Helen Deery I dont care who said what or when the MoFD does NOT have permission to display my brother Manus Deery in any way,shape,or form please have the good grace to take his image out.

This is the picture which Helen Deery wants to be removed

Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson You legally don’t have image rights over your brother. And if you did it isn’ta thing of ‘backsies’ as waines say.

This is the British Army soldier who who was shot dead by an IRA sniper during the Derry clashes.

Helen Deery
Helen Deery Are you for real, here you can see the blatant abuse of my wee brother for monetary gain iv already said they don’t have permission from any member of my Family to portray his image in any way we find it not only hurtful but immoral to align him with the very same regiment that murdered him, its my strong opinion they are in breach of article 8 of the human rights act ” a right to family life ” but what astounds me more is the many sf people commenting on my families decision, how dare yous when yous never once supported us in our campaign to clear his name , in fact at the 39 anniversary of Bloody Sunday March ,when i tried to put his banner behind the Ballymurphy families Martina Anderson ( surrounded by SF ) to me to move to the back of the Bloody Sunday March thats how much they thought of Him , shame on them damned shame

The British soldier who murdered Manus Deery.

Helen Deery
Helen Deery By the way whats Backsies mean, iv never heard of it.

Helen Deery

Rhonda Lynn Murray
Rhonda Lynn Murray Anyone’s pants on fire over there?

Maureen Kilroy
Maureen Kilroy Why don’t you publish them in their entirety

Micky Rigney
Micky Rigney He should have been a jockey he rides that many populace horses.
I wonder what People before profits voters in Irish St. Will make of their protest at the Museum.
Then again like their principles them voters are a fantasy

The fifth anniversary of the introduction of internment on 9th August 1971 was marked with disturbances and the hijacking and burning of vehicles. This picture was taken on the Falls Road, Belfast, N Ireland. 197608090356b
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Raymond McCartney
Raymond McCartney By your standards shall you be judged. Eamonn McCann stated that untruths should be retracted, over to you Eamonn.

Patrick Fahy
Patrick Fahy You need to have a good memory if you’re telling lies about the past!

British soldiers fire rubber bullets at rioters in the Lenadoon Avenue area, of Belfast, N Ireland, UK, during widespread disturbances which followed the introduction of internment without trial. 197108000387b.
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· 1 · 14 hrstle the Museum of Free Derry think of my brother Manus

With many thanks to: Helen Deery.


“MY sister Annette was shot dead by the British army here in the Bogside on 6th September 1971. She was fourteen years old.

“Annette lived in Drumcliffe Avenue with her parents and four brothers and sisters. She went to St Cecillia’s Secondary School in the Creggan. Annette was a bright and cheerful girl, “who loved and was loved by her family. She loved music and art, and was always playing with the local children.”

Annette was wearing her school uniform when she was shot in the head by a bullet and killed instantly. She was the 100th civilian to be murdered since the beginning of the Troubles, the 40th to be murdered by the security forces. Our family was left in a state of shock, totally unable to comprehend how our little sister was now dead.

The RUC didn’t investigate Annette’s murder. The soldiers weren’t arrested or prosecuted. The Attorney General at the time said that there was no evidence in the RUC file to justify a prosecution. The Ministry of Defence told our family in 2003 that four regiments had been present in the BBog side when Annette was shot and killed and it could not identify which regiment was behind the shooting. The next year they stated that the regiment involved in Annette’s murder was the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Green Jackets.

In 2007 the HET began to review Annette’s killing. We had a slight hope that we might get to the truth of what happened to our sister. Now the HET is dead in the water and forty three years after my sister was murdered we are told that her case might go to the RUC/PSNI for investigation. We do not accept an RUC/PSNI investigation.

We, the family, want truth and justice for Annette’s killing.”

With many thanks to: Pat Finucane Centre, for the original story.




Our family has spent 40 years campaigning for the truth of how Manus was killed. We have always known that he was killed without any justification. Now we know that the British Government knew this too.

Manus was shot dead by a British soldier on May 19th 1972 as he stood with friends in Meenan Square in the Bogside. The soldier was stationed at an observation post on the City Walls. He said that he and a colleague had seen a man with a gun near Meenan Square and that he had fired at the man, either hitting him directly or by way of ricochet. This was a lie. There was no gunman, no reason whatsoever for the shot which struck Manus on the back of his head and ended his life.

A document which has now come to light reveals that the British authorities have known for 41 years that their official explanation of the killing was a lie. But they withheld the truth in order to save their own reputations at the expense of libelling a 15-year-old boy who had a whole life in front of him when they gunned him down in his own streets.

The document dated October 25th 1973 contained legal advice to the British Government to “settle” with our family because the killing was “unlawful” and couldn’t be defended in court. Our family accepted no “settlement” from them.

Needless to say, neither the soldier who pulled the trigger, nor any of his associates, nor the officers in charge, have ever been charged with any offence. Even though they had been told by their own legal advisers that the killing was unlawful, and although they knew the identity of the killer, they did nothing about it. This makes Government as well as military officials accessories to the crime.

We want to know what’s going to be done about this now.

An investigation carried out by the Historical Enquiries Team likewise let us down. The report got the soldier’s regiment wrong – and Manus’s mother’s name wrong! This couldn’t have happened if the HET investigators had really been focused on a proper examination of the evidence.

The fact that the guilty parties were soldiers must have played a part in the slip-shod nature of the HET investigation. It might have been a different story if the victim had been a member of the security forces and the killer a paramilitary.

The search for truth and justice in relation to the killing of Manus will continue. We will be discussing with legal advisers and with those who have campaigned alongside us how best to continue our quest for justice for our brother

MANUS DERRY murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Manus Derry murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Derry Doire

Neil Doyle O’Donnell


An escape route offered from ‘Derry Dole’.

Fancy uniform; sport, some adventure and a life of your own.

Just leave the love for your country and values behind.

Never a normal return to your land and add a new word to your life book, such as pariah.

Controlled leaves, precious holiday times spent in ‘Ebrington Barracks’, sometimes a laundry van for a taxi.

Live in a world controlled by racist right wing idiots, disliked: the reason that your people protested wishing for their ‘Civil Rights’.

Murdered like dogs in the street by red-capped uniformed killers from a gene pool found swilling in the bottom of a bucket of brock.

I this joke trained to fight the ‘Russian Might’, whilst a school friend Jim Wray lies dying in the street.

A best friend’s brother ‘Paddy Doherty’ shot twice in the back.

Jim, Paddy and others lie dead and dying to satisfy a ‘Vicious Tory Spleen’.

Allowing the ‘Masters of Deceit’ to quench and sup at their evil feasts as they feed scraps to the ‘Horsemen’ to fuel never ending evil deeds.

Neil D.O’Donnell.

Unlike · 2 · 6 hours ago



Derry Doire


Father-of-seven Henry Duffy from the Creggan area of Derry was killed after being hit in the head and chest at point-blank range by plastic bullets fired by soldiers on May 22 1981.

His death came during serious rioting throughout the Bogside following the death of Derry hunger striker Patsy O’Hara.

There is no existing photo of Harry. RIP




Bogside Artists Derry



The picture below shows about as much as anyone will see of the Civil Rights mural – one of the most famous murals in the entire gallery and a favourite to a great many. It captures the character and nature of the first marches for civil rights way back in 1998.

The Free Derry Museum considered by us a Sinn Fein bunker, irrespective of what other presences may be on it, intend to build a ramp across it as part of their much-planned, much-funded redesign. The museum as an entity is held in very high esteem because of its association with Bloody Sunday. All the more reason why this particular abuse of that universal esteem and the tragedy it is built upon cannot but be condemned by all of us.

We were not consulted about the ramp. We phoned Brennnan’s Architectural firm about the lunacy and got “George” on the line who informed us they were “not building a new ramp but only reconfiguring an old one.” We asked him if the ramp was going across the mural. He said “it wouldn’t touch the mural”. George’s spiel we took to be a word game so familiar to us as characteristic of Sinn Fein conmanship.

We were told by a friend that an artist’s impression of the ramp show it clearly cutting across the mural rendering it virtually invisible. The fact that it doesn’t “touch” the mural hardly lessens the intended vandalism on what is a prized treasure to the community if not the free world.

And if it doesn’t touch the mural you can bet all you have on the probability that it will be placed near enough to it to prevent us putting scaffolding in front of it in order to restore it.

George said the design had been published and was common knowledge. In actual fact, planning permission was granted (by whom?) on February 3rd. Few we talked to could recall ever having seen it.

We have responded in plenty of time therefore but scour the net as we did for hours we could find no picture of said design. However we did find evidence that once upon a time there had been a picture of it in The Derry Journal. We found the page but there was no picture, its mysterious absence making nonsense of most of the text based around it.

Here is the link (

According to Adrian Kerr manager of Free Derry Museum the local community are behind this preposterous madness to a man. This is a lie of course. Only those outside of the Intensive Care Unit of Gransha and a small coterie of morally redundant Shinners could possibly ever support such a blatant act of vandalism. No right thinking man ever could. And only a fool could fail to see what it is really about…. destroying The People’s Gallery.

Vinny Coyle whose late father is rightly known as the “Chief Steward of the Civil Rights Movement” has this to say:….

“Nobody is wiping my dad out of history or all the other men and women depicted in the mural who fought a long struggle for human rights. I will shackle myself to the railings if need be and so will my family and a thousand others.”

Our response?.. “We are with Vinny Coyle. What is the alternative?

And why are we being pushed into combating this sort of horror over and over again? Have all the people of the Bogside been turned into sheep that they would stand back and let such a crime against them and their history take place before their eyes and bear the insult into the bargain by being told to their faces that they had actually agreed to it?

What seems to be the working method of the Shinners these days is that a few of them rendezvous at Pilot’s Row for a chin-wag and then they announce through their propaganda machine next day that a “community meeting took place in the Bogside and this was agreed and that decided and this approved of etc, etc, blah, blah, blah…” when nothing of the sort actually took place. There was no cross section of the community present at any such meeting NOR WAS ANY EXPECTED. Times and publicity concerning such meetings are constructed in such a way as to guarantee a majority of Shinners being present. Now you see them, now you don’t.

The ramp has been thought up to destroy the unity of the gallery and serves no other purpose. Be very clear about that.

Also, we may remind Mr. Kerr that museums the world over exist to serve history and art; NOT to destroy them. The Mona Lisa was not painted for the Louvre. The Louvre was built to house the Mona Lisa.

You would think a manager of a museum would have some grasp of that simple concept but not so Mr. Kerr who is to museum curatorship apparently what a blind man is to taxi driving. If he were even qualified for the post he might have something to argue in his defense. But, he isn’t. And really, this sort of thing cannot be defended anyway.

What we have here is premeditated diabolical vandalism accompanied by contemptible deception of, and disrespect for the entire community of the Bogside.


The poster for tonight s vigil in memory of Manus Derry murdered 40 years ago today by a British soldier.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :     Mick Kelly




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Family reject HET report on soldier’s killing of teen

Derry solicitor Paddy McDermott speaking at the Press conference held in Pilot's Row by members of the family of Manus Deery, who are unhappy with the outcome of the Historical Enquiries Report into their brother's death. Centre is Helen Deery (sister) and Sean McHugh (nephew). 2102JM09

Derry solicitor Paddy McDermott speaking at the Press conference held in Pilot’s Row by members of the family of Manus Deery, who are unhappy with the outcome of the Historical Enquiries Report into their brother’s death. Centre is Helen Deery (sister) and Sean McHugh (nephew). 2102JM09

The family of a 15-year-old Derry youth shot dead by the British army in 1972 have rejected a report by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) and called on the coroner to re-open the inquest into his death.

 Manus Deery was shot dead by a British soldier at Westland Street in the Bogside on May 19, 1972.

At the time, the soldiers claimed they were firing at a gunman located close to the Bogside Inn – a claim supported by the HET report.

However, the Deery family have always maintained that there was no justification for the shooting and witnesses who were in the area at the time have all denied seeing any gunman.

The case was sent to the HET soon after it was set up and recently the team prepared a report which concluded that the soldier was justified in firing and that the shooting was within the limits of the Yellow Card which governed when soldiers could open fire.

Speaking on Friday at a press conference, Helen Deery, the dead youth’s sister who was 13 when the shooting occurred, said her family rejected the report from the HET.

She said: “We have always known that Manus was innocent. We reject this report absolutely.

“There were six witnesses who all gave statements at the time and also to the HET and none of them saw a gunman or, indeed, a derelict car that the HET refers to.

“The soldiers who claimed to have seen a gunman never ever described him, what he was wearing or anything and what is worse they were back on duty on the streets of Derry the very next day.”

She added: “At the start of this process, we were told that both soldiers involved – who were identified as Soldier A and Soldier B – would be interviewed – yet it turns out that Soldier A has been dead since 2001. I would like to see some proof that he actually is dead.”

Helen Deery added: “The HET seem to have gone out of their way to demean the witnesses who were along with Manus when he was shot. They wereall only children at the time and children don’t lie about things like this.

“None of them saw any gunman anywhere. The journalist Kevin Myers was also in the Bogside at the time and he saw Manus’ body but no gunman. I don’t think the HET spoke to him.”

Helen Deery said there was not a day went by that she did not think of her brother.

She said: “He was a lovely young fella. Two weeks before he was shot, he had just got his first job and he had met up with his friends at the chip shop to mark his first ever pay packet. The chips were lying all around his body after he was shot.”

Solicitor for the Deery family, Paddy MacDermott, said: “The family do not accept that the soldiers saw a gunman and are convinced that Soldier A fired without justification.

“Soldier A either fired deliberately to cause casualties or was negligent and reckless whether he would cause injury or death.

“The HET failed to do what the authorities failed to do in 1972 and that was to investigate this incident properly.

“A proper investigation at the time could have uncovered the truth but it was never carried out and the HET failed as well.”

Mr. MacDermott said he was waiting for a response from the Coroner Mr. John Lecky to re-open the inquest into Manus Deery’s death as the family believed that was the only way to establish the truth.

He added: “The HET seemed to go out of their way to state that the soldier was justified in firing and, in doing so, they based this on the statement of one dead soldier and the testimony of another living one and completely ignored the evidence of six civilian witnesses.”

The HET report did find that Manus Deery was innocent when he was shot.


Constable Kerr murder ‘linked to other dissident incidents’

Constable Ronan Kerr Constable Ronan Kerr was killed when a booby-trap car bomb exploded
Detectives investigating the murder of Constable Ronan Kerr have said they have linked the killing to nine other dissident incidents

Constable Kerr, 25, died when a bomb exploded under his car at Highfield Close in Omagh in April 2011.

Detectives are also trying to identify 11 vehicles and one man in the vicinity of Highfield Close in the days leading up to the murder and on the day itself.

Police have said they could be valuable witnesses or suspects.

They have put a map of the murder scene and the vehicles on the PSNI website.

Detective Superintendent Raymond Murray said the police investigation had Constable Kerr’s murder at its core, but included several linked incidents.

These included an arms find, attempted murders, armed robberies and a number of other terrorist attacks.

“We are 10 months into this investigation but there is a long way to go,” Det Supt Murray said.

“We have trawled through an enormous amount of information obtained from our enquiries and material gleaned from previous appeals.

“But there are still gaps which we are endeavouring to close in terms of building up a complete picture of the events leading up to the explosion.

“To date, there have been 56 searches, 10 arrests and one person charged as part of the overall investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives on 028 8225 6687

Ronan Kerr murder: Graffiti lauding bomb ‘disgusting’

Bogside graffiti A police officer looks at one of the slogans painted in Londonderry overnight
Graffiti praising the murder of PSNI constable Ronan Kerr and threatening further attacks has been daubed on walls in Londonderry

The slogans were painted in the Bogside estate, an area with a predominantly republican population.

One read: “GAA cops, look what use (sic) got”. It refers to Constable Kerr’s membership of a Gaelic football club.

The graffiti is being painted out and has been condemned by politicians.

Constable Kerr, 25, was killed when a booby-trap bomb exploded underneath his car in Omagh, County Tyrone on Saturday afternoon.

Dissident republicans have been blamed for the attack.

They are opposed to the police and have repeatedly targeted officers in both gun and bomb attacks.

They are believed to be deliberately targeting Catholic officers in order to try to deter Catholics from joining the PSNI.

Last year, Peadar Heffron, a Catholic officer who played for the PSNI Gaelic football team, lost his legs in a similar booby-trap bomb attack.

Outgoing SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey said that it was the second day that such “despicable and disgusting” slogans had appeared.


He added: “People really are outraged by this.

“This is not indicative of the feeling among the people of the Bogside and that is why those responsible skulked around in the dark of night and did their deed.

Bogside graffiti The graffiti was being erased by volunteers on Tuesday morning

“They are not standing up and saying it, they are using the same cowardly tactics of those who callously murdered Pc Kerr.

“The people of the Bogside are angry this morning, they have been angry since Saturday, just like the rest of the north.

“They do not deserve to be tarnished with this and the good name of PC Kerr does not deserve to be tarnished like this.”

Constable Kerr’s funeral is due to take place on Wednesday and will be attended by NI First Minister Peter Robinson as well as Irish prime minister Enda Kenny


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