SINN Fein pPresident Gerry Adams has ruled out legal action against RTE and Marian O’Callaghan due to a lack of resources. It had been speculated in the aftermath of last week’s hard-hitting Prime Time interveiw that the Louth TD was considering suing the the Republic’s state broadcaster over Ms O’Callaghan’s dogging interviewing about Mr Adam‘s past. But speaking after Thursday’s meetingw with the family of Brian Stack, a Portlaoise prison officer murdered by the IRA 30 years ago, the former West Belfast MP quashed rumours of an impeding action. “Firstly what was said was clearly actionable but whether I would take on RTE, Prime Time and the rest of them with all their resources is a different matter,” he said. “One part of me has come to terms with the fact that there sections of the media who appear to think they can say what they want about me without impunity.” Mr Adams, who earlier flew to the United States to undergo private prostate surgery, said  he lacked the necessary resources to pursue a legal action.

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” The family of prison officer Brian Stack asked me to meet them and this will take place on Thursday evening”- Gerry Adams.

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams will tommorow meet the family  IRA victim Brian Stack – the only prison officer ever to be assassinated in the Republic. The face-to-face meeting is to be held in Leinster House at 5.30pm.


It follows a request from Mr Stack’s family who have been campaigning for decades for hisk killer to be identified. Mr Adams said they are not the first family he has meet who have been “in this same situation”. “Some were victims of the IRA. Others were killed as a result of collusion between British state forces and loyalist death squads, or by the British Army and RUC, the UDR and other armed groups,” the Louth TD said. “The grief and trauma suffered by all these families is the same. “The family of Prison Officer Brian Stack asked me to meet them and this will take place on Thursday evening.

In their request for a meeting, the family said they were : “Looking for answers and closure and in no way are seeking any form of revenge. “From our perspective an admission of responsibility accompanied by details of the reasoning for the act by those concerned would provide that. Mr Adams said he is “happy” to meet the family, but could not “raise expectation” that Sinn Fein leadership will be able to “resolve these particular matters”. Brian Stack was Chief Prison Officer at Portlaoise jail when he was shot in the back of the neck as he left a boxing match at the National Stadium, in Dublin in March 1983. He was left paralysed and brain damaged following the attack and died from his injuries 18 months later, aged 47.

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