Marian Price should be released now: MLAs

Foyle MLAs Pat Ramsey and Raymond McCartney have called once again for the immediate release of Marian Price on humanitarian grounds.

After meeting Justice Minister David Ford to discuss the issue, Sinn Fein‘s Mr McCartney said: “Marian Price should be released immediately.

“On humanitarian terms alone she should be moved to an outside hospital, never mind the fact that her continued imprisonment damages public confidence in the justice system.”

Mr McCartney said he had pressed the justice minister for the hospital transfer.

Meanwhile, Pat Ramsey met with the Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, to talk about Ms Price’s case. “In what was, at times, a heated exchange, we sought to question the Secretary of State about the rationale for the continued detention of Marian Price,” he said.


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British army patrols were spotted patrolling on boats on lough erne Co fermanagh

British army patrols were spotted patrolling on boats on lough erne Co fermanagh yesterday thursday 15th of march.

Two  grey and green boats carrying 2 patrols of up to 16 men in camouflage gear all carrying assault rifles and back packs got off the boats close to crum castle in the Newtownbutler area , local farmers confirmed that the 2 patrols left the boats and moved off into surrounding areas for up to an hour then returned and left.

We have all been feed the lies that the British Army have left the occupied 6 counties but it is now becoming more apparent that the british army are coming out of there covert roles and openly patrolling local area as seen in derry this week and now in rural co fermanagh!!!

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A LAWYER for Marian Price last night said a new legal bid was being prepared to free her. Kevin Winters claimed the case against her over the Derry parade was ” a central plank ” in the decision to revoke her life licence. ” One year later we are told today that the charge has been withdrawn,” he said.

” This raises serious doubts on the credibility of the reasons to revoke her licence, and we intend to revisit this through the courts. ” The timing of this is significant given Marians deteriorating health.”
SDLP assembly member Pat Ramsey also said that as the Derry case was the ” trigger” for Price to be sent back to Prison, she should now be released from Hydebank Wood detention centre to a hospital fo treatment.” We believe that Marian Price is being held unjustifiably,” he said. ” It is clear she is both physically and mentally unwell. ” The women is almost 60 – years – old and is of no threat to anyone.”
Carl Reilly of Republican Network For Unity said she should be released immediately. ” The fact that Marian was unable to even attend court due to ill health shows that she is no threat to anyone.”
Gary Donnelly of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement also said there was now no reason for her continued detention.
Sinn Fein assembly member Jennifer McCann said the ” Continuing imprisonment of Marian Price is unacceptable”.
” Yet again Marian Price was deemed too unwell to appear in court, ” she said. ” It is obvious she is a threat to no-one and continuing to keep her in Prison is wrong.

Militants Claim Intelligence Success…


Breakaway IRA group Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) has said it has recovered intelligence on the PSNI and British Army in the North from a mobile phone dropped by a member of the PSNI during an arrest operation.


The ONH revealed the find in a coded telephone call to a Belfast newsroom this week. Among the files recovered from the phone were details of Crown force operations, as well as photographs of PSNI members and soldiers.

Using a recognised codeword, ONH said it had “gleaned whatever information needed” from the phone which a spokesperson said had been in the group’s possession “for over a year”.

The spokesperson added: ‘ONH will continue to exploit weaknesses where we find them.’

The revelation comes a month after a British soldier had a narrow escape from an ONH attack following a separate breach of Crown force security.

The PSNI has now told at least 13 of its members that their personal details were in the hands of ONH.

A number of embarrasing photographs were subsequently published in the press, including one of a PSNI member on regular patrol wearing paramilitary combat fatigues; and another of two PSNI men sitting on the thrones in the Throne Room at Hillsborough Castle, beneath the queen’s coat of arms.

Ulster Unionist Assembly member Ross Hussey called for members of the PSNI to be banned from carrying personal phones while they are on duty.

Mr Hussey said: “No police officer should carry a mobile phone with them whilst on duty.”

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly called for “a full report” on the investigation into the incident.




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