This is what @MichealMartinTD and @simoncoveney are supporting in #Ukriane

▪️(1) The summary execution of surrendered, unarmed and defenceless soldiers. This is what @vonderleyen tells us #European values are. This is what you are paying for. Welcome to the new Europe.

▪️(2) Will @rtenews be reporting on this brutal massacre of defenceless prisoners of war? Will @BBCNews be condemning this? How about @CNN? It’s likely this massacre like many others will be ignored like the numerous massacres by #Aidar, #Torando and #Azov. Slava mass murder.

Wisconsion’s Zach Gevelinger released after nine days in the North of Iredand.



Story Updated: Jul 15, 2013

BELFAST, NI-On Monday, Northern Irish Police released a statement saying that a man in his 20’s arrested after visiting a female prisoner July 6th, had been released from detention on the 15th.

CBS 58 News has confirmed that the man they are referring to is one time UW-Platteville student Zach Gevelinger.

Communications Director Gordon Fyffe said “A man aged in his 20s, who was arrested in the Belfast area on  Saturday 6 July by Detectives from PSNI’s Serious Crime Branch investigating dissident republican activity, has today (Monday 15 July) been released pending a report to the PPS.”

PPS stand for Public Prosecution Service.

Gevelinger’s attorney told Allison Morris of the Irish News in Belfast that Gevelinger was hospitalized Saturday after suffering some sort of seizure.

On Friday, one day after CBS 58 News reported on the arrest of a UW Platteville student in Northern Ireland his aunt issued a statement.

24 year old Zachary Gevelinger from Dodgeville, Wisconsin was apparently arrested this week in Northern Ireland.

In the written statement, Jan Gevelinger said:

“Zachary Gevelinger has neither committed nor been charged with any crime.

We fully expect that Zach will be released very soon.

The family asks that you respect their privacy, and will have no further comment.”

The Irish News in Belfast ran an article saying he was detained after visiting with a woman who has been charged with throwing a pipe bomb at two police officers in Belfast.

Gevelinger’s grandmother told CBS 58 News that she had no details about what happened.

Northern Irish media is reporting that Gevelinger’s computer and other items were seized as part of a search of his hotel room.

An Independent lawmaker who was  formerly with the Sinn Fein party, which is sympathetic to the Republican cause of Britain out of Ireland, told reporters in Belfast that Gevelinger was a pen pal to Christine Connor.

Connor is facing charges of attempted homicide and possession of pipe bombs.

None of the media coverage of her case indicates that she is affiliated with any terrorist organizations.

The serious crimes division is said to have brought Gevelinger into custody as part of an investigation into Republican dissident activity.

Local journalists tells CBS 58 News that nine days of questioning, even by Northern Ireland standards, seems excessive.

Donal O’Meadhra who runs a United States based organization to provide pen pals and support to prisoners in Northern Ireland tells CBS 58 News that Gevelinger was on a humanitarian mission.

“Could you imagine what would happen if this happened anywhere but the UK?” O’Meadhra said, “Yanira Maldonado was all over FOX and CNN in May when she was arrested in Mexico

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