Statement from RNU Bobby Sands Cumann

 RNU Bobby Sands Cumann will be delivering these leflets tonight in the Lower Falls.



Exposing British spookery from the British Secret Service/MI5, that have consistently attempted to disrupt the life for the people of West and North Belfast hoping to disrupt republican support for so-called dissident republicians.

Sands ‘offered to suspend Hunger Strike to reach deal’ !!!

‘Why would he make it up? It’s a private conversation and he relates to Humphrey Atkins – Thomas Hennessey speaking about Fr John Magee‘s version of events.

BOBBY Sands offered to suspend the 1981 Hunger Strike in order to reach a deal with the British, a new book has claimed. The claims are made in Hunger Strike: Margaret Thatcher’s Battle with the IRA, written by academic Thomas Hennessey.

A mural dedicated to republican hunger striker...

As well as looking at the role of the former British prime minster, the book examines efforts to end the protest which eventually claimed the lives of ten brave republicans. Mr Hennessey reveals that Sands, who died in May 1981 after 66 days on Hunger Strike, made the offer to Co Down native Fr John Magee who had been sent from Rome to Ireland by John Paul 11. An account of the conversation between the priest and Sands was later relayed to the then secretary of state, Humphrey Atkins. In his book Mr Hennessey says Sands agreed to suspend his fast for five days to allow time for talks – “provided certain conditions were satisifed”. Some of the conditions set out by Sands included that an official from the NIO (Northern Ireland Office) would visit him, that two priests should be present as guarantors and that three other republican prisoners should be present. Details of the offer were later rejected by Mr Atkins who objected to the idea that the hunger striker was “setting conditions”.


According to the author Mr Atkins made it clear that the British government was not prepared to “negotiate” with protesting prisioners at that time. While he had “respect for the Pope” he said he would not be able to meet his representative again “because to do so would risk creating the impression that some form of negotiation was going”. Mr Hennessey believed Fr Magee’s account of the conversation he had with Sands was accurate. “Why would he make it up? It’s a private conversation and he relates it to Humphrey Atkins,” he said. “To me it’s genuine and does not undermine what Sands is trying to do.” The author backs up previous claims made by former H-Block prisoner Richard O’Rawe that a deal was offered that could have ended the Hunger Strike in July 1981. His account of how the deal offer was handled has been strongly contested by other Provisional republicans. “It is clear there was a deal offered that could have ended the Hunger Strike,” Mr Hennessey said. “I accept Richard O’Rawe’s analysis of that but there are other aspects you can’t prove.”

With many thanks to: Connia Young, The Irish News.


CELTIC have made moves to disband the Green Brigade section at Parkhead after labelling events during Friday night’s match at Fir Park “indefensible”. A reported £10,000 worth of damage was caused to seats in the lower section of the South Stand housing away fans – just above where a Green Brigade banner was displayed – during the 5-0 romp for Neil Lennon‘s men against Motherwell.


A flare was let off in the same area before the game, while two green smoke bombs were thrown into the goalmouth, one of them landing yards from Hoops goalkeeper Fraser Forster. Now the club have handed “precautionary suspensions” to 128 supporters preventing them from attending home and away matches, while 250 season-ticket holders housed in section 111 – the Green Brigade’s corner of Celtic Park – will be moved to other parts of the ground. Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster also branded the events at Fir Park as “shameful” as he vowed to help the police track down those responsible for damaged seats. A Celtic spokesman said: “Following events on Friday evening at Fir Park Stadium, Celtic Football Club today announced that it has issued precautionary suspensions against 128 individuals preventing them attending matches involving Celtic, pending further investigation. These suspensions will cover matches at Celtic Park and away matches. “In addition, the club will be relocating around 250 season book holders in Section 111 to other areas within the stadium, or offering refunds covering the remainder of the season to those who do not wish to be relocated. “Events such as those on Friday night do not represent the Celtic support or the club. These events were an embarrassment to our great football club and are absolutely indefensible.”It is clear that there is an element which has no hestation in bringing Celtic’s name into disrepute.


This is someting the club will not tolerate and we therefore have no other option but to take this action. We will not allow the great name of Celtic to be damaged in this way any more – our supporters deserve more than this. “While recent events are very regrettable, we would like to thank our many thousands of fans for the wonderful, positive backing which they continue to give to Celtic. We are sure these supporters will understand the position which the club is in and we are also sure they will unite with the club as we move forward. “Celtic Football Club is in excellent shape on and off the field. The club is in a very safe and strong position and we have a young, exciting team working hard to deliver quality football and success for our supporters, as they did on Friday evening with a magnificent performance. That is what we want to be talking about and this is what we want to celebrate.

“Celtic has a proud 125-year history and fundamental to that history have been our fans. Our supporters enjoy a wonderful reputation earned across many years, many families and many generations. This is something we must protect vigorously.” The Green Brigade released a statement on Sunday insisting their members were not responsible for the damage but also admitted it should have self-policed the section at Fir Park better. Celtic have already given the ultras group one reprieve this year after reversing a decision to shut down Section 111 following complaints about saftey breaches back in August. UEFA, meanwhile, has opened disciplinary proceedings against the club after the Green Brigade unfurled a banner depicting IRA hunger strriker Bobby Sands and Scottish warrior William Wallace during last month’s Champions League clash with AC Milan. Police Scotland is now looking into the “significant damage” caused to the seats at Fir Park but confirmed no arrests were made inside the ground. Now SPFL chief Doncaster has confirmed the league body will take action against Celtic, with disciplinary proceedings expected to open by the end of the week. Under SPFL rule H40, if found guilty, Celtic will be ordered to pay for the damage.

With many thanks to: Andy Newport, The Irish News.

End the Injustice and unjust incarceration of Martin Corey

Many people are rightly praising Nelson Mandela today, along with Bobby Sands probabily the most globally known political prisoner, and remembering the injustice of his incarceration for over two decades into his 60s.


Less than 10 miles from Belfast there is a man named Martn Corey, aged 63, in Maghaberry Gaol. Martin served 20 years of a life sentence, was released, and and over three years ago was returned to prison with no evidence, no reason given, no right to defend himself – all at the stroke of a pen by a British Secretary of State who has not one vote or any right in Ireland. He has no release date and could die in prison. Where are the Free Martin Corey concerts? 1451527_670237059682798_647295611_nWhere are the pop stars and celebrities queuing up to attach themselves to Martin’s cause? Where are the trendy lefties with their Free Martin Corey protests? Where is the voice of political parties, so keen to attach themselves to Mandela, Castro and Chavez, demanding and taking to the streets en masse for Martin Corey’s release? Nowhere, because somtimes it is easier to seek credibility through a struggle thousands of miles away, than oppose what is happening right in front of your eyes !!!

With many thanks to: Dee Fennell



Derry Sceal

Gerry Adams, some time back, wrote an introduction to “The writings of Bobby Sands

“That the republican prisoners are Political Prisoners is without

question. Bobby Sands’ writings say that better than I can ever hope to.

And the importance of popular mobilisations is also recognised in his

writings. Bobby wrote in ‘I fought a ·monster today’: “My body is

broken and cold. I’m lonely and I need comfort. From somewhere afar

I hear those familiar voices which keep me going: ‘We are with you,

son. We are with you. Don’t let them beat you.’ I need to hear those

voices. They anger the monster. It retreats… Sometimes I really long to hear those voices. I know if they shout louder they will scare the monster away and my suffering will be ended.” And, in the same article,

written more than two-and-a-half years ago, he concluded: “I remember,

and I shall never forget, how this monster took the lives of Tom Ashe,

Terence MacSwiney, Michael Gaughan, Frank Stagg, and Hugh Coney,

and I wonder each night what the monster will do to me tomorrow. ”

Gerry.. There are still prisoners this very day fighting the same Monsters in MagHaberry.. This time they are ignored by you and yours as there is no self-serving interest or Political kudos to be gained by publicly acknowleging the abuse and torture being suffered by Irishmen and Women in British gaols in Ireland.Gary McDaid and Gavin Coyle lie in the same conditions today as the blanketmen suffered, this time with British MI5 being given free access to inflict their mental torture..

Your namesake Samuel Adams summed it up far better in 1785 than I can today!

“Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say “what should be the reward of such sacrifices?” Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”



Tim Howard > Stand And Unite

Mark Anthony Bannon

Last week a whole movement began behind the albeit lighthearted “Justice for BOD”. 1000s of Irish people came together in a matter of days.

There is man named Tony Rochford in Dublin at this very minute that is in his 20th day of hunger strike against austerity and social injustice forced upon the Irish people.

He is prepared to die for this, to die for Ireland like other martyrs such a Wolfe tone, Robert Emmet and all the other heroes from 1916 to Bobby Sands in the 80s. Yet there is very little media coverage, no one is protesting with him, where is the solidarity with our fellow countryman? He is an ordinary man, not a Marxist, not a hippie. He is a self employed tiler that is now penniless like most of us and cannot afford to live in the austerity and hardship we have been attacked with. Our friends and family are forced to emigrate, our children go to school with no lunch, our sick and elderly are denied their basic rights. Is this what The martyrs of 1916 died for? Did they give their life so that we may turn into a nation that is obedient and afraid of foreign countries, afraid of the lies the government feed us.

Everybody talks and gives out about the hardship the government puts on us but no one does anything. They treat us like fools, they laugh at how we accept the debt they have forced upon us, our children and our grandchildren yet we sit at home expecting someone else to take a stand. We must wake up. You must do, you must get out and protest, we can’t live like this anymore.

In the name of all the martyrs of Ireland it is time to remember that we are Irish, we are revolutionaries and we are not going to betray our nation anymore



Roger Casement Cumann

Monday 21st May will mark the 26th anniversary of the death on hunger strike of Volunteer Raymond McCreesh, South Armagh brigade, Óglaigh na hÉireann.

Raymond was the third of ten men to die on hungerstrike in 1981 in an effort to win political status for republican prisoners of war. As a result of the strike the British government eventually granted all of the prisoners demands and political status was reintroduced in everything but name.

As a result of legislation passed after the signing of the good friday agreement in 1998 and with the consent of Sinn Fein and the SDLP political status was once again removed. Everything that had been won by Raymond and his comrades at the cost of their young lives was bargained away and in the process another generation was condemned to struggle for recognition as political prisoners.

Right now in maghaberry prison Irish republicans are being criminalized by the prison regime for no other reason than like Bobby Sands they too sought to free their country from foreign occupation.

In 2003 as a result of a dirty protest by Óglaigh na hÉireann (whom the media refer to as the Real IRA) prisoners republicans achieved segregation from loyalists and criminals. Last weekend however the prison authorities began moving criminals onto the republican wing in what seems to be an effort to undo the concessions which had been previously won.

The republican prisoners also find themselves locked up for up to 23 hours a day, have inadequate educational facilities, are not allowed to freely associate with one another and are subject to constant strip searches and other forms of harassment and degradation. Their families are also subjected to intimidation and harassment when visiting them.

As the people of South Armagh remember the great sacrifice made by Ray McCreesh we must ask ourselves what it was all for? Are those who suffer today in another British prison any different than he was? and do they not deserve the same support as we gave the men of 1981?

The constitutional nationalist parties have been completely silent on this issue and we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement challenge them to state publicly why they agreed to the removal of political status and do they think that republican prisoners should be labeled as criminals because of their opposition to British rule in Ireland? We would ask them that now they are in government in the 6 counties will they finally do the right thing and restore political status for these men?

Hopefully this situation can be resolved in a proper manner and our communities are never again forced to go through what they did in 1981.


AN ARCHIVE paper from the Margaret Thatcher Foundation containing handwritten notes from the former:-)  British Prime Minister has reignited a dispute within Republicanism about whether the 1981 Hunger Strike could have been ended sooner.


Former Maze prisoner Richard O’Rawe said the publication of the document “removes all acmbiguity” and proves there was a “concrete offer” from the British government approved by the then Conservative prime minister in early July 1981. He has long insisted a proposal was relayed to prisoners in the Maze that could have ended the Hunger Strike, which had already claimed four lives and would lead to six more deaths. Mr O’Rawe(pictured below) acted as a public relations officer for the prisoners and has argued that inmates had accepted the British government’s offer but were overruled by an IRA committee on the outside, of which Gerry Adams and Danny Morrison were members, to maximise electoral success.

Documents previously released in London under the 30-year rule confirmed that Mrs Thatcher had approved a message to be relayed to the IRA leadership outlining concessions on prisoners’ demands such as clothing, food and parcels after they dropped a demand to be given prisoner-of-war status. Mr O’Rawe said the latest release by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation further proved his case. The document – entitled Hunger Strike: Message to the relayed through the channel – stated that the government wanted a satisfactory response to its proposal by 9am on July 7.


However, Danny Morrison, former Sinn Fein director of publicity, has again rejected Mr O’Rawe’s claim and maintained there was no concreate offer on the table in early July 1981. Mr Morrison said papers from both the British government and Brendan Duddy, who acted as an intermediary between the government and republicans, proved Mr Morrison had gone into the Maze to speak to IRA prisoners on July 5 without an offer. Mr Duddy did not receive information on the government’s position until late the following night, Mr Morrison insisted.

With many thanks to : Maeve Connolly, Irish News.



The Greatest Hell by Bobby Sands




Irish Republican History & Remembrance.

The Greatest Hell by Bobby Sands.


There’s gaol and there’s gaol, where wretched souls


have been took and locked away.

There’s eight by eight tombs (concrete graves)


where you barely see the light of day,

Where in the winter, the long dark winter, the body


knows the piercing bite of cold,

And the wind (not draught) chills the heartiest man


and tames both brave and bold,

Where a man is forced to lie upon a mattress damp


and dirty upon the freezing concrete floor,

Naked apart from some filthy rags (the heart cries


out) the body asks”Dearest God! How much more?”

But there’s more in abundance for I’ve seen sleet


and snow come through the window bars and water


turn to ice,

And men in their dozens collapse with chills and


wetand tell you when they fell the cock crowed more


than thrice

For I’ve given more than passing thought to those


who sit upon opportunity (like vultures watching,


watching me)

And I know if it were politically expedient before,


the cock could crow again, set those poor men free!

Sleepless night preceded sleepless nights and


dreamless sleep preceded endless endless nightmare,

For day and night are perpetual wrought with hell


and there’s torture ,pain and torment everywhere

Time comes and time goes, but it really hasn’t went


at all, it’s trapped in here with me,

And if there were comfort to be found in these


dirty mutilated scared and filthy walls, I’d find


lots of sympathy,

But all there here, are contrasts, all evil and


cowards, cringing cowards beat men to pulp,

While prison doctors say “self-inflicted” (lick


your wound, my men) well, dare you call upon them


to consult,

They shear our heads and beards and with


disinfectant and the heavy brush, they wash out


every crack,

They try to scrub the P.O.W from your mind and


imprint the tag of criminal upon your back,

Doctors, Governors, chiefs and screws, there’s no


god’s amount of hypocrites to be found,

They who go to church on Sundays saying “Lord, I


love thee, Lord”as they kneel upon the ground,

And they celebrate the consecration of wine into


his precious blood, within that sacred cup,

Then they throw it right back into his face (when


only going their job) they beat the naked up,

Summer, two have gone and three more may well be


born and come to be,

But the sun will never bronze the ghostly skins of


the ghosts in this eternity

But the tombs will turn to ovens and a stifling


stench will cut the air.

From the decaying waste and urine, from the


putrifying rubbish thatlies strewn everywhere

Then they come, the pests and germs and crawling


things,to squat amongst the stinking mess

Creeping into your beard and hair, into the very


rags that you possess

And flies, Lice and Maggots breed from flies that


have already bred

(Stand up those who have rose in the morning, with


a hundred maggots in their bed)

The Brave, I’ve heard men say “would be more


preferable” (and perhaps that may be true)

For in this hell, you’re buried alive and there’s


nothing you can do,

“Will these legs ever run again, will these eyes


ever feast upon delight?

Do lovers still walk hand in hand, do the stars


still sparkle high up in the dark each night?

Is the foliage green or brown? Does the texture of


a leaf still feel the same?

Are there children in the morning? Will I see these


things again?”

Perhaps! Yes, Perhaps my eyes, my mind and heart


may live again to see,

But only when I leave this panoramic view of


darkness for the golden dream of liberty,

But do not misconstrue this, when I say “sometimes”


I care not what may be,

For torture is the devil I have faced, I care no


more just what they do to me,



Wake Up Baile Féitheáin

Bobby Sands street, paris, France


In Europe, there were widespread protests after Sands’ death. Five thousand Milanese students burned the Union Flag and shouted ‘freedom for Ulster‘ during a march. The British Consulate at Ghent was raided. Thousands marched in Paris behind huge portraits of Sands, to chants of ‘the IRA will conquer’.


Many French towns and cities have streets named after Sands, including in Nantes, Saint-Étienne, Le Mans, Vierzon, and Saint-Denis.

Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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