DEPRAVED child rapist Paul Fenton is today exposed as the sick monster who raped a 10-year-old child. 

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This is the face of a vile sex abuser who tried to heap the blame for his stomach-churning abuse on his young prey – his crimes now exposed. There is no longer any hiding place for monster Fenton, who is the son of murdered IRA informer Joe Fenton. The Sunday World can reveal Fenton was found guilty last November of raping the young girl he sexually abused since she was 10 years of age. And when his sordid crimes were exposed he blamed the little girl whose life he destroyed to fulfil his sick sexual desires. Fenton, who had an address in Ballycastle, appealed his 11-and-a-half-year sentence last week only for appeal judges to take three minutes after private consultation to deny his plea. Fenton raped the innocent child, he even blamed her for instigating the sordid abuse he inflicted. When initially charged with rape and the sexual abuse of the minor, he claimed she started the four-year nightmare.

These ludicrous and stomach-churning claims were slammed by the judge who handed him one of the highest sentences in Northern Irish history for rape and sexual abuse of a minor. He refused to admit his guilt despite damming evidence, forcing his young and traumatised  victim to appear in court and be cross-examined in the dock from 10am to 4.30pm. The exhausted child was forced to live through every harrowing moment and every sickening detail of what he did to her and what he forced to do. It was revealed in court that he made her watch pornographic movies, and every opportunity he had he molested her.

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He told her he loved her, that they were best friends and this is what ‘best friends do’. It was only when she grew older she realised the depravity of what was happening to her, that it was wrong and the man who was supposed to be her best friend was a monster. The child, who was a neighbour of Fenton, is now 16 years of age. Her childhood ruined, her innocence taken and any natural trust she had completely shattered. It was only after the young girl, at 13, confided in friends that Fenton was exposed for the paedophile he is. In an exclusive interview with the victim’s grandmother, the true horrors are now exposed. For the Sunday World can reveal that Fenton has claimed to friends that he is working away instead of admitting the truth. At a court hearing last Thursday morning the sicko was almost unrecognisable since his court appearance and sentencing last year (the before and after photographs are both included in the above links).

Sweating profusely, continuously pulling at his face and hair, he looked like a man on the edge. Dark circles, almost like black eyes, were clearly seen from the public gallery. It appeared he was missing several teeth – the Sunday World understands this is the result of a vicious jail-house beating once his identity as a child rapist was discovered by fellow inmates inside Maghaberry Gaol. Speaking to the Sunday World on Saturday night July 4th 2020, the grandmother of Fenton’s brave victim revealed the pain and horror he had inflicted on her innocent granddaughter and the heart-breaking effect it had on the entire family circle. “He is an evil bastard. What he did is unforgivable. She was a baby, she was a innocent child,” the devasted grandmother told the Sunday World.


“He has repeatedly lied, over and over again, telling people he is innocent when every piece of evidence proved he was a rapist, that he raped and abused my lovely granddaughter over and over again. “That is why we as a family have decided to speak out, enough is enough, everyone needs to know what he is. A paedophile, a cruel evil bastard and a liar and coward trying to make out that he is the victim. He makes me sick,” she said. Fenton’s victim told her loving mother what had been happening after she confided in two close friends. “She told two friends and that is how it all came out, one of them, a wee boy came to the house and told her if she didn’t tell her mummy then he would. She called her mum upstairs and told her the awful things he had been doing to her, grinding against her and raping her, and the police were called.” Fenton’s father Joe was murdered by the IRA in 1989 after he was exposed as a Special Branch agent.

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and Paula Mackin for the EXCLUSIVE original story – p.mackin@sundayworld.com

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CHAPTER 20 of the Murphy Report was published last weekend.

In 62 pages it illustrates the true evil of clerical child sex abuse. Furthermore it depicts the Church, particularly in the Dublin Archdiocese during the 1980s, as conniving, uncaring, oppressive and deceitful organisation.

I was a priest, and a parish priest, in Dublin during that time and I served in different capacities under all three archbishops – Dermot Ryan, Kevin McNamara and Does Connell. For much of that period I was a member of the Council of Priests for the Archdiocese. In all that time I never once heard of, or discussed, the abuse of children by clerics. Now I learn that among those who once reported me for what I was writing in The Sunday World, was a convicted  serial abuser of children. He was listened to by the authorities and needless to relate, I wasn’t. Chapter 20 is hard to read because it uncovers the deliberate and planned way that the Archbishops and their cohorts brought their power to bear to protect at least one abuser.


They knew that children were being abused in the Dublin Archdiocese and in a number of other countries, yet they didn’t care for those children or for the misery they’ve had to endure since. They were more interested in making sure the alleged good name of the Catholic Church was protected. To help them in their deceit, they sucked in to their web of dishonest intrigue anyone who could help maintain the status quo. They especially used their influence over what can only be described as misguided Gardai. The State and the Church combined to protect the abuser and to cause even more pain to the innocent victims. Furthermore when Brendan Smith was exposed, almost 10 years later in the 90s, some of these senior clerics used the excuse that they had no idea what a paedophile was. We now know that was a lie. Ten years earlier they knew the damage a peadophile priest could do; they already knew that even after treatment they would continue to distroy innocent children for their own sexual gratification; they knew from their experence that the sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime which needs to be exposed and the perpetrators thrown out of the priesthood. Yet these Archbishops supressed the truth. That much is clear from the conclusions of this chapter of the Murphy Report. Insurance had been taken out against the possibility of claims arising from the sexual abuse of children, yet little was done to protect the children themselves. As Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has wisely repeated: “The hurt done to a child through sexual abuse is horrific. Betrayal of trust is compounded by the theft of self-esteem. The horror can last a lifetime. … The Archdiocese of Dublin failed  to recognise the theft of childhood which survivors endure and the diocese failed in its response to them….. For that no words of apology will ever be sufficient”. And the Archbishop, dispite the criticism he receives from others wihin the clerical church, is absolutely right when he says, “There are still those who would challenge the work of the Murphy Commission. What happened to children in the Church of Jesus Christ in the Archdiocese of Dublin must never be forgotten”. It is only fair to state that there are now many dedicated and trained child safeguarding volunteers throughout the country, including Dublin, who work tirelessly to ensure that children are as safe as possible in churches today.


I am more convinced than ever that there was collusion at the highest level of our church with what went on. There are lpeople in positions of power who have no right to be still in place in a church which respects basic morality. Personally I still trust Pope Francis. It’s the first time in a decade I’ve been able to say that about Vatican personnel. I hope he will promote decent leaders in our Church and that freedom to live the Gospel as Christ would want us, is restored to priests and laity alike. One simple extract from Chapter 20 of Murphy should be sufficient. It says that Archbishop Dermot Ryan “protected Fr McCabe, (as serial abuser) to an exextraordinary extent; it seemed that the welfare of children did not play any part in the Archbishop’s decisions”. Furthermore “the bishops decided to let him (Patrick McCabe) go to the USA. They ineeffect, set him loose  on the unsuspecting population of Stockton, California. There is no record that they notified the Bishop of Stockton of his arrival”. It’s galling to think that I was once deluded by such deceitful leadership.

With many thanks to : Fr Brian D’Arcy, Sunday World.

Email address: father.Brian@sundayworld.com

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