded my phone and when I wouldn’t give it to him he twisted my arm behind my back. ” In the end they said : ‘ Are you willing to help us ?’ ” I said ‘ no ‘ and one of them said : ‘ The next time you see us we will be wearing forensic suits ‘. ” It was really frighting.” Mr McElhatton said he beleived he was being tergeted because of his relative. ” I am not politically involved in anything,” he said. ” I think I am being targeted because of my family background. ” The whole experience was terrifying, knowing I am being watched, my phone calls tracked and being followed.” Mr McElhatton’s solicitor Peter Corrigan said they would sue MI5/MI6 under the European Convention on Human Rights. ” We will be taking action against MI5/MI6 for an invasion of his privacy under article 8 of the European Convention,” he said. ” They were disturbing him while he went about his bussiness and work in London. This is improper policing.” Ulster Unionist Policing Board member Ross Hussey said attempts to recruit informers were legitimate in a bid to prevent dissident republicans taking lives. ” We have a severe dissident threat and that is visible to everybody. I understand people being approached,” he said.

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.

Suil Charad – Irish Language exhibition recommences….


IRISH language exhibition Suil Charad, is back on the road after a Christmas break. The exhibition on Irish language publications from the past 200 years, has been put together by POBAL, will be out on the road again in January.

The exhibition and accompanying booklet document publications in Irish over more than 200 years, and a full, comprehensive schedule has been arranged for the exhibition this year, starting with an extended trip to Cookstown. On Monday 23rd January, Suil Charad will be in Cookstown Library. It will remain there until Monday 6th February, when it will move to the Burnavon Centre, also in the town. There will be an official launch in the library on Tuesday 24th January, at 11am.

Treasures of the Irish Language

Amongst those present will be Seamus Mac Giolla Phadraig, an Irish teacher and member of Comhaltas Uladh and the Rosgoill Gaeltacht, who will give a short talk on the language and publications. Bernie McCann Area Manger for Libraries NI, will officially welcome the exhibition to the library. ” We are very greatful again to Libraries NI for their continuing support in displaying the Suil Charad exhibition in libraries around the Six Counties,” said Janet Muller, Chief Executive of POBAL, ” This is an important piece of work, which documents the growth of the Irish speaking community in this part of the country for more than 200 years, and it is clear from the interest being shown in it that it is an extremely valuable asset to the community.”

Irish writing of 8th century

Also present will be Sean Clarke, chairperson of the local council; as well as pupils from Scoil Mhuire, the Irish language stream in Pomeroy. ” It’s great that these pupils are coming to see the exhibition,” said Seimi Mac Aindreasa, Development Officer with POBAL, and one of those who researched the exhibition and accompanying booklet.” This history and heritage belongs to them and their families, and it’s important that they should see that there was and is , a large, strong, Irish speaking community around them.” They can also look at the exhibition, read the booklet, and then answer some questions and play some games in the package we have compiled for the childern.” Suil Charad will move to the Burnavon Centre on 6th February, with support from Cookstown District Council.

Phone : +44(0)28  90  438132

With Thanks to the Mid- Ulster Mail.

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