Brexit day bombing by the CIRA foiled by PSNI/RUC

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A bomb found in County Armagh may have been intended for a Brexit day attack, police believe.

The device was uncovered attached to a lorry on Monday.

Police said they first received a report about an explosive device in a lorry at Belfast docks on 31 January – the date the UK left the EU.

The report claimed that the lorry was due to travel by ferry to Scotland and a search was conducted but nothing was found.

On Monday, a more detailed report helped locate the device at Silverwood Industrial Estate in Lurgan. Police believe dissident republicans were responsible.

Police have not yet given an indication of the size of the bomb.

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It’s believed a ‘Brexit bomb’ attack was planned by Dissident Republicans. It was reportedly planted in a lorry at Belfast Docks on night of 31 Jan and not found until yesterday in Lurgan.


Det Supt Sean Wright said the “only conclusion that we can draw is that once again dissident republicans have shown a total disregard for the community, for businesses and for wider society”.

He added that “had this vehicle travelled and the device had exploded at any point along the M1, across the Westlink or into the Harbour estate the risks posed do not bear thinking about”.

Police say they worked with a haulage company, who own the lorry, to search about 400 vehicles and locate the explosive device.

It was made safe by ammunition technical officer (ATO).

Det Supt Wright appealed for information, in particular from anyone who noticed any suspicious activity at Silverwood Industrial Estate between 16:00 and 22:00 on 31 January.

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Two men arrested in CIRA bomb probe

Two people have been arrested in connection with a bomb at Wattle bridge last week

Police investigating seperate bomb exposions in Co Armagh and Co Fermanagh have arrested two men.

A 39-year-old and 35-year-old are being held under the Terrorism Act following searches in the Lurgan and Craigavon areas on Sunday.

They have been taken to Musgrave Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

The first of the two incidents carried by the Continuity IRA happened in the Tullygally Road area of Craigavon on Friday July 26.

Police were lured to the scene after a caller to the Irish News claimed a mortar had been fired in the area.

However, on further examination the mortar was found to be a hoax, intending to lure officers to the scene, with a secondary live bomb planted nearby.

The Continuity

Police said an eyewitness had seen a man running away form the scene of the attack.

The second attack took place last week at Wattle Bridge, close to the Fermanagh border.

Police and army bomb disposal officers were lured to the scene with a hoax bomb alert, while searching the area a secondary device exploded.

No one was injured in the attack.

The PSNI said it believed the Continuity IRA was behind the “deliberate attempt” to kill police officers.

The attack at Wattle Bridge was the fifth attempt to murder police officers so far this year.

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Under an oppressive regime, rebellion is a God given right, under British law its pan absolute duty

​Under an oppressive regime, rebellion is a God given right, under British law its an absolute  

Photo credits to: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis.
Photo credit: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis

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Teens accused of making explosives

A 19-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman arrested in connection with dissident republican activity were last night charged with making explosives.


The pair are to appear before Newry Magistrates Court today. They are charged with making explosives with intent to endanger life and two counts of possessing explosives with intent to endanger life or cause serious injury to property. The teenagers were arrested at a house just outside Forkhill, South Armagh, on Wednesday. Items including a grinder, fertiliser and singer were taken away for examination. Meanwhile a key witness to a dissident republican murder is one of three men arrested by gardai n Co Louth in relation to paramilitary activity. Damien O’Neill was detained on Thursday as part of a crossborder crackdown on dissident republicans. In 2007 he was shot in the neck by the Continuity IRA (CIRA). North Belfast man Eddie Burns was murdered during the same attack. A short time later his friend Joe Jones was lured to an entry at Elmfield Street in North Belfast and beaten to death with a spade by a member of the same gang.

Gerard Macklin was found guilty of Mr Burn’s murder in a Dublin court in 2008 but his conviction was quashed in 2010 and a retrail ordered. The new trial collapsed in January 2011 when O’Neill refused to testify. He told three judges at the High Court in Belfast: “I have been threatened that if’ I give evidence I will be shot dead.” Both victims were murdered shortly after leaving the Continuity IRA (CIRA). A Yards spokesman said: “As part of ongoing investigations and cross border cooperation with the Police Service of Northern Ireland into the activity of dissident republicans, yards at Dundalk arrested three males on the evening of the December 19 2013. “The arrests were made in the Carrickarnon area. “The three men, who range in age from early twenties to mid fifties, are currently detained at Dundalk Garda Station.” Yesterday morning the PSNI/RUC arrested two men in connection with a May 16 gun attack on police at Foxes Glen in Twinbrook, on the outskirts of West Belfast. The men aged 20 and 21, were detained in Lisburn, Co Antrim. A 45-year-old man arrested in connection with a gun attack on police in Ardoyne on December 5 has been released without charge.

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End the unjust barbaric treatment of Martin Corey

Just reading there about Martin Corey‘s appeal being rejected.. Absolute disgrace! More than a disgrace..

With thanks to: Brian ClarkeNUJ for the picture

The British can jail anybody they want stating they have secret evidence that can’t be challenged in court as nobody knows what it is (barring those that invented it). We are basically second class citizins in our very own country. Martin Corey is effectively serving an indeterminate sentence.. Where are the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s “Human Rights” campaigners from Sinn Fein in all this? As Billy Hutchinson said without contradiction from John O’Dowd in “Spotlight Special”… “They’re adminstering British rule in a British parliament!” They are indeed to thier eternal shame. Brassneckng it as bit part players in a toothless sub-parliament administering the will of the 800-year-old enemy while deliberately oblivious of Human Rights abuses at home. A 63-year-old man suffers internment stretching over threeyears and forced strip searchs by sectarian goons and outflanked and clueless bluffers in Stormont do nothing but build personal wealth and portfolios.

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THE Continuity IRA in Newry has claimed it will wage a campaign of terror against heroin dealers in the city. The dissident group insists it has identified those suspected of plying the deadly drug and is determined to erase them from the community.


It has fingered members of the traveling community as some of those involved in the illegal trade. This claim comes as police begun an investigation into a suspected shooting incident in the city. Damage was caused to an unoccupied house sometime last Friday night. Locals have reported hearing three shots being fired at an address we cannot identify for legal reasons. A statement released by the CIRA stated : “This is a Statement from South Down Command of Continuity Irish Republican Army. “Last night our volunteers carried out a gun attack on a house. “The individual living in this house is a member of a traveling criminal gang who is deeply involved in the drug trade. This person unfortunately was not at home. “We would also like to claim at this time that we carried out a bomb attack in Bessbrook and the other bomb attack in the Demesne, Carnagat. All these individuals are all part and parcel of a growing heroin drug culture within the traveling community. “We will not sit by while these gangs, and other gangs inflict this on our communities. There will be no further warnings issued to these people, instead we will take direct, severe, military action”.


This statement was released in the wake of a message being left on the voicemail of the office of the SDLP in NNearly claiming CIRA responsibility for the gun and bomb attacks. South Down MLA, Karen McKevitt said: “No group has the right to take the law into their own hands and use bombs and bullets, regardless of the seriousness of the alleged crimes. “In this sinister message, this paramilitary group claims that it carried out a gun attack in Newry on Friday last. The group also claimed responsibilty for two pipe bomb attacks, one in Bessbrook and the other in the Carnagat area of Newry. “This type of violence was a frequent part of our past, it was wrong then and it is now. The vast majority of our people rejected violence and continue to reject it. “Violence cannot be legitimised regardless of whether or not a paramilitary group has a ‘strategy’. I would urge anyone who has information about these crimes to pass it on to the police without delay,” added the MLA. “Police would appeal for anyone with information to contact them in Newry on 0845 600 800 or speak to them anonymously on Crimestoppers charity 0800 555 111,” added the spokesperson.

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No group has the right to take the law into their own hands and use bombs and bullets – Dominic Bradley.

A SENIOR SDLP member has condemned threats against members of the Traveling community left on his office voicemail by a man claiming to be from the Continuity IRA.

Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA)

Nearly and Armagh assembly member Dominic Bradley says a man claiming to represent the republican paramilitary group left the message on an answering machine at his Nearly office on Saturday. The recording was discovered by office staff who turned up for work on Monday morning. Mr Bradley, said the caller issued the statement on behalf of the “South Down Command of Continuity Irish Republican Army” and admitted responsibility for a gun attack on a house in Crannard Gardens, Carnagat, in Newry on Friday night. The voice message also said the group was responsible for a pipe-bomb attack in Bessbrook and another in Newry’s Carnagat district earlier this year.

The caller did not use a codeword. The statement also threatened further attacks. “We will not sit by while these gangs, and other gangs inflict this on our communities,” it said. “There will be no further warnings issued to these people. Instead we will take direct, severe, military action.” On Monday night Mr Bradley ccondemned the threat. “No group has the right to take the law into their own hands and use bombs and bullets regardless of the seriousness of the alleged crimes,” he said. Police said they were investigating claims that “damage was caused to an unoccupied house” in Nearly at the weekend. “Police are investigating claims that this damage was caused by shots being fired,” a spokesman said.

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.


Brothers in court accused of hijacking

Two brothers appeared in court yesterday accused of hijacking after a police officer wad squashed and injured by a stolen car. Joseph and Michael McManus, aged 27 and 19, whose brother was murdered for anti-social behaviour last saturday were arrested following attempts to stop a Renault Megane in West Belfast one week to the day after their brother was murdered by the CIRA early on Saturday morning.


A PSNI/RUC officer suffered chest injuries when squashed between his police car and the stolen car during the incident outside the Suffolk Inn on the Suffolk Road in West Belfast. The brothers, both of Orchard Hill, Crumlin, Co Antrim, are each charged with aggravated vehicle taking and assault on police. Joseph McManus is also accused of driving while unfit through drink or drugs, causing grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving, and failing to stop for police.

A detective told Belfast Magistrates Court she could connect both suspects to the alleged offences. Joseph McManus made no application for bail and he was remanded in custody to appear again by video link later this month. His brother had appeared in court on police bail following the weekend incident. Michael McManus was released to return again in eight weeks ‘ time. District Judge Fiona Bag all ordered him to have no contact with any prosecution witnesses. He was subjected to s curfew, electronic tagging and banned from being in a motor vehicle unless accompanied by a parent or solicitor.


Dissident group tells former members : We’ll kill you too.

THE Continuity IRA has admitted it shot Korean McManus dead in front of his 16-year-old brother. The dissident group also issued death threats against former members last night. McManus (26) was the first person murdered by the Continuity IRA since 2009 shooting of Constable Stephen Carroll in Craigavon, Co Armagh.


Using a recognisedcodeword, the group said it killed the father-of-one outside a West Belfast pizza takeaway at about 11.20pm last Saturday. A lone gunman got out of a car and called out the delivery driver’s name before blasting him twice in the back with a shotgun. Mr McManus, originally from Turf Lodge, left West Belfast in 2010 for Crumlin, Co An trim, after a samuria-sword attack in which a man almost lost an arm.The Continuity IRA claimed it killed McManus because he was involved in criminality and “terrorising the community with hatchets, knifes and swords “. The group threatened people with death for using its name for “personal gain”. It is understood those threatened had left the oorganization after internal unrest. Among those named were a former Belfast leader of the organization and a member of a well-known West Belfast family. The threats have led to concerns of a potential feud. The group also said that ” any retaliation against its members would be meet with extreme force”. Mr McManus appeared in court charged in connection with a sword attack in Turf Lodge in February 2010. His mother said the family had been assured by police that he was not under a dissident death threat and it was believed the murder was down to a personal vendetta. She also revealed they had fled West Belfast after their home was attacked and said the victim’s car had been destroyed in an arson attack just five weeks ago. Speaking to The Irish NewsSally McManus described the shooting as “cowardly”. “To shoot someone in the back is such a cowardly act. I would like to come face to face with the person who murdered my son,” she said. Mr McManus was a father to a five-year-old son, also called Kieran, was buried on Thursday following Requiem Mass at Holy Trinty Church in West Belfast. Speaking at the funeral, Fr Brendan Smyth called for there to be no retalation. “Revenge or retribution is a nasty word and a road that will lead to added heartache,” he said. “For those of you who may contemplate such a road I beg you don’t.” A 34-year-old man who handed himself in to police earlier this week for questioning about the latest shooting was released without charge on Thursday.

Death threats made to former members

THE Continuity IRA has threatened to kill a number of former members of the organization. The dissident group claims the men have been using the CIRA’s name for “personal gain “.

Using a recognised codeword, the organization’s so-called Northern Command last night named a number of individuals who split from it following unrest. The sinister threats have led to concerns of a potential feud. Among those under death threat from the CIRA are a former Belfast leader of the organization who parted ways with it last year. A member of a well-known West Belfast family who had a relative murdered by loyalist paramilitaries is also under threat from the organization, along with an associate who was arrested for extorting money from an alleged drug dealer. A Dublin member of the CIRA who was part of a major split is also under death threat from the group. The CIRA has been involved in a number of splits in recent years with people from Limerick and Belfast leaving the main organization in 2011 amid accusations of criminality among some members.

Six quizzed after suspect object found

POLICE were questioning five men and a women last night after a ssuspicious object was discovered in Co Atrim. British army bomb-disposal experts examined the object, found in the Barn field Road area of Lisburn. The object was discovered after police arrested two men in Lisburn and three men and a women in Dunmurry. The Barn field Road was closed for several hours but reopened at about 6pm yesterday.

With many tthanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.


THE widow of murdered PSNI officer Stephen Carroll last night agreed to an offer to meet with the mother of one of her husband’s killers.Kate Carroll said that she was prepared to meet Eileen McConville in the wake of her son Brendan’s conviction for the 2009 shooting.

The remarkable development came as 72-year-old Mrs McConville told The Irish News that she wished to express her ” deep condolences ” to Mrs Carroll as she offered to meet with her. Former Sinn Fein councillor Brendan McConville (41), pictured below right, was sentenced to a minimum of 25-years in prison after being found guilty of Constable Carroll’s murder in Craigavon in March 2009. His co-accused John Paul Wootton (21) received a 14-year jail term.

Last week Mrs Carroll revealed in an interveiw that she and the McConville family had acknowledged each other while seated in the public gallery during the recent trail. In appealing for a face to face meeting Mrs McConville, who believes her son is innocent, said: ” I had a brother murdered in 1977, his widow was left with five children and never got over the loss…. so I know how Mrs Carroll and her family feel.” I have thought about this many times and I would like to speak to Mrs Carroll.”

Last night Mrs Carroll said she would be prepared to take up the offer of a meeting. ” I would be happy to meet,” she said. ” I think it would heal a lot of the scars and be a big step in moving forward.” Mrs Carroll said she had also considered approaching Mrs McConville. ” I had talked to one of the officers in the case before about meeting her. ” I just wanted to explain my feelings towards her. ” They have suffered a loss too,” she said. ” I am a very fair person and I will never hold someone responsible for the actions of someone else.”

The mother of a man convicted of the killing of Constable Stephen Carroll has expressed her heartfelt sorrow for the murder and said she would like to meet the policeman’s widow. Eileen McConville also condemned outright the dissident republican murder of the 48-year-old PSNI officer in Craigavon in March 2009. Earlier this month her son, former Sinn Fein councillor Brendan McConville (41), was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in jail after being foung guilty of the shooting. His co-accused John Paul Wooton – who was 17 at the time of the murder – was sentenced to 14 years.His sentence has been referred to the Court of Appeal following complaints that it was too lenient.

Constable Carroll’s widow Kate revealed in an interveiw last week that she and the McConville family had acknowledged each other while seated in the public gallery during the lengthy trail.” They probably are devasted. They didn’t come for the sentencing. I am not gloating at their son and Wootton being sentenced,” Mrs Carroll said. Speaking yesterday from their home in Craigavon McConville’s elderly parents said they nooded to the grieving widow because they wanted to pass on their condolences. ” My heart goes out to her. She lost her husband and we have felt that way from the first day we heard of the shooting, even before Brendan was arrested,” Mrs McConville said.” From day one we have felt really, really sorry for her.

” I had a brother murdered in 1977. His widow was left with five childern and she never got over the loss. ” My own mother never got over it so I know how Mrs Carroll and her family feel. ” We want to express our condolences and say that we totally condemn the murder of Mr Carroll in the strongest possible terms, just like we would condemn any murder. ” As a family we have no time for that sort of thing.” I have thought about this many times and I would like to speak to Mrs Carroll. ” I don’t think anyone has the right to take a life, anyone’s life no matter who or what they are. ” And I really want to get that acros, to tell her that we are really sorry for her loss – but also that Brendan didn’t do it.”

Speaking about the trail Mrs McConville said she was keen to get across to Mr Carroll’s widow that they were there to support their youngest son and did not agree with the murder of her husband. ” We went a few times at the start. We were there the first day and Mrs Carroll sat behind us all of those time,” Mrs McConville said. ” We did nod to her and acknowledge her because we wanted her to realise that we felt for her too, being there in court in those awful circumstances.”

The trial of Brendan McConville for the killing of constable Stephen Carroll – the  first member of the PSNI to be murdered since the organisation changed name – attracted global attention. Eileen McConville and her husband William went to Belfast Crown Court on a number of occasions. However the two pensioners found it too difficult to sit through the entire trial. The Court was originally told that a special British army intelligence unit had attached a tracking system to Wotton’s car prior to the shooting. The prosecution argued that this showed the vehicle was close to the scene at the time of the murder.

However, it later emerged that the tracking device had been ” WIPED” and that data from the hours after the killing was lost. Three soldiers gave evidence anonymously but failed to explain how the data was deleted from the device. Solicitor Peter Corrigan of Kevin Winters & Co confirmed this week that he is preparing an appeal of the judgement. Mrs McConville said she believes that her son is innocent.” People only see a fraction of what is reported if there had of been a jury trail it would have been thrown out it would never have even made it as far as it did”, she said. ” I’m 72-years-old now. If Brendan was to serve 25 years me and my husband will never see him out. ” He has two children aged 17 and 16 and we worry about them as well.” I would like politicians and the justice minister to please just take the time to read through the evidence to see just what Brendan was convicted on. ” They had to get someone for the murder and he was the first person that came to hand.”

The murder trail also heard identification evidence from a witness known only as ” M ” , who has since gone into a witness protection programme. ” We had never heard tell of him before that day,” Mrs McConville said. ” Brendan never knew him, had never met him. ” He said he knew Brendan from he was a nipper but that couldn’t be right because we never even lived in Craigavon when he was young. ” He’s not even his age. He wasn’t in school with him or anything. ” You just have to hope that the appeal court judges will be fair and go on the evidence in front of them. ” I would also call on human rights organisations and international justice groups to take time to read through the evidence that was presented at Brendan’s trail. ” If it was my loved one or family member I would like to thin that the person who did it would be locked up rather than an innocent person be convicted. ” We know Brendan didn’t do it and that’s not justice, not for Mrs Carroll or anyone else.”


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