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DUP( arse licking friend of Jamie Bryson) councillor Dale Pankhurst reported ‘concern’ after Catholic woman given house!!!!

‘KAT’ (Kill all Taigs) scrawled on walls and windows smashed just before Catholic mother and children due to move in

A DUP Councillor is facing police questions about his contact with the housing association after sectarian intimidation prevented a young Catholic mother from moving into a new home in North Belfast has defended his actions.

Dale Pankhurst approached Choice Housing in North Belfast saying a “concern” had been raised about the mother-of-four moving into one of its new-build properties in North Belfast. The social housing body sought an assessment from the so-called police (who apparently represent both sides of our divided community) who confirmed they were unaware of any threats against the 24-four-year old single mother. God help our so-called police service depending on your religion one being a Catholic and the other being a Protestant. What is the difference of the Police Service in the North of Ireland? Well sorry but that’s another question put it this way 98% of the Police Service in the North of Ireland are Protestants!!!!

Taigs Out’ (Protestant slag meaning Catholic)

But last week, shortly before she was due to move in, windows were smashed and the anti-Catholic slur ‘KAT’ (Kill all taigs) was scrawled on a wall). A union flag was also draped from a drainpipe on the property at (A so-called mixed area) at Tyndale Gardens in the mainly Unionist area of the Ballysillan area of North Belfast. There is no suggestion Mr Pankhurst had advance knowledge of the intimidation directed against the young mother.

PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE: Oldpark DUP Councillor Dale Pankhurst pictured at a Belfast City Council meeting in his band uniformIn a statement last night he said he wanted to raise “the matter in confidence” and, as a public representative, had a “duty of care to all residencets when I receive any form of information that may indicate danger to life or property”.  

The West Belfast woman, who is from a Catholic background and has four boys aged between five and three months, has now abandoned her plans to move into the area. She told The Irish News she ‘started crying’ when she learned of the attack on the property. “I thought fresh start, new house, me and the four babies could move in, have a garden to play in – and then all this stuff happens,” she said. I am not trying to be racist or sectarian here but our Police force is 98% of the Protestant religion. How can a Catholic minority support that? The pictures and words speak for themselves I don’t need to say a word

These pictures speak volumes for themselves you would never see a Catholic celebrating the Protestant culture at any of these events both pictures represent hatred of the Catholic faith and culture

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The DUP’s and Orange Orders love for Loyalist terrorism “You couldn’t make it up” and don’t mention anything to do with Catholics or Jews

Newly elected DUP Councillor Marc Collins Mid Ulster and East Antrim Borough Council

We have suffered years of Tory DUP austerity the possible sell off of our NHS which they jointly voted not too protect and what do the OO do about it, nothing! but Tory DUP sea border and they wreck what’s left of the union time for UI is near
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Unionism must consider a campaign of civil disobedience against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, a leading Orangeman has said:
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So. Anywhere else. Substitute Israel/Islam for Celtic and Jewish/Muslim for Fenian. What do you think would happen? Media outcry. Arrests. Court cases. In Scotland. Oh STFU Timmy. It’s just banter.


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Catholics will outnumber North’s Protestants by the centenary of the state of the North of Ireland.

CATHOLICS will outnumber Protestants in the North of Ireland by 2021, a leading academic has suggested.

Dr Paul Nolan speaking at a meeting of interface community workers in Belfast hosted by The Community Relations Council.

The 2011 official census figures put the Protestant population at 48 per cent, and Catholics at 45 per cent, while more recent figures from 2016 show 44 per cent of working age adults are Catholic and 40 per cent Protestant.

Paul Nolan, an Independant researcher, best known for the three North of Ireland Peace Monitoring Reports, told BBCNI news it is likely by the centenary of the fundation of the state Catholics will out-number Protestants.

“Three years from now we will end up, I think, in the ironic situation on the centenary of the state where we actually have a state that has a Catholic majority,” he said.

He said there is no need for this predicition to cause undue alarm amoung unionists as being a Catholic does not necessarily mean supporting a United Ireland.

Mr Nolan pointed out that although 45 per cent identified in the 2011 census as being from a Catholic background, only 25 per cent claimed an exclusively Irish identity.

“The future of unionism depends entirely upon one thing – and I mean unionism with a small ‘u’ – it depends on winning the support of people who do not regard themselves to be unionists with a capital ‘U’,” he said.

“In other words people who do not identify with the traditional trappings of unionism; people who would give their support for a UK government framework and that’s a sizeable proportion of Catholics provided they are not alienated by any form of triumphalism or anything that seems to be a rejection of their cultural identity as nationalists.”

He suggested it is likely debate on a future United Ireland would move to whether it might mean “two paraliaments – one in Belfast and one in Dublin”.

” I think the more that gets unpacted, the more opinion will move back and forward. It’s not going to go just in one direction,” the academic said. His analysis comes after DUP leader Arlene Foster said she would “probably” leave in the event of a United Ireland.

Party colleague Christopher Salford said while Ms Foster’s veiws were “reflective of a lot of unionists [who] feel they would effectively be pushed into the Irish sea”, he would be amoung any exodus. ” For my part though, I would never leave this island,” he said. “We need to show that you can be British and Irish at the same time.” Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald said unionists “have to be at home in a new Ireland” and nothing, from the flag to the anthem would be “taboo”.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Bimpe Archer for the origional story.


29th July 1915 – The remains of the late Fenian leader Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa are lying in state for three days at City Hall in Dublin.

The remains had been brought by the American liner St Paul from New York to Liverpool, and then transferred to the steamer Carlow, which conveyed them to Dublin.

O'Donovan Rossa and Mary Jane!/groups/250140148442168?view=permalink&id=797359887053522

O'Donovan Rossa lying in state in City Hall, Dublin.

Mary Jane O'Donovan Rossa.

With many thanks to: Gillean Robertson Miller – 1916 Easter Rising Historical Society.

1916 Easter Rising Historical Society

The remains had been brought by the American liner St Paul from New York to Liverpool, and then transferred to the steamer Carlow, which conveyed them to Dublin.

O'Donovan Rossa and Mary Jane!/groups/250140148442168?view=permalink&id=797359887053522

O'Donovan Rossa lying in state in City Hall, Dublin.

Mary Jane O'Donovan Rossa.

With many thanks to: Gillean Robertson Miller – 1916 Easter Rising Historical Society.

IRA-accused suffered heart attack in custody court told.

IRA-accused suffered heart attack in custody court told.

THE trial date of a Derry man accused of offences relating to murder bids on security force members has been postponed after he suffered a heart attack in custody, a court has been told.

Christopher O’Kane (42), of Woodland Avenue in the city was due to stand trial next month on a total of 17 Provisional IRA-related offences, including an attempt to murder a senior RUC officer more than two decades ago. Barrister Andrew Moriaty, defending handed into court a report from a consultant cardiologist into O’Kane’s current medical condtition. He

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Red Hand Defenders threaten school children’

A LOYALIST paramilarary group last night threatened to take “military action” against children attending three Catholic schools in greater Belfast. A man claiming to represtant the Red Hand Defenders issued the threat using a codeword.

HOLY CROSS not this fucking time

The group, formed in 1998, and used as cover name by both the UVF and UDA, is not thought to have been active in recent years. In 1999 it admitted responsibility for the murder of human-rights solicitor Rosemary Nelson after a bomb exploded under her car near her home in Lurgan, Co Armagh. In a statement to The Irish News the group said it had “reactivated” in “response to attacks on the Protestant, Unionist and loyalist community in recent months” and would target three schools in greater Belfast. “Parents, pupils and staff who go to those schools are no longer welcome at the three schools,” it read. “Those three schools are in Protestant, unionist and loyalist areas and as our parades and people are are not welcome in nationalist areas, therefore [anything] to do with these schools will now be considered as legitimate targets.” The group said it wanted the schools to be made aware of the threat, adding: “If the message is not taken on board by the community then trouble will commence on Monday morning and military action will also commence on Monday morning.”

With many thanks to : Connla Young, The Irish News.


‘Looking back, a lot of Catholic pubs were targeted. This is just a bad reminder of that – Alex Mackey.

A LOYALIST paramilitary warning to publicans not to serve Catholics is reminiscent to a very sinister period during the Troubles, a Sinn Fein MLA has said.

2013-09-05 17.20.52

Alex Mackey spoke out about the threat in Larne, Co Antrim, after unearthing a piece of Troubles-related memorabilia – a flyer which was once distributed warning Protestants not to drink in Catholic bars because to do so could “seriously damage your health”. Mr MMackey said the leaflet found in a Protestant bar in the Ravenhill Road area of east Belfast was given to him in 1972. He said it had been distrbuted at a time when Catholic bars were being targeted by loyalist paramilitaries, resulting in murders and soundings in bomb and gun attacks. Mr Maskey said the leaflets, used as beer mats, were issued to Protestants to warn them not to frequent Catholic bars because they might be bombed.

Loyalist paramilitaries are said to have visited at least five bars in Larne last Saturday to warn staff not to serve Catholics. The move led some publicans to consider increasing security at their premises and prompted another Sinn Fein MLA to urge police to “look at Larne as a priority”. Mr Maskey said the threat was “reminiscent of a very sinister period, whenever people were being killed in bombs and shooting attacks on bars”. The latest warnings were “a twist” on the decades-old leaflet, he said. Mr Mackey said it was a “sickening reminder” of the past when bars were targeted “because of the religion of patrons and owners”. “Looking back, a lot of Catholic pubs were targeted,” he said. “There was a campaign on that sector. This is just a bad reminder of that.”

With many thanks to : Marie Louise McCrory, The Irish News.

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