International body backs Irish language role

Graffiti in Belfast calling for an Irish Language Act

Language commissioners from six countries have supported a similar role being established in the North of Ireland.

Members of the International Association of Language Commissioners voiced their support in a letter to the Irish language organisation, Conradh na Gaeilge.

An Irish language commissioner was a key feature of previous proposals for an Irish language act.

However, the proposals have been politically contentious.

Language laws ‘strengthen not threaten’
The power of words
Both main unionist parties have opposed a standalone act, but other parties have supported calls for one.

The International Association of Language Commissioners is an umbrella body for language commissioners in a number of countries.

Eleven commissioners from Canada, Spain, Wales, Ireland, Kosovo and Belgium have signed the letter of support.

Five of the signatories are from regions of Canada, while both the Basque and Catalonian language commissioners from Spain have put their name to the letter.

Police standards
The principal role of an Irish language commissioner would be to promote and facilitate the use of the language.

They would also police the standards required of public sector bodies in delivering services in Irish.

The letter said that language commissioners brought many advantages.

“In our view language commissioners can be central in the protection and preservation of a language that is spoken by a minority,” it read.

Dr Niall Comer, from Conradh na Gaeilge, said that independent commissioners were vital in protecting language rights.

“Language rights and rights-based legislation are afforded to minority and indigenous language communities across these islands and indeed across the world,” he said.

“If anything we are the anomaly.”

A working group on rights, languages and identity has been established as part of the ongoing talks between the political parties at Stormont.

With many thanks to: BBCNI and Robbie Meredith NI Education Correspondent for the original story

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Relative of 1916 Rising Hero contests unjust conviction for highlighting the case of the Craigavon Two

Friday 24th March will see IRPWA member Brian Murphy challenge his public order conviction and his 2 months suspended sentence when he appears at the Circuit Court at the Central Criminal Courts, Parkgate Street, Dublin.1

Brian was arrested following his lone protest at a 26 County State ceremony in Grangegorman cemetery, Dublin on May 25th, 2016 to ‘commemorate’ British soldiers killed suppressing the 1916 Easter Rising.

During his peaceful protest, Brian was assaulted by the Canadian Ambassador to the 26 counties, Kevin Vickers. Brian’s protest which included highlighting the continued persecution and plight of imprisoned republicans including the case of the Craigavon Two (, became headline news all over the world, both online and in mainstream media particularly in Canada. The actions of the Canadian Ambassador amplified Brian’s protest beyond anything he had expected and the 26 county state sought draconian retribution as a result of being embarrassed, with their reformist agenda around the centenary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising exposed.

The embarrassment caused to the state highlighted their contempt for the republican heroes of 1916 and their continued attempts to criminalise the republican struggle whilst cosying up to British imperialism which continues to occupy the north of Ireland dividing the Irish nation by force.

In challenging his conviction Brian will maintain his right to protest this event to which he had received a formal invitation and that his actions on the day were not ‘criminal’ unlike those of the Canadian Ambassador who has never been brought to task for his unwarranted aggression.

It is the view of both Saoradh and the IRPWA that Brian’s conviction and the harshness of his sentence were politically motivated, the right to peacefully protest has been set aside by the state as witnessed in cases such as Brian’s and in the case of the Jobstown water protest. Saoradh and the IRPWA stand in solidarity with Brian and wish him the best of luck in overturning this contrived conviction.

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True republicans detained after being refused entry to Canada

‘Several factors are used in determining admissibility into Canada, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organised crime, security, health or financial reasons – Canada Border Services Agency spokesman.

1544472_627066484021892_151750410_n 1546146_269141479909569_1836966964_n

THREE high-profile anti-agreement republicans are expected to be deported from Canada after being refused permission to enter the country.

The chairman of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, Francie Mackey, was amoung the men detained as they tryed to enter the country on Wednesday. It is understood prominent Belfast spokesman Martin Rafferty and Louth-based member Peter Fitzsiomons had also travelled across the Atlantic to take part in a six-day speaking tour. Republican sources have confirmed all three men were detained shortly after their flight from Dubin touched down at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It was unclear last night exactly why they were turned away from Canada. A former Shame Fein councillor in Omagh, Mr Mackey was held in a local detention centre overnight before being placed on a flight home yesterday. His travelling companions were detained in local prisons and were expected to be placed on the same flight. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement was originally called the 32 County Sovereignty Committee and was formed by Shame Fein members opposed to the party’s political direction in 1997. It has in the past been linked to the Real IRA, which formed a merger with republican groups in Derry and Mid Ulster in 2012. A spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency last night said it would not “confirm nor deny the entry of any individual” but it takes “it’s border and national security responsibilties very seriously”. “All persons must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter and/or stay in Canada,” he said. “Several factors are used in determining admissability into Canada, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organised crime, security, health or financial reasons.” When asked if the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is banned in Canada, the spokesman directed The Irish News to a list of banned organisations on which the group did not appear.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the orgional story.

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A Gravestone for John Herbert McLaughlin Service

A Gravestone for John Herbert McLaughlin Service

  • When
    Saturday, 11 February 2012
  • Time
    12:00 until 13:00
  • Where
    St. Peters Cemetery, 1900 London Rd
  • Description
    A Gravestonefor John Herbert McLaughlin ServiceLocation – St. Peters Cemetery
    1900 London Rd
    G32 8RWDate : Saturday 11th February 2012Time : NoonReferring to my recent campaign in November 2011 for A Gravestone for John Herbert McLaughlin, I am delighted to announce that a Celtic Graves Society event with take place on Saturday 11th February 2012.John Herbert McLaughlin was one of the founding fathers of Celtic Football Club and was the Clubs first Chairman.Unfortunately John’s resting place at St. Peters Cemetery lies unmarked but after the generosity of the Celtic Family Worldwide we have raised funds for a fitting and lasting memorial.

    The service should not take more than an hour and members of John Herbert McLaughlin family will be in attendance, including some coming as far afield as Canada for the event.

    There will be several speeches and anecdotes from members of John’s family as well as representatives from Celtic Football Club about John’s life and his service to both Celtic Football Club and Scottish Football in general.

    I would like to extend an invitation to not only those who donated to the campaign to attend but anyone else who is interested in attending the service.

    Celtic FC have a home game against Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC on Saturday 11th February so some of you may be in Glasgow during this time.

    After the service, it is expected that we will call at the Celtic Supporters Club, London Road to toast John’s life.



The Ireland Canada Monument

Irish Holocaust- Push to Educate the Facts

In Canada, the thousands of Irish who died at Grosse Ile, Partridge Island and Middle Island New Brunswick, Toronto and Kingston Ontario, Montreal who died of hunger related deseases in 1845-48 and an estimated 1000 Irish who died building the Rideau Canal in 1826-31 will be commemorated at the Ireland Canada Monument proposed for Vancouver. We hope you will support the Monument project with your “like” to ensure those Irish Canadaisn that died are never forgotten. Thank You.

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Wonderful news !

Irish Holocaust- Push to Educate the Facts

Two of our readers, Better Ireland and Miles Beacom have this week drawn our attention to a report concerning the discovery of the remains over 1000 people during the excavation of a Victorian workhouse in Kilkenny in 2005. So today I am going to focus on this and how examination of the remains of these poor people has shed new light on the way they lived their lives as well as how they died. Belo…w is a link to the report in the Irish Times (but note there is use of the word “famine” as a cause, and we don’t use that word on this page, because as we know, where there is plenty of food there can be no famine). Eileen x
See more

A forgotten Famine burial site inside the grounds of a former workhouse in Kilkenny has yielded the remains of nearly 1,000 people, and a wealth of knowledge about how they lived and how they died.

Irish Holocaust- Push to Educate the Facts

Irish Holocaust- Push to Educate the Facts

  A Photograph of where the monument will be set up in Canada.


Home Office
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Dear Ms Franklin,Thank you for contacting me about the experience of Mr Brendan Lillis. I was concerned to read it.

However, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I am not a legal expert and as such cannot provide you with the detailed response you would like on this specific case.

I As an elected Member of Parliament, I have raised it with the Home Office on your behalf and will of course keep you updated with any response I receive.

With best wishes

Chloe Smith
Member of Parliament for Norwich North more

I am the Conservative Member of Parliament for Norwich North. On my website, you will find my news, articles, campaigns and details of surgery dates.

Ecrire aux prisonniers politiques

Mural in Belfast, pro-Palestine and pro-Irish ...
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Ecrire aux prisonniers politiques

Les révolutionnaires emprisonnés ont autant besoin de soutien que d’air et d’eau. Et si la répression cherche à les briser et les démoraliser, une simple carte postale venue de France ou d’ailleurs apporte comme un soleil dans le cœur des camarades.

Nous vous conseillons à nos lecteurs déjà très engagés dans des luttes politiques pouvant leur causer des ennuis judiciaires ne pas donner d’informations pouvant les individualiser. Le courrier est lu et censuré, ou bien qu’il n’arrive pas. Mais tôt ou tard les prisonniers sauront d’une façon ou d’une autre qu’ils ont reçu du soutien.

Pour ceux qui sont prêts a griller leur nom car non-investis dans des luttes pouvant être criminalisées, ou bien qui sont prêts a assumer :

Sachez que pour un prisonnier toute correspondance un peu suivie est la bienvenue car elle ouvre une fenêtre vivante sur l’extérieur et sur une certaine forme de sociabilité non carcérale.

Dans tous les cas, on ne parle pas ouvertement de politique dans une correspondance carcérale avec un prisonnier, on ne parle pas non plus de l’affaire pour laquelle il a été condamné.

La correspondance carcérale doit surtout permettre aux camarades détenus de s’évader de leur enfer quotidien de lire et découvrir une autre personne, un monde hors de la prison.
Certains ne l’ont pas quittée, où ne la quitterons pas,  pour de très nombreuses années…

Si vous maîtrisez mal l’anglais, vous pouvez vous contenter de quelques mots sur une carte postale du type : « All my support from France – Trifouilly les oies – You fight the good fight dear comrade, you are not alone! »

Vous pouvez leur dire de quelle façon vous avez entendu parler de leur combat, par exemple en lisant Libération Irlande.

Voici une liste disponible actuellement des prisonniers politiques / prisonniers de guerre. Elle n’est pas du tout exhaustive, puisqu’il y a des organisations et des prisonniers qui ne souhaitent pas rendre publiques les noms et les listes. Il y a environ une centaine de prisonniers républicains en Irlande. Un camarade est incarcéré en Lituanie, un autre en France.


Kieron Doran

Ecrou 293249
Bloc A
Cellule 119
Maison d’arrêt
42 rue de la Santé
75674 Paris Cedex 14


Michael Campbell

Lukiskiu bstr. 6
Vilnius, LT 01108

The Grove, Castlerea town,
Co Roscommon,

Eddie McGarrigle


Portlaoise,  County Laois

Derek Brady
John Brock
Sean Connolly
Anthony Crowley
Bernard Dempsy
Aidan Hulme
Robert Hulme
Vincent Kelly
Justin McCarthy
James McCormack
Thomas Morris
Fintan Paul O’Farrell
Declan John Rafferty


Liam Grogan
Darren Mulholland


Jackie Bates
Don Bullman
Pascal Burke
Ciaran Dunne
Ken Donohoe
Tony Hyland
Robbie Kearns
Michael McDonald
Michael McKevitt


Roe House 3+4,  Upper Ballinderry Road
Lisburn, Co. Antrim
North of Ireland
BT  28  2PT
« Royaume-Uni »

Liam Campbell
Colin Duffy
John P. Hannan
Noel Maguire
Terry McCafferty
Gerard McGory
Gerard McManus
Kevin Nolan

Martin Corey

Pour aider financièrement les proches des prisonniers, il y a deux adresses principales :


Ulster Bank,
Andersonstown Rd, Belfast,
Account Number : 88919077
Sort Code : 98 00 15



CABHAIR – Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund
223 Parnell Street,
Dublin 1.

ou via

Cumann na  Saoirse, c/o National Irish Freedom Committee,  P.O. Box  770549, Woodside, NY 11377, Etats-Unis.

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