Oglach Kevin Barry – Fuair se bas ar son Saoirse ahEireann R.I.P

Oglach Kevin Barry – Fuair se bas ar son Saorise ahEireann.

Creggan Man

1920: Execution of Kevin Barry

Eighteen year old medical student Kevin Barry is executed following an ambush on British troops in Dublin in which one soldier is killed.

On the morning of 20 September 1920, Kevin Barry went to Mass and received Holy Communion, he then joined a party of IRA volunteers on Bolton Street in Dublin. Their orders were to ambush a British army truck as it picked up a delivery of bread from a bakery and capture their weapons. The ambush was scheduled for 11AM, which gave him enough time to take part in the operation and return to UCD in time for a Medical examination he had at 2PM. Captured at the scene, Barry was court martialled and hanged in Mountjoy Jail November 1st 1920. He was the first Republican to be executed since the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916. The execution of Barry led to a swell of support for the Independence struggle, both nationally and internationally.

The image attached is a poignant letter from an 18 year old boy about to meet his end.

Kevin Barry


Gerry Duddy

Volunteer Kevin Barry, C Company of the first Battalion of the Dublin Brigade, A TRUE AND BRAVE IRISH SOLDIER. R.I.P.

Jack (Blue) Barry (47), Barry was killed at Boadilla del Monte in December 1936. So he was one of the first Irish Diaspora to arrive, and die, in Spain !


Australian Irish Republican History Project

‘Barry is dead. we clench our fists who know

He died for freedom on the fields of Spain.

His grave among those ancient hills will show

Eureka’s spirit lives and burns again.’

Second from right in front of the banner is Melbourne based Dubliner Jack William ‘Blue’ Barry who fell in action against the fascists at Boadilla 1936.

One of the first Irish into Spain, 47 year old Jack (Blue) Barry was a sailor and a member of the Communist Party. Although born in Dublin he had lived in Melbourne, Australia and it was from there that he travelled to Spain, arriving August 1936. He was initially in the Tom Mann Centuria in Barcelona during September. He transferred to the English Section, Commune de Paris, Batt. X1, Int. Brigade, Madrid Sector, Nov-Dec. 1936. There is some confusion over this units name as it is thought that it was actually called the Doumont Battalion after it’s commanding officer.

Barry was killed at Boadilla del Monte in December 1936. So he was one of the first Irish Diaspora to arrive, and die, in Spain.

Barry was not the only Australian to pay the ultimate price in defense of the Spanish Republic:

Ted Dickinson 13/02/1937

Harry Hynes 1937

Jack Newman Feb 1937

Percival Butler Feb 1937

James Stewart Feb 1937

John Burgess Feb 1937

Jack Kent (New Zealand) 31/05/1937

Jack Stevens July 1937

Ralph Baynham 1938

Cormac McCarthy 1938

John William Young July 1938

William Arthur Morcom Sep 1938

Kevin Rebbecchi Jan 1939

‘We will not forget their names

those that did their bit for Spain

Viva los Brigadistas!’

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